New Salon Art and Custom Salon Shirts

The time has finally come and you are going to open the doors to your new salon! What an exciting day for, not only you the salon owner, but your staff as well! Mark this special occasion and come across as a professional in your community by designing custom salon shirts and custom aprons to match your business’s brand!

Since you have worked so hard to get to this point in your career, we wanted to be there for you with the best salon art available! We just added a ton of new salon art perfect for your staff to show off on shirts and aprons! Your business will be the talk of the town when customers see your professional and welcoming business attire!

Even if you’re not opening a new salon and have been running a successful business for years, sometimes designs can get outdated and need some sprucing up. If that’s the case, maybe you are in need of a fashion facelift? Add the new art you find in our design center to the stylish apparel we have available for you to customize!

Now, not only will your customers leave happy with their new makeovers, you will be proud to show off your salon apparel makeover too!

Custom Salon Shirts

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Tequila Makes Me Dance Lookbook – Tequila Shirts

Tequila Makes Me Dance

Highwaisted shorts

Black heel booties
$34 –

Cuff earrings

Pendant necklace

Knit slouch beanie

GUESS by Marciano black sunglasses

Ilia lip stick
$29 –

China Glaze nail polish
$19 –

Tequila Makes You Dance

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Matching Couple Shirts for Kiss and Make Up Day

There is no point dragging out a little argument with someone you truly care about, especially when this Sunday is National Kiss and Make Up Day. Make it a point to resolve any issues you have with a loved one, whether it is a friend, boyfriend, or family member.

There is no such thing as a good argument, but arguments with your better half can be the worst and sometimes a peace offering is needed. Presenting a small gesture can be a simple and effective way to break the ice and get the conversation going. Matching couple shirts can be an understated gift to let him or her know that it is time to squash this spat and get back to being a great couple once again! Picking the right couple shirts is easy when you shop at Customized Girl. We have couple shirts that are sweet and others that are funny so choose the style that will help give your little dispute a gentle push in the right direction!

Take 15% off site wide on from now until Sunday, August 25th 2013 at 11:59PM EST. Use promo code KISS.

Matching Couples Shirts

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Custom Dog Shirts

We go everywhere with our pets and when we do, they get a lot of attention! No one can resist woman’s best friend and you’ll find most people will drop whatever they’re doing just to meet your dog.

Since pets are such a big part of our lives, we want to make sure they feel like a member of the family as much as possible. And sometimes, that means giving them some fashion. Besides the must-have collar, dog owners are also choosing to dress their dogs in shirts; which is fine and all, but we’re guessing your dog is an original!

At Customized Girl, we have the perfect solution for your one-of-a-kind canine. Check out our cute custom dog shirts for your pup to wear when you two make trips outside. Now when people stop to meet your furry friend, they already know something about them and their personality! Plus, wearing a custom dog tee instantly increases their cuteness factor tenfold!

Custom dog shirts are also a great way to get your dog involved in important moments of your life too, like a wedding! If you have chosen your dog as the ring bearer, he will need a shirt to announce his role in the wedding. If you don’t have a big event coming up, creating a custom shirt for them to wear out and about is a good way to add some fashion and fun to your pet’s life!

Tell us about your dog and what their custom shirt would say!

Custom Dog Shirts I've Got The Rings

Custom Dog Shirts Princess

Custom Dog Shirts USA

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Football Mom Shirts

Is your son on the football team? If so, you are going to be a football mom and there are two things you need to know. First, always get to the games early for the best seat in the stands. And second, create a custom football mom shirt to properly cheer your son and the team on to victory!

The second step is important because every mom needs a way to show off how proud she is of her son. And if your son is a football star, creating a custom football mom shirt is the perfect way to accomplish that! Every time your son makes a big play in the game, all the other parents will know whom to look for when sharing compliments about him, which every mom loves to hear! They will know who you are by the football shirt you have customized and wear all season long.

There is another big reason behind creating a football mom shirt, intimidation! Don’t let the other moms from the visiting team think they can pull an easy win out against your son’s team. Having a strong and passionate fan base will set the tone right from the start. Your son and the team are taking care of business on the field with intimidation and parents need to do the same in the stands!

What is the name of your son’s football team that you will be cheering on to victory in your football mom shirt?

Football Mom Shirts

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Customize Football Gear

New Custom Football Jerseys

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Custom Cheer Shirts

Every cheerleader has spirit, but do they have the right cheer gear? There is of course the uniform, which every cheerleader could live in, but it’s probably not the best idea and doesn’t really count. So, there needs to be other options available when you are not in uniform and we have those options for you to choose from!

Customized Girl has some of the best cheer designs you will find like, “Bows Before Bros,” “Hit it Again,” and “Fear the Bow!” These designs get you in the right frame of mind before every event and you can customize each one too! Are you the cheer captain or maybe a flyer in the group? If so, add these titles to your custom cheer shirt or customize your own designs with your team colors and mascot! Once the squad sees you wear these cute, yet powerful cheer shirts at practices and competitions, they will probably want one themselves. When that happens, why not create a look for the entire squad to reflect the attitude and spirit you portray at every event?

Since cheerleading is a year round sport, you’ll need custom cheer shirts for all the different seasons! Create cheer sweatshirts and cheer hoodies for the fall and winter months while still having cheer shirts and cheer tank tops for the spring and summer season!

Right around this time last year our Bows Over Bros design started blowing up on Tumblr. The person who originally posted that image on Tumblr didn’t link to that Bows Over Bros Crop Top in our gallery, but luckily for us, there is a big banner in the corner that says “For Sale on Customized Girl”. We hope all who sought it out were able to find it! All you need to do is go to Customized Girl and search “bows over bros

Comment below and let us know what your cheer shirt would say!

Bows over bros cheer shirt

Check out these cheer designs!

Custom Cheerleading Tees

Like a design in the above image? Click the links below to see them on a shirt.

Fear The Bow

Cool Stunt Bro Hit It Again


Harrisburg Cheerleading Amanda

We’ve Got The Drive For It We Live & Die For It

Tallons High Cheer Squad

I Cheer For Wildcat Country

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For all of our Cheer Moms

Top 10 Cheers We Love to Hear

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Sad News About Our Marine Category

We have received a Cease & Desist letter from attorneys representing the United States Marine Corps. They have requested that we remove all Marine-related art and all designs that use the words Marines, USMC, etc.

It’s a very sad day for us, because we love providing our customers the ability to create their own designs using elements from our design center.

We’re investigating a licensing situation, but it looks like it will take some time. In the meantime, we’ve changed that category to “Military Love“. Here you can find subcategories for Military Wife, Military Girlfriend, and Military Mom.

Military Love Category 2

We’d love to hear from all the Marine wives, Marine girlfriends, and Marine moms out there! If you would like to see Marine designs back on Customized Girl, join us in the fight to get our Marine category back! Please email us at with your story of why you love customizing Marine shirts to support your loved one! We want to produce Marine designs for you again so we’re collecting as many stories as possible to show the Marines that our designs do way more good than harm to their brand!

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Improved Print Quality

We know that one of the reasons why you choose to get your custom shirts from Customized Girl again and again is because of the great print quality we can deliver! While we agree our printing process is pretty darn good, in the printing business, there is always room for improvement. We are constantly tweaking and adding new features to make our prints better than our competitors!

We already have a big advantage because we do direct-to-garment printing on almost all of products, instead of screen-printing. Direct-to-garment printing allows us to offer a full range of colors offered at no extra charge, and no minimums or setup fees. With direct-to-garment printing, we can speed up the printing process while still producing great quality prints and in return, we can pass the savings on to you.

In addition, we have also added new state-of-the-art dryers. When newly printed shirts dry quicker, you get a better print and it lasts much longer. So not only do you have a wider variety of selections to choose from, you also receive a higher quality product to wear over and over again!

Since we have improved our printing process so much in the past couple of months and have a surplus of basic tee inventory, we want to give you the chance to experience our high quality printing and get a great deal at the same time!

For one day only, until 12:00PM EST on 8/14/2013, we are offering our basic tees for only $9.97! Shop Basic Tees


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Football Girlfriend Shirts

Has your boyfriend been busy preparing for the upcoming football season? If so, prepare for the season as well! Be there in the stands to cheer him on at his football games with a football girlfriend shirt that is sure to get his attention! Guys love it when their girlfriend takes an interest in the sports they enjoy, and he will love the fact that you took the time to create a special football shirt to cheer him on. While all the other girls have settled for just wearing whatever shirts are available at the stadium store, you will have gone the extra mile to customize a shirt that not only cheers on the team, but also the football player that has your undivided attention!

When creating your football girlfriend shirt, add cute football art to the top; like a helmet with kiss marks or a football with a heart in the middle, which also is a perfect spot to add his football number. With all this cute art available, you’ll have no problem creating as many football girlfriend shirts as you want, maybe even enough to last you the entire season.

Check out the other apparel we have available to customize also, like hoodies and jerseys! Design a hoodie that will be ideal to wear on those colder fall nights, so you can always be in the stands to root him on to victory. We even have football jerseys that are of course made to fit women, so you can create a jersey to match the one he wears on the field, without settling for an unflattering, bulky jersey fit.

WOW! We just gave you a ton of ideas for customizing your football girlfriend shirt, but this was done on purpose! We know how much a girl loves to have options when shopping! With so many different shirts and design combinations to choose from, what will your football girlfriend shirt look like when the season kicks off?

Here are some cute football girlfriend shirts just waiting for you to Customize:

Football Girlfriend Shirt Go Cougars

Football Girlfriend Shirt Love

Football Girlfriend Shirt Warrior

Football Girlfriend Shirt Highland

Football Girlfriend Shirt helmet

Football Girlfriend Shirt Alternative Apparel

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Customized Girl Review by Mama Love

Recently, Sarah from Mama Love took the time to write a review on Customized Girl! Check out what she had to say and view the shirt she designed below!

Customized Girl Shirt Mama Love

“I love this shirt! It’s way soft and vintage-y! I ordered a medium, and it’s great! It’s a flowy tank and so wonderful to wear like a tunic or with shorts or jeans or whatever! And I finally decided on a design and went with, ‘bless your heart.’ It’s the southern belle in me that had to have it!”

Read more of Mama Love’s Customized Girl review on her website.

Want to hear what other bloggers are saying about Customized Girl? View more blogger reviews at the bottom of our reviews and testimonials page!

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