Customized Girl is Featured on Tweetcontest

Hey Everyone! Great News for You today. We are running a contest through @Tweetcontest that is giving away a $100 Gift Card to Customized Girl.To Follow the contest today simply go to Tweetcontest’s Twitter Page and follow along. We will also be running a special discount promo for those who are not able to win the prize. Stay Tuned to @Tweetcontest for more information.Also you can Follow Customized Girl on Twitter by clicking that link.So follow our Tweetcontest and have some fun. Good Luck!

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CustomizedGirl Twitter Valentines Design Contest

Hello CustomizedGirl World!

Since the last Twitter contest went over so well for us we’ve decided to have another Twitter Contest through Customized Girl. Here are the contest details:

Contest Prize: A Free Customized T-Shirt

Contest Winners: 10

First off, If you aren’t following CustomizedGirl on Twitter do so by clicking that link.

If you aren’t signed up for Twitter yet sign up here. It’s Free.

Okay, Here is the contest.

Go to and design a t-shirt that has both your Twitter Username (in the Form @Username). After you have done that the next thing you need to do is type in any saying that relates to love, relationships, or Valentine’s day. Get creative, the more creative your design the better chance you have of winning. Please remember to keep the sayings appropriate. Any inappropriate use of language, or inappropriate sexual references will be ignored for the contest prize.

Please Use this T-Shirt to design on: Use This Tee.

You can use any color of T-Shirt that you would like. Here is an example of what we are looking for:


After you have created your Design save it to the gallery under the Tag “twittervday”. Also, make sure you set your Sharing Option to Share as shown in this image.


After you’ve saved your design Post this Tweet on Twitter:

“Just Entered the #CGVday contest here is my entry (link to entry) @CustomizedGirl”

And you’re done.


The Top 10 Designs will be chosen and each of those 10 designers will win their own Customized Twitter Shirt that they made during the contest. We also will be posting about your design on the blog and be sending a twitter shout out to all of the winners.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter

Good luck to everyone and have fun Designing!

No age requirement. Contest Ends 1-31-09. Results will be posted in the following days and you will be contacted via twitter.


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Thanks to everyone who participated in the New Years Resolution Contest on Twitter. We had a lot of fun reviewing the results and thanks to everyone who decided to follow CustomizedGirl on Twitter as well. Happy New Year everyone!

To see the results of the #CGNEWYEARS click Here

As promised here are the links to our Top 10 Winners Twitter Profiles.

  1. @extractors
  2. @pricousins
  3. @funsavingmoney
  4. @BittenbyBooks
  5. @Bella_Casa
  6. @hardertobreathe
  7. @valerie2350
  8. @MierGen
  9. @TheComputerLady
  10. @venessasue
  11. Again Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and Happy New Year from all of us @CustomizedGirl.


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