Custom Sports Apparel For Spring

Spring is the air which means a whole new season of spring sports is in full swing. Each and every year players and families gear up in custom sports apparel to wear on and off the field. This year Customized Girl has added some amazing new custom apparel options for you and your entire family. Whether you’re a proud dad on the sideline or the little sister in the stands – we’ve got gear for the whole family!


Custom Jerseys

Billboard and Game Day Jerseys are perfect for girlfriends, moms, and softball players who are looking for a unique way to show their team love. These designs are meant to be worn baggy with slightly arched text across the shoulders. This way when you place your hands on your hips your design is prominently displayed.


Custom Varsity Jackets

Custom letterman jackets have always been a hit among sports as a way to showcase a player’s athletic achievements. In the last few years this trend has taken a whole new meaning with fashionistas. From sports moms to A-list celebrities, custom letterman jackets are at the top of the list when it comes to custom apparel.


Custom Bags

Customized Girl offers a huge selection of custom bags that include totes, duffel and even the oh so trendy nfinity backpacks! Customize any product or design in our gallery to include school colors, year, and position. What is also an amazing feature of our custom bags is our no minimums and group discount policy. Buy one bag or design matching sets for the entire team!


Create a unified look for student activities, fundraisers, and sporting events with custom school apparel and school sports apparel. We have everything you need for students, faculty, family and fans! You can personalize one of our existing designs to match your team name and colors or you can start with a blank design by adding your own idea, graphic or logo for a truly unique shirt. Check out all of our amazing designs in the following spring sport categories:

Custom Baseball Shirts

Custom Softball Shirts

Custom Track Apparel

Custom Lacrosse Shirts

Don’t see a sport category that fits your athlete? Easily take your favorite design from any category and swap out the art. Our massive library is full of every sport imaginable but if you still need assistance please do not hesitate to contact our amazing customer service team. They would be more than happy to help you with your design from beginning to end!

Share your custom sports apparel with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @CustomizedGirl!

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Custom Apparel For Fall

Fall is right around the corner!

This means it’s time to do some back-to-school shopping! Make it easy on yourself this year by getting custom apparel for fall at Customized Girl! You can customize our designs any way you’d like, creating a design that’s totally unique to you. Represent your favorite player and team this season by customizing jerseys, sweatshirts, and jackets with your team name and colors!

Our design center makes it incredibly easy to use but if designing isn’t your thing then make sure to check out our gallery of designs. From there all you have to do is:

1. Choose a jacket, hoodie or sweatshirt

2.  Start designing by:

– adding your own text
– adding art from our massive art library
– even add a distressed effect to give your design a vintage look

3. Select a size and add to cart!

These step-by-step instructions are simple to follow, but if you have any questions feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

Looking for more information on our design center? Check out our tutorial here.

Customized Girl even offers fundraising tools for schools and sport teams. Open a custom apparel storefront by adding your school or team logo to any product and earn royalties for every design you sell!

A special thanks to Kevin Macleod at for the music in our video!

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Custom Apparel For High School

Growing up and going to school goes hand in hand. It’s a unique and memorable part of life that every individual has to go through and for most, either you love it or hate it. Whether you want to admit it or not, high school is a period of ups and downs that you will look back and reflect on. Customized Girl wants to help brighten up your school experiences with custom apparel. When other students ask where you got your awesome backpack or amazing tee, you can say that you designed it all by yourself. Be an innovator, fashionista, or a statement maker – that is what makes high school so great. Discover your path and make your voice be heard with your own custom apparel for high school!

Senior Sweatshirt

Customized Girl has everything you to need to get ready for the school year but to rock it out with confidence. And we mean everything, we mean everything from marching band gear, promposal bears for prom, and even custom gifts for your teacher. Our galleries have a plethora of designs that range from simplistic to the most intricate to give the customer as many options as possible. Better yet, start from scratch! Add dates, names, school colors – as the designer every decision is up to you.

Straight Outta Band Practice Tank Top

That’s not even the best part! We offer the trendiest brands that include American Apparel and Alternative Apparel that are ideal for senior shirts to wear all year long or a one of a kind design for that last themed spirit day. You can even design a custom varsity jacket to highlight your graduating year or school’s mascot. Take any concept and create matching designs across multiple accessories with backpacks, hats, and socks and be decked out in school spirit from head to toe.

Marching Band Bomber Jacket

Customized Girl even offers fundraising tools for schools and sport teams. Open a custom apparel storefront by adding your school or team logo to any product and earn royalties for every design you sell!


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Add Photos to Your Custom Apparel

Here at Customized Girl our goal is to always bring you the opportunity to create totally unique and completely customized apparel and accessories. We even offer you the chance to upload your own photos so that you can create a customized product (or gift) that you (or your giftee) will cherish forever!

We’ve recently added new Frame art so that you can give your uploaded photos a fun and quirky touch!

Four Custom Photo

We want to make sure that your design experience at Customized Girl is nothing but a breeze, so here are some tips to make sure your uploaded images in frames print exactly the way you want them to look!

Once you’re in the design center, select the Add Art tab. Choose the Symbols & Shapes category and you will see three different Frames subcategories to choose from.

What do the different frame options mean?
“Frames Standard” are a variety of rectangular and oval frames, ornately decorated with flowers, lines, or other designs.

“Frames Smartphone” has been created to optimize framing your smartphone photos. The iPhone takes photos at 756 x 1008 pixels and those are the dimensions we’ve made our “Frames Smartphone.” We suggest using this category for a photo you took on your phone, because you won’t have to format or crop them!

“Frames Square” are, as the name suggests, square frames. You have the option to upload a single square photo or several, depending on the frame. In this category you will find our photo strip frame!

What if my photo doesn’t fit in the frame that I want to use?
Don’t sweat! It’s an easy fix and you don’t even have to open Photoshop! There are free photo editing websites, like Webresizer, where you can easily crop and resize your photo.

To use Webresizer:
-Upload your image

Resize Step 1

-To make your rectangular photo square, select “Crop image.”
-Drag the tool until your photo is square. Be sure that it is square by checking the height and width. A square photo will have the same dimensions all around. (Ex.: 2,000 pixels x 2,000 pixels or 3,500 x 3,500. NOT 2,000 x 3,500).
-Click “apply changes”

Resize Step 2Resize Step 3

-To make your image oval or circular for one of our “Frames Standard,” upload your image to Webresizer and select “Border.”
-Make sure you have selected the circular border option, not the square border option.
-Adjust the numbers in the box until your photo is a circle or oval. The dimensions required to turn your photo into a circle or oval will depend on the size of the image.
-Click “apply changes” 

-Now that your photo is the size and shape that you want click “download this image.”

More Helpful Tips: Your photos will print with more clarity the bigger they are. Always try to use the largest image available. And always upload your photo as a .PNG. These files work best in our design center and will help us print with the best quality!

-Back in the design center, select the “Upload Image” tab. From here, simply upload your new image and center inside the frame! Add any other art or text you like to finish your custom product!

Add the item to your cart and checkout! Be sure to check your inbox for a confirmation email and tracking number! Your customized item will be with you soon!

For more help on using our design center and uploading images, check out our FAQs and Helpful Info.

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2013 in Review: Best Moments Worthy of Custom Apparel

Time to say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014! But before we put on our party hats for 2014, let’s reflect on the moments of this past year that made us laugh or even shake our heads in disbelief. When these “love them” or “hate them” moments happened in 2013, you can bet we were right there offering shirts for you to customize because there is nothing like being the first to wear a new popular trend! To recap 2013, we’ve collected the five biggest moments that were popular enough to cause us (and you!) to base customized apparel and accessories off of.


Leave it to Miley to provide us with one of the most shocking moments of 2013. Her VMA performance made everyone well aware of what the term twerking meant, and it also made for some creative custom shirts!

Miley Twerking Costume

Custom Twerking Shirts

Hump Day

Unless it’s Super Bowl time, there is usually no excitement around commercials. But when the hump day camel arrived, everyone in the world couldn’t help but repeat the popular phrase, “Guess what day it is? Hump day!”

Hump Day Camel

Custom Hump Day Shirts


Every year it seems like there is an animal that is dragged out of obscurity and thrown into the spotlight. This year that animal was the sloth. Everyone couldn’t help but share photos and create funny sayings for sloths and they were popping up everywhere in the media. Just ask Kristin Bell how cool sloths are as she happily admitted how much she loves them!

Custom Sloth Shirts

What Does The Fox Say?

“Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!” Bet you didn’t know that’s what a fox says. The band Ylvis brought us the funny song and video, “What does the fox say,” in 2013 that let us to believe it could be as big as the “Gangnam Style” trend!

Custom What Does The Fox Say Shirts


When The Great Gatsby movie came out, it had everyone wanting to live the 1920’s lifestyle and party with Gatsby himself. Because of this, it was only natural for us to put some Gatsby designs on shot glasses and stylish apparel. After all, if we can’t party with the real Gatsby, we might as well have the next best thing!

Gatsby Movie

Custom Gatsby Shirts

These are just a few of the moments we have featured on our custom apparel from 2013. What trend or moment did we miss from this past year that you would have liked to see on a custom shirt or accessory?

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Customize Your Style Lookbook – Custom Apparel

Customize Your Style


High rise shorts
$32 –

Black handbag

Lips makeup

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Custom Apparel for Back to School

Whether you’re getting ready to head back to school or your kids are, there is excitement in the air about the upcoming first day of school. Well. Excitement might be a stretch because going back to school also marks the end of summer. However, with the school year ahead, there is still one thing that many look forward to! Back to school shopping!

It’s out with the old and in with the new! Make sure you don’t wind up with the same outfit as someone else on the first day by creating custom apparel for back to school. Customizing your clothes and other apparel gives you all the power to wear the designs you think are cool and set trends for others to follow. When people ask where you got that cute top, you can say with confidence you customized it yourself.

When personalizing your clothes with Customized Girl, you don’t have to settle for t-shirts and outdated looks because we carry the trendiest fashion tops! Put your designs on your favorite kind of apparel such as tri-blend tees, Alternative Apparel tops, flowy tops or dolman shirts that we have available for you to choose from.

While every girl needs a cute top for school, you don’t have to stop there! If you love being your own designer, keep customizing other back to school gear like shorts, pants, bags, phone cases and pretty much anything else you can think of! Now you can create your perfect outfits for class, sporting events, and even after school looks when you are just hanging out with friends! What item will you customize first?

Custom Senior Shirts
Custom Senior Shirts

Custom Kids Shirts
Custom Kids Shirts

Custom Football Girlfriend Apparel
Custom Football Girlfriend Apparel

Custom Trendy Apparel
Custom Trendy Apparel

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