Raise Awareness For Ovarian Cancer With A Custom Apparel Storefront

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. In honor of those who are fighting against ovarian cancer and for individuals helping spread awareness, Customized Girl would love to feature Bluegrass Ovarian Cancer Support Inc. as our storefront of the month.

In their own words, Bluegrass Ovarian Cancer Support’s primary goal is to offer a forum for sharing experiences, knowledge and assistance to women who face the unique challenges of these types of cancers. Not only do they spread amazing information and knowledge about ovarian cancer, but they are doing their best to spread awareness in any way they can. One of those ways is opening a custom apparel storefront featuring supportive shirts and accessories that can be customized with names of loved ones.  All of the proceeds from their storefront go directly to the Bluegrass Ovarian Cancer Support Inc. At Customized Girl, we encourage storefronts to follow the example that BOCS has set. We wish them nothing but the best and great success in their mission to spread awareness.

Customized Girl wants to help promote awareness for ovarian cancer and encourage others to join the movement by offering custom apparel storefronts. Our storefronts offer an excellent opportunity not only to spread awareness but to also raise funds towards their charity of choice.

Interested in starting a storefront to spread awareness and raise funds for your cause? For more detailed information check out our storefront FAQ. Customized Girl would be more than happy to help assist your efforts by offering our marketing strategies and art assistance to achieve the ideal storefront.

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Show Your Love For Coffee On National Coffee Day

Decaf, espresso, iced – no matter your preference, most can agree that coffee is their spirit animal. When your running on empty and can’t get through the day, coffee is always the solution. Express-o your love of coffee with a trendy coffee shirt!

All of our coffee designs are ready to customize with your favorite style of coffee. We already offer some hilarious and trendy designs but if you don’t like the style or color of the design you can simply switch out the product. Our design center makes it easy to swap out the product, color, art, font, and text!

People love coffee so much that they even create an entire fashion line dedicated to it. But First, Coffee combined her addiction to coffee with her passion for fashion and created a custom apparel storefront. Now that is true love. Take your love for about anything and design your own clothing line with custom apparel storefronts. Check out our storefront FAQ and start designing!

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Custom Aprons

Looking for the perfect accessory for the chef or artist in your life? Custom aprons make great gifts for everyone! Aprons are perfect for grilling dads, amazing teachers, and are the best for mother’s and daughter’s who love to bake together.

Customized Girl offers several options for you to choose from. We offer a full length and waist apron from Port Authority that is printed with highly durable, fade-resistant laser cut film material. This material is applied to the apron at a very high temperature and pressure for a long lasting, vibrant look.

In addition to the Port Authority brand, we offer a basic white apron that gives the user endless options to add colorful art and text to their design.

Customized Girl even has something for your little ones. Our Youth Apron will keep your little artists’ clothes neat and clean. Great for crafting, painting and more. A personalized apron for your mini-me will make the cutest addition to your baking sessions!

With our group discounts and no minimums, our personalized aprons are a great opportunity for small business owners. Hair salons, bars and restaurants can easily add their business name or logo to any of our apron designs. If you are designing Aprons for your Beauty Salon, consider posting those designs for sale! Customized Girl has custom apparel storefronts that allow users to create their own designs and earn money. Our art gallery has endless choices that make it easy for users to customize and create a one of a kind design.

Need help creating the ideal design for your business? Let us know and we will help you with art assistance, design concepts, and anything else you can think of!

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Learn More About Your Storefront’s Traffic With New Features For Customized Girl Storefronts

A few months have passed since our last blog post about new features and big pushes at Customized Girl. A lot has happened in those months and we are excited to share our newest contributions to Customized Girl storefronts!

New Features:

– Site Redesign – Customized Girl is getting sleeker! There’s much more to come, so keep a look out. We’re trying to make the site cleaner and easier to use, and ultimately, we’re trying to increase everyone’s sales through higher conversion rates.

– Google Anlaytics – Ever wonder which traffic sources are driving the most visits to your store? Which designs get the most clicks? We’ve recently added the ability to integrate Google Analytics into your storefront! Learn more about connecting your store to Google Analytics here.

– Embed – You can now embed your designs so that they display on your own website! Customers can visit a page on your site and browse your designs. When they click through your design, they will go to that design’s page on Customized Girl. Check out our new FAQ section and learn how to embed your storefront.

– New royalty rates – We have bumped royalty rates on the majority of our products! Now you can earn up to 30% on select items. Check out our new royalty rates and what products will give you the highest return.

– We added the Wanelo social button to our website. Now on every design page, you will see the “W” button for Wanelo, along with other social options to share your designs.

– When a customer adds your design to their cart, they will now see a “Design by [Your Store Here]” link in the Shopping Cart. This way, customers have an easy path back to your store.

– We are continuously improving mobile usability and our mobile navigation menu has been updated.

– We’ve started our own blog series on how to market your custom apparel storefront. The first posts cover TumblrPinterest, and Polyvore.


New Trendy Categories:

Emojis: Emojis are where it is at! We’ve added a ton of new art emoji art and designs to our gallery. Faces, monkeys, cats – you name it.

Spirit Animal: This is a new trend we are seeing that offers a great customization element similar to the Keep Calm trend.

– Cannabis: There was a demand so naturally we supplied the art and designs.

Political: The presidential election is coming up and our designers added some great art of candidates to give our users an opportunity to show their support.


Product Updates:

New stuff is here!

Varsity Jackets – These new jackets are the perfect addition to all those cold Friday nights cheering on your favorite player!

Crop tops – We’ve recently added some new and trendy crop tops in a variety of styles.

Sadly, older stuff is going away.

– Our vendors are no longer carrying the Rabbit Skins Baby Blanket.

– Next Level seems to have stopped making their Ombre tank and Ombre v-neck shirt.

– We have to say goodbye to our plastic ball ornament.

– Vendors also stopped carrying the District Sun Floppy Hat.

– Boxercraft is making some big changes to their Itty Bitty Pajama Shorts. All current colors were replaced with Pink Polkadot and Navy Polkadot.


Big Pushes:

– Fall sports – New year, new gear! Parents will be gear for their kids, but they will  also be on the look out for their own gear to cheer on their favorite players with jerseys, hoodies, and bags. Here is a list of fall sports to get a head start on:

Custom hoodies and sweatshirts –  With summer being almost over, our custom hoodies and sweatshirts are starting to pick up in sales. If you have a trendy design on a tee or tank make sure to add it to hoody or sweatshirt.

The best way to take advantage of these new features and big pushes is to promote your designs anywhere and everywhere. Linking back to your store and designs gives your products a better chance of being seen and therefore sold. The more you sell, the higher your design will rank in our gallery giving your design an even greater opportunity to be purchased. Christmas is almost here so take advantage of those holiday shoppers!


At Customized Girl, we want to build an amazing platform. And we want to build it with the feedback and guidance of our store owners.


Please fill out our very short survey!


We want to evolve this platform based on your input!  We are looking forward to hearing from all of you!

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How To Market Your Custom Apparel Storefront On Polyvore

What is Polyvore?

It is a visual website that allows you to discover the newest trends and shop for the things you love. In their own words, Polyvore disrupts the traditional e-commerce model by giving everyone everywhere a voice in shaping today’s trends and influencing purchases. Their global community of stylists share tips on how to mix and match looks to make the most of your closet and predict trends before they hit the mainstream.

Polyvore also simplifies online shopping by bringing together all the stores in one convenient place. They make it even easier to discover and shop for looks you love. Polyvore is a huge community of fashion lovers. It is a great opportunity to share your style and start your brand.

What makes Polyvore different?

Customized Girl and Polyvore are a match made in heaven. Customized Girl empowers everyone to make a statement and to be their own fashion designer. Now with custom apparel storefronts the ability to make your message be heard is even easier.  Polyvore takes it one step furthering by allowing users to express their fashion creativity by creating look books with stylish pieces of clothing. These look books give users a chance to express their style and become trendsetters. Perfect combo, right?

Polyvore Terms:

Look books – A look book is a collection of images compiled to show off a style or stylist or a clothing line.  This gives viewers ideas on how to style outfits or to show what the latest fashions are.

Check out some of our look books!

Sets – The Polyvore editor lets you create sets using items that have been imported into Polyvore by you or other members. Think of it as a very simple collage maker. Once you publish your set to the Polyvore community, users have the opportunity to view, comment, and “heart” your set to let you know how much they love it!

Collections – Collections are a great way to group your favorite sets and items. For example, Customized Girl has used collections to group together contest entries, a trending product that is being used in sets, or even to group products like the Novelty Christmas Sweaters collection below.

Editor – This is where the magic happens. Polyvore’s editor is very similar to Customized Girl’s design center. The editor is the tool used to put your actual look book together. You can search and add not only clothing but backgrounds, photographs, and accents.

How To Get Started:

The first part of using Polyvore is to add the clipper button to your browser. Once the clipper is in your toolbar of your browser, all you have to do is go to the page your design is on and hit the clipper button. A little window will pop up and  you can add tags, the design name, and the price. After you hit “like” it will show up on your Polyvore page. From there not only can you add your designs to your sets and collections but so can other users who love your style!

Helpful Tips and Tricks:

Clipper – When clipping items from your storefront onto your Polyvore account make sure to be as descriptive as possible. By adding multiple tags that best describe your product betters your chances of being found on the Polyvore site and through their editor. Also double check that the pricing is correct before adding your product. Sometimes the clipper can get the wrong information and you don’t want to mislead any potential customers.

Trending products – By clicking on the “trending” section in the header,  you will be able to see what articles of clothing are the most popular and being used the most in other users sets. Using these trending styles or products in your sets and then properly tagging them with hashtags before posting gives your sets a higher chance of being seen and liked. Make sure to check this tab on a regular basis, trending items change almost on a daily basis.

Contests – Contests can be found on the main “my feed” page. Entering contests also give your sets another chance to be seen and give you the possibility to win some great prizes!

Polyvore is an amazing resource to use when you are building your brand. There are many opportunities to take advantage within their website and all of this information can be a little overwhelming. For more detailed information about Polyvore, check out their help center. You can also learn more about Customized Girl storefronts here.

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Build Your Own Brand With Custom Apparel Storefronts

It’s that time of month again where Customized Girl highlights a storefront that exceeds our expectations. This month’s feature is dedicated to the talented Mom Means Business. Strong mom brand – check. One of a kind designs – check.  Amazing marketing efforts – check. Soon as you enter her storefront you can see that this single mom of three means business by offering some of the trendiest and best designs in custom apparel. Every design in her storefront is family friendly and centered around sports, family reunions, charities and more.

Mom Means Business offers some of the finest designs on Customized Girl but that is not the only reason why they are our storefront of the month. They jump on every opportunity that Customized Girl presents to their storefront owners. Opportunities like uploading amazing design images, jumping on new products added to the website, and strong advertising that is strengthening their brand name.  She understands her consumers by creating designs that give multiple options to customize the product.

Mom Means Business is a storefront after Customized Girl’s own heart and we love seeing storefronts seize the opportunity to target specific niches while creating trendy and fashionable designs. Mom Means Business storefront is doing a fantastic job of getting their brand out there and marketing across all social media.

If you are interested in what custom apparel storefronts can do for you and your brand make sure to check out Customized Girl’s storefront FAQ.

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