NNEMAP Food Pantry & Customized Girl

Customized Girl is teaming up with the Columbus, Ohio based NNEMAP Food Pantry to help provide additional meals to families in need in the Columbus, Ohio area.

In unprecedented times you’re forced to stop and reflect. What really matters? What is actually important in our lives? For us the answer was simple. Those we love and those in our community.

We decided we wanted to do something to help those groups. It was an easy decision to make. We knew we had a connection to a local food bank, the NNEMAP Food Pantry, and we knew that we could print inspiring shirts with local appeal.

We put two and two together and came up with a special storefront on our site called the ‘Buy A Shirt, Buy A Meal‘ storefront. We made some special unique designs you can only get on this storefront and decided that all the profit that comes from these sales will go directly to the NNEMAP food pantry to help keep their shelves stocked.

In difficult times, unity becomes more important than making a sale and we wanted to feel that unity with our community. We hope you feel the same and will buy one of our fun and inspiring designs. You’re not just supporting us, a small local business in Columbus, Ohio, you’re also supporting community resources that keep people fed.

Thank you for your support! We are all in this together.

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Custom Uniforms for Your Business! CG Fan Spotlight, Lumsden Florist

Looking for a fun way to get creative with your everyday uniforms? Design your own!  This week’s CG Fan Spotlight showcases the designs of Lumsden Florist in Canada.  Below is what Rachel had to say!

“At Lumsden Florist etc. these shirts are our fun and versatile employee “uniforms”.  We wear them everywhere – at local outdoor markets, the local pub, horseback riding and of course, in our store!  People ask me about them all the time and I send them to customizedgirl.com to make their own personalized attire.”

Rachel designed these Junior Fit Basic Tees and this Guys Fleece Track Jacket. But wait! Customized Girl doesn’t just stop at uniforms! Check out our custom mousepads and coffee mugs that are perfect for sporting your business’s logo!

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Custom Bags! CG Fan Spotlight, Equilibrium

Hi CG Fans! This week we wanted to give a special shout out to Miriam who customized tees and canvas tote bags for her consulting firm in Pennsylvania.  Below is Miriam’s story!

“Equilibrium Design and Consulting is located in West Chester, PA. I offer my services as a Lifestyle Expert and I strive to aid and inspire my clients in making a well organized and peaceful home of their house. I help them find clarity in the clutter and along the way discover some inner inspiration. I love what I do and I especially love the joy my work brings to my clients’ lives. It is extremely gratifying to be able to help people create a place of comfort and a haven we all so desperately need at days end; whether it’s through the organizing and decluttering of a closet, selecting paint colors or accessorizing a room. Kitchen reorganization and family menu plans are a specialty. I love what I do!”

Here is Miriam’s design, and feel free to check out her website!

Miriam customized our Color Canvas Tote and our Junior Fit Sheer Longer Crew Neck Tee. Lookin’ good Equilibrium! Customized Girl loves to make one of a kind t-shirts, tanks and hoodies, but we don’t stop there! Check out these bags you gotta snag!

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Spread Your Message With Custom Tees, CG Fan Spotlight: Humble Sol

Hi CG Fans! Today we wanted to give a special shout out to one of our great customers, Divine. Divine customized a t-shirt line geared towards the empowerment of women. Below is information from her website that better explains her mission.

“Divine Essence is an outlet for artistic expression. A company that was created over time beginning with poetry performances at local café and clubs, poetry workshops and poetry under the stars events that are created to gather up the community for an evening of poetry, music, GREAT company and plenty of opportunity to network.

Divine Essence mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage the individual to express the BEST part of themselves.”

This was the goal when designing the t-shirts. Here is what Divine had to say about the line she created:

“Humble Sol is a T-SHIRT line created to invigorate ALL WOMEN. Divine does this by displaying pieces of her poetry and positive affirmations on the front of the shirts to REMIND ALL women that she is SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. The name HUMBLE SOL was actually given to her by her oldest son ELLOHEIM. After sharing with him a brief description of what the t-shirt line was about and who it was created to inspire, while driving in the car one day he said “What about HUMBLE SOL”?. Humble Sol is more than a T-shirt, it’s a statement and Divine is determined to make a difference in the minds and hearts of our women. The WOMAN is her child’s FIRST teacher, after all.

Divine travels within the U.S. performing her spoken word poetry for different organizations and events. Divine was inspired by the MANY women and men she has met along the way. She too has a story to tell and hopes that her T-SHIRTs and poetry exalt other women to tell their story too. Divine’s poetry CDs, books and t-shirts can be purchased at www.divineforlife.org

If you have an idea that is worth sharing, designing custom apparel is a great way to reach others. Customized Girl has an array of products that are perfect for promoting your latest idea!

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Customized Business T-shirts!

Want to make a last impression on your customers? Customizing t-shirts and apparel for your business is a great way to stand out, and can turn an ordinary event into one they will remember forever.

This is exactly the approach taken by Los Angeles based photographer Jen Parker.  Jen and her staff designed t-shirts for a children’s expo they were participating in. The expo took place in Santa Clarita California, where Jen offered to take free pictures of the children there. The pictures were later posted online where viewers could vote on what child had the  best smile.  Assistant Rachel says “Because we lacked signage, we turned to Customized Girl for some quick t-shirts to help spread the word.”

Jen’s shirt read “Smile for the camera,” while assistants Angie and Rachel both wore     t-shirts that said “Smile for a brownie.” The idea was that the children would have their picture taken in exchange for a brownie.  The shirts were used to give unity to their team, and helped the participants easily identify them.

It looks like the even turned out to be a huge success! You can even check out the winners!

Jen and her team chose to customize Junior Fit Tees, but here at Customized Girl, we have tons of options!  You can even upload your own art! Check us out and start customizing apparel for your business’s next event!

OH! And don’t forget to take a peak at Jen’s beautiful site!


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Customize Shirts For Your Business. CG Fan Spotlight: TruSynergy

Customizing shirts for your business or event is a great way to get noticed.  This week’s CG Fan Spotlight, focuses on a business that did just that.  TruSynergy, an event planning company, used Customized Girl to customize one of a kind tees. Here is their story!

TruSynergy is an event planning company that focuses on health and wellness. Their events can either take place in the home or in a corporate setting.  Featured services can include massage therapy, facials, empowerment workshops and fitness sessions – depending on the request of the client.

Their custom shirts were used at their launch event last September in Baltimore, MD.  The event was held at the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center. It was a “ladies only” event where their guests enjoyed seated massages, facials, a workshop, catered lunch and a jewelry vendor.

This is a great way to make an affordable, lasting impression on your customers. Our art gallery has a variety of designs, or you can even upload your own art! So visit Customized Girl and design your custom shirts today!

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Customize THIS! Small Business Promotion

Need Help Promoting a Small Business?

Have a small business and need some help promoting it? What about a customizable fade-resistant button-up long sleeve oxford? It’s easy to pack and just have on hand in case you need it, making it perfect for photographers and realtors. Oh, and did I mention it’s fade-resistant??? Darts in front and back give our best-selling top a flattering contoured fit but leaves plenty of room for movement. The design on these customizable button-ups is made with a highly durable, fade-resistant laser cut film. Not only will your design pop off the top but will virtually last forever! Read more about it or start customizing one! You can also use code CG524 to get a back print of any item for FREE up through May 30, 11:59 PM EST! You can also visit our gallery of business design templates for more ideas and options. Customizable bags, stickers, t-shirts, mugs…everything to help you promote and grow your business! We’re here to help!

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CG Group Shots: Tantini Tanning Bar!

Our next CG group order shout-out goes to Sonya Bright, owner of Tantini Tanning Bar in Glassboro, NJ! Tantini has more of a “lounge” atmosphere, mixing Sonya’s love of martinis and sunshine to create a unique tanning salon atmosphere for her clients that is surely “intoxicating”.

For her customized design, Sonya created these adorable white tees and tanks by uploading her own business logos for  the front and  back.  How cool! The staff looks great, thanks for sending those in Sonya!

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