Classy Lassie Polyvore Contest

  1. If you don’t already have one, register for an account on Polyvore.
  2. Create a set using one or more designs from Customized Girl in your set. Check out this example set created by Polyvore user mychanel.
    You have two options for this step: 

    • Recommended option: use a design from our public gallery. Navigate this gallery via the search field in the upper right corner of, or via the Start With a Design menu on the left side of the site.
    • Or you can create your own design and save it. This option is a bit trickier. If you choose this route, please see the notes below.**
  3. Add that set to our group.
The contest will run from Monday, February 25, 2013 until Monday, March 18, 2013.


Check out our St. Patrick’s Day Apparel for inspiration!


The winner will be determined by the number of likes. Likes are obtained when another Polyvore user clicks on the little heart icon next to your set.

  • First place wins a $100 gift card to Customized Girl.
We will need your email address to send you the electronic gift card. (It is a special code that you can enter into the payment method section of the checkout process.)


Only new sets created between February 25 and March 18 of 2013 are qualified for entry. This is because we are judging based on number of likes, and it wouldn’t be fair to everyone if older sets with many likes could be submitted.

There is no limit to the number of entries per user, but we will only award one gift card per Polyvore user.

All featured items should be tagged and linked in the sets comments.

By submitting a set with a design from Customized Girl, entrant grants Customized Girl the right to publish submitted sets, designs, and captions on our website, social media or any other marketing materials. Slight set alterations may be made by our staff in order to fit properly on our website or marketing materials.

Designs deemed to be inappropriate or offensive by Customized Girl will not be eligible for voting.

Designs that contain material copyrighted or trademarked by a third party (such as a brand, tv show, etc) will not be eligible for voting.

eRetailing Associates, LLC employees and their immediate families are not eligible to win.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Polyvore. By participating in this promotion you agree to a complete release of Polyvore from any claims. We promise never to sell your information or use it in a harmful way.

**If you want to to save your own design and use it in your Polyvore set, please do. However, your design will not show up in the public gallery on Customized Girl. If you save a really cool design, you deserve to be recognized and have it displayed in the gallery, right? The only way to make it public would be for our admin Customized Girl account to re-save your design in our own account, and we reserve the right to do this. But if this happens, we will give you credit and link to your account on Polyvore in the Design Details. Again, if you create your own design, please avoid potential copyright infringement. (For example, no One Direction designs. Sorry.)

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Music is My Boyfriend Shirts

Music is My Boyfriend Shirt

Music makes a great boyfriend. It sounds sweet, can always cheer you up and doesn’t talk back. That’s why we love these Music is My Boyfriend Shirts! Proudly show off your love of music with a long sleeve shirt, tee or pinnie. You can also customize this saying to be on any type of shirt you’d like. You’re the designer!

This would be a cute design to wear to a concert so that everyone there knows that you’re taken…by music, of course!

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King and Queen Couple Shirts Lookbook

King & Queen by customizedgirl

King Crewneck

Queen Crewneck

Trucker hat 

Sheer top

Cheap monday jeans




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“We’re All Mad Here” Tank Tops & T-Shirts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Customized Girl is very excited to share our new We’re All Mad Here Tank Tops inspired by none other than Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We have added John Tenniel’s version of the grinning Cheshire Cat to our abundant art collection so designing can be completely up to you! Customized Girl’s easy to use design center allows the user to take any idea and put it on a shirt.

Customized Girl is also designing t-shirts and tank tops with concepts from various classic literature such as Wizard of Oz, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Shakespeare. This is all possible due to the creative materials being available in the public domain meaning it is no longer protected by intellectual property laws. This is great news for inspiring designers and artists! Opening materials to the public domain allows individuals to innovate and spread their interpretations among new generations. Not to mention that it keeps all materials new and relevant even if it was written 100 years ago. Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to allow everything into the public domain after a period of time, now does it?

We owe a lot to the public domain by allowing us to experiment and express our creativity in different forms of interpretation. The public domain is not only beneficial for artists but for writers and teachers alike and chances are you have enjoyed what the public domain has to offer at some point in your life. So why not build upon some of the greatest findings and stories of all time? Start using those creative juices and start designing!


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Custom Military Apparel

Are you a military girlfriend, fiancée or wife? Show some support for your fella with custom military apparel! Whether your guy is in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard, we have plenty of options for you to choose from! Custom military t-shirts are a great way to surprise him when he returns home from a deployment. Or, you could make custom military underwear as a special surprise just for him! Plus, we have hoodies, tank tops, iPad cases and more!

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