Customized Girl Customer Service Update

Hello Customized Girl Fans. Recently we have been working hard here at Customized Girl to better our customer service department. Customer opinions and feedback are always taken to heart by our staff and as such, we are now working hard to create a better customer service experience, and to make sure that every customer gets the absolute best service that we can provide. We wanted to dedicate a blog post to let our valued customers know our intentions and to outline our goals for improving customer service in the future.

Here is a list of ways to contact our Customer Service Department:


Phone: 1-800-361-8811

Live Chat: To access live chat click on the “live chat” or “leave a message” button in the upper right hand corner of your browser window.

Here are the goals that we are striving to achieve to better your overall experience with Customized Girl:

*All customer contacts will be responded to within 24 hours (excluding weekends)

*Live chat will be available from 10am until 5pm M – F for quick answers to your questions.

As always our customers are the most important portion of what we do at Customized Girl and we appreciate your business and your feedback in helping us bring to you the smoothest, most fun, and creative experience
found on the internet. Thank you and please feel free to contact Customer Service with any inquiries or problems
you may have.

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CustomizedGirl’s Twitter Update

Hey Customized Girl Fans!Just wanted to update you on a cool new feature that Customized Girl is offering to all of it’s fans and friends. As you all know Customized Girl is on Twitter and our fan base on twitter is growing rapidly. We are currently up to 460 followers and counting!Twitter is a great service for us. It allows us to stay in touch with all of the Customized Girl world, and for you it is also the place where you can find all of our best deals and specials. We also run really fun contests directly through twitter where we give away great prizes.In fact recently Customized Girl was featured on Twitter by TweetContest. We gave away a $100 gift certificate to the winner of the contest that we sponsored. The contest went so much better than expected. We gained a good amount of new followers on Twitter and we got to have some fun with the Twitter world participating in the fastest growing social networking sites online. We don’t have any plans set for now to sponsor another contest through TweetContest but we do plan on creating a lot more of our own Twitter Contests.If you want to see the all of the fun stuff that happened with Customized Girl’s TweetContest click that link.

Here is the video of the TweetContest people reviewing Customized Girl and they are also wearing the shirts that they made on Customized Girl for the video…they look great I might add.

Check out the latest and best CustomizedGirl Specials on our Twitter Account.If you haven’t joined Twitter. It’s Easy and Free and a lot of fun. Join the Conversation.Also. Be on the lookout for a great contest that we are going to be having on twitter. The Details will be arriving on CustomizedGirl’s Twitter Page within the next week. We’re giving away a great prize.

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Fired Up Sweepstakes with CustomizedGirl


Sean, Nick and 300 girls are really Fired Up! about cheer camp. Do you need something to get Fired Up about?

Enter for a chance win these spirited prizes:

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:

* A $250 gift certificate from Customized Girl
* A personally skinned laptop computer from Unique Skins
* A $100 gift certificate to Dorm Buys
* A $100 gift certificate and a 1 year membership to Smugmug

ARV of Grand Prize: $1189.95

Five First Prize winners will receive:

* A $25 gift certificate to Customized Girl

ARV of each First Prize: $25.00

ARV of all prizes: $1314.95

Good Luck!


Update: this contest ended in 2009. It’s August 2015 now, so… that was well over 6 years ago. Did you guys like this movie? You don’t hear much about it these days.

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The Ultimate Online Guide To Valentine’s Day Dating

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year completely dedicated to romance and love and relationships. Now I know not all of us have our special someone to share that special day with. For those of us who don’t here is a list of the top 25 places online to find your Valentine. Yes, there is still plenty of time to find your Valentine in time for this Valentine’s Day.

Top 25 Dating Sites

  1. – is one of the leading online dating and relationship services, and a great resource for adults seeking a successful, long-lasting match. It uses the Duet Total Compatibility System, which analyzes the “whole person”, looking at each person’s personality, values, and ideals. This site definitely stands out from the rest, and it’s free to sign up for your compatibility profile.
  2. – eHarmony is another familiar site which narrows the field of millions of candidates to a select group of singles who are compatible with you. Unlike some other sites, eHarmony lists your matches for you, based on 29 Dimensions of personality that are predictors of relationship success.
  3.– is a trusted, quality dating site that has been around for quite some time with millions of success stories. The site features a plethora of singles with up to ten photos included in their profiles so that you can really get a good look at someone you’re interested in. Register for free and see what’s out there waiting for you!
  4. – is a site dedicated specially for African American singles to find a life-long partner with similar traditions, values, and beliefs, or even just make a new friend. The site features email, chat rooms, instant messenger, message boards, and more.
  5.– is a more broad online dating service, with millions of members with different professions, ages, and walks of life looking for someone to share a relationship with. allows you to post your own profile with up to four photos for free, and if you want, you can upgrade your membership to receive instant messaging, email, and real-time chat.
  6. – is the leading Jewish singles network on the web! The site calls its self “the modern alternative to traditional Jewish match-making” because it really is the ideal place for Jewish men and women to find friends, dates, and soul mates, all within the faith. Just look at the hundreds of success stories posted on the site!
  7. – is one of the largest online dating services, with several million members. The site also holds regular member parties in various cities, to give their members the opportunity to have loads of fun while meeting new people in person rather than online. If you cannot attend the parties, you can always opt for the real-time chats, instant messaging, or email.
  8.– If astrology is important to you when looking for a relationship, then is the online dating resource for you. allows you to choose a partner based on the strength of their star sign. Along with dating, the site also provides information dealing with other astrological information such as horoscopes and lucky numbers.
  9. – is unique because unlike most online dating services, this site requires that a friend verifies that you are who you say you are. The idea behind it is that then you can meet people who are friends of your friends, and who can be sure that you are real. The site also includes a feature that allows you to see what other people think of each other before you decide whether or not you would like to meet them.
  10. – is a site with lots of personals to view, which include multiple pictures of the member. The site allows you to provide your own personal ads with pages and pages of photos and details about yourself so that your potential match can see and read all about you!
  11. – is another free online dating service that is easy to use and effective. All you have to do is provide a username and start meeting and chatting with other singles in your area. As mentioned previously, this site is unique in that it is completely free-no up-grade charges, no catches.
  12. – If you’re interested in meeting someone with the same vegetarian lifestyle as you, is worth a shot. VeggieDate is a perfect resource for vegetarian dating that allows you to meet members that range from macrobiotic diets and fish vegetarians, lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, to vegan vegetarians. The free vegetarian personals allow you to meet veggie singles and share organic and healthy vegetarian lifestyles.
  13. – is a free dating personals site for Canadian singles. It is a totally free source that includes a free singles chat, articles, testimonials, and links to other dating sites. Although the site is mostly dedicated to Canadian singles, it also allows you to post international profiles, for the best chance of finding a relationship.
  14. – is a site that appears to be a mix of a community site and a dating site for teenagers. It is a simple design that allows you to view other members profile pictures, send messages, instant messages, post videos, and chat online with other teens just like you.
  15. – Must love dogs? is a site dedicated to people who have the best pets in the world, but are missing the love of their lives. Animal People Personals allow you to connect to others just like you who are searching for other animal lovers to spend their time with.
  16. – If Facebook isn’t for you and you’re a busy student without much time to go out and meet new people, is the place for you. This site hooks you up with other students and allows you to meet other students and form friendships or relationships. All you have to do is register, create a profile, and start meeting new friends.
  17. – is a place where gay members are looking fro more than just a hook-up. The site claims to be the largest, biggest LGBT community online, so why not give it a shot? The site allows you to get basic email access, join group chats, see full-size photos, and see who’s viewed your profile, and much, much more. You can join for free, and searching profiles and pictures has never been easier.
  18.– Yahoo Personals is a huge online dating service that helps you focus your energy on single people in your area who might be compatible with you, and have your personal matches delivered right to your personal email. The site is also nice because it allows you to maintain control over your identity and contact information, and get a secure, anonymous mailbox for all of your flirting.
  19. – is one of the largest online dating services with over 15 million members. The site gives you a choice of three categories, Dating, Intimate, and Relationship, which allows you to choose which level of relationship you are looking for. Among other features, the site also allows you to communicate with other singles via email, IM, webcam, Lavalife by phone, and Lavalife mobile.
  20.– is an easy to navigate, and is free to sign up. The site is currently offering a free trial period to those who are interested. The free trial offer includes: email to featured members, receive and read email from other featured members, reply to emails, create your own personality profile, and use the proprietary matching system. It’s all free! What are you waiting for?
  21. – is actually a sister site of, so it is also designed for people who are seeking meaningful, long-term relationships. Like its name suggests, the site is built on compatibility and chemistry, unlike most sites that just focus on compatibility. gives you the tools to get face-to-face with the people you want to meet, and help you along your path to your perfect relationship.
  22.– is a growing website with over 7 million members designed to help you have fun and meet new people! The site features fantastic features such as webcam chat, IM, email, and chat. This is a great and easy way to meet someone new in your area. Check it out!
  23.– is a large, quality website to meet new people online. The site features a personalized and compatibility matching, a relationship analyst, and also their “Chatterbox” instant messaging. You can choose to meet people in your area, or across the world. makes it easy for you to meet and form a relationship with your perfect match.
  24.– Mingles is a site dedicated to helping people meet a compatible match-free! You can use Mingles to make new friends, hang out, find a date, chat, discuss, whatever! The site allows you to post an unlimited amount of photos, blogging tools, video profiles, anti-spamming controls, and instant messaging.
  25.– has a clear and easy registration process, and once you’ve joined, there are countless interesting profiles to look at, all including pictures. With a site this large and with so many features, it is hard not to find someone you’re interested in. So go ahead, give it a shot!

Now that you’re off and searching for your special someone. Let’s take a look at some of our dating tips. These will help you get off to the right start with your new found date. Follow These guidelines and there is no way you will get shut down for Valentine’s Day.

General Dating Tips

  • Be Prepared– If you really want to succeed in the dating world, then there are certain steps you should take. You need to decide who you are looking for, and you need to do your research and be ready to commit to dating. Half heartedness simply will not work. You should also prepare yourself for some let downs along the way, but overall dating should be fun and not be taken too seriously.
  • Get Your Act Together– Begin a regime of looking your best. Get health magazines, join a gym, get fit and start a diet. Get your hair trimmed or styled, and begin a process of good grooming or beauty treatment. Although that alone will not get you a date, you will gain way more confidence in yourself.
  • Shop, Shop– People appreciate appearance. Go shopping and treat yourself to some new clothes. You don’t have to change your appearance so much that you look like a totally different person, but maybe its time to throw away those tired jeans, old sweaters or cardigans and spruce yourself up.
  • Have Goals– In the dating game it helps to have a game plan. Have a good think about what your dating goals and timescales are. Do you see yourself married in 2 years? Are you just testing the waters? Keep these things in mind when you’re thinking about what you want out of your dates.
  • Confidence – It is always good to sort out your levels of confidence in advance. Do all of the things that boost your confidence; from avoiding friends, to attending the right kinds of social functions. Couples at dinner parties in suburbia are not where you want to be right now.
  • Aim Realistically– Choose those who you have a good chance of dating. Don’t aim too low, but aim realistically. Your dating is based on the whole package you offer, as well as just your personality. If you are looking for a runway model, or a Calvin Klein model, good for you but be prepared and be realistic about your chances.
  • Plan– Work out in advance where in your neighborhood you are likely to meet people and join clubs, societies, sports events, drama groups, anything where you are likely to meet potential partners. The kind of partners you are looking for. I know it’s a cliché but you will not meet people by staying indoors.
  • Date In Phases if Necessary– Take time off from dating occasionally if it’s not going well or causing dating fatigue. Dating is an on-going, often exhausting process, and so sometimes recharging the batteries and keeping the confidence and optimism high is an absolute must.
  • Enjoy It – Enjoy dating for what it is, dating. It’s meeting new people and socializing and mingling with new and interesting people who may or may not spark your interest. The fact is, most people are intriguing and have a lot to offer, and while you may not be out there looking for new friends, you may find one or two fantastic people along the way.
  • Availability Factor– Never, ever make yourself too available. People like a little mystery and enigma and the thrill of the chase when dating. The longer a person is made to chase and fall for you within reason, the more likely that love will blossom. Peak too early and you have little left to offer and emotions may have never had enough time to develop.

Okay, now it’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve done well. The Big Day is upon us. Take a look at these simple but smart ideas on how to turn your first Valentine’s Day together into one that will be remembered for years.

How to Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

  • Never Forget This Day– Many people are guilty of forgetting things such as birthdays, holidays and in some occasions even anniversaries. The thing to remember is that if you forget Valentines, chances are your date/partner is going to think you have forgotten them. Remembering this day means a lot and says a lot about the way you feel about the love of your life.
  • Date Preparation– It kind of goes without saying for both men and women that the Valentine’s Day Date will require you to wear your more attractive attire depending on what you’re doing. If you’re going to a nice restaurant, it might even be a good idea to buy a new sweater (for guys), or dress (for ladies). Think about the colors your date likes to see you in, or if there’s a certain way they like to see your hair. Or if you’re doing something more active, make sure you are aware so that you are both dressed appropriately.
  • Be Punctual – It always helps the evening start off smoothly if both you and your date are on time. Ladies, try to be ready for your date when they pick you up, and gents’ pick your date up when you say you are going to. Nothing ruins an evening faster than keeping someone waiting because you couldn’t get it together on time.
  • The Gift – This year, try and make your gift special. Everyone does flowers and chocolate, which may be appropriate for your partner’s gift depending on what they would appreciate. But you could also make your Valentine’s gift more unusual and memorable by trying something different like a massage bar, tickets to a concert, sports event, play, a gift basket, or a fun activity for two.
  • Plan For an Experience– So you’ve picked out an amazing gift for your Valentine, but there’s more to success on this occasion than just an awesome gift. Plan for an experience as well and you’ll have created a double-whammy of romantic bliss that won’t be forgotten soon. You could take a stroll on the beach at sunset, cuddle up on the couch watching a romantic comedy, rent a hot-air balloon, or just go out to dinner.
  • Add an Element of Surprise– Of course your Valentine is going to know that you have something planned for Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay. You can always let them in on a portion of what’s going on so that they can make necessary arrangements such as hiring a babysitter, or wearing the right clothing. However, adding a little surprise here and there is sure to stimulate love and affection from your partner. Maybe you could call in to the local radio station and request “your” song, plan a romantic get-away and share the news over dinner, or even say I love you for the first time.
  • Focus on Your Valentine– Even though you may love Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that your date/partner may not, and by taking his or her preferences into account, you’ll be making the day special in its own way. So, if your date really isn’t into the holiday, don’t make them sit through a romantic dinner and then come back to a trail of rose petals and candles. Likewise, if he/she goes crazy over the occasion, a peck on the cheek and pizza delivery won’t cut it either. Instead, try thinking of some creative ways of making the day special, and you’ll create the perfect Valentine’s Day for both of you.

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