Get Down and Dirty with Custom Mud Run Shirts

Love crawling beneath barbed wire? Maybe hopping over fire? What about mud? If you answered “yes” to all three then you are destined for a mud run. Unlike a traditional 5K or 10K, mud runs typically demand strength, coordination, and the ability to drop and do 20 burpees at any point in the race. Sounds fun, right? Hundreds of thousands of people participate in different versions of the classic mud run like the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder,  and Spartan Race. To make the event even more fun runners tend to team up with other runners and represent with custom mud run shirts!

Mud run shirts consist of hilarious yet punny names like pretty lil’ mudders and bad brother muckers. Choose a design from our gallery or design something completely unique.  Customized Girl offers a variety of apparel that is perfect for any runner’s style. Our performance wear enhances your ability to workout more effectively with breathable material and moisture wicking properties. It’s pretty much perfect for that thick mud and sweat combo you will be accumulating during the race. Go all out and customize socks and hats to show other runners your team doesn’t mess around.

Custom Mud Run Shirts

Do you need multiple item styles such as men and women’s shirts within the same order? First, choose an item and add your design and names & numbers that will be printed on that specific item. Then add it to your cart. Once in your cart, click the “copy design” button. This will take you back to the Design Center. Click the Swap Out Item tab, and choose your next item style. Go back to the Name & Number tab and enter all the names and numbers you want printed on that style. Click Add to Cart again, and you’re finished!

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Custom Mud Run Shirts

Running events are great, but nothing really beats a mud run! Why? Because it is all about getting dirty and having a good time, plus, it’s the only race where it doesn’t matter if you are first or last!

Mud races do have one unwritten requirement though, the custom mud run shirts! Besides actually participating in the race, this is the other half of the fun. For your next mud run event, get your team together to come up with a name and design for your mud run shirts. We make it easy and fun to create with our design center available right on our website!

Before you can create the design, you’ll need to pick out the shirt you are going to want to wear for the race. Here at Customized Girl, we want you to have a custom mud run shirt that is, well, made for a girl. Don’t settle for oversized, unflattering shirts elsewhere when we have customizable shirts that are going to be the right fit for you! The guys in your group will also be relieved to know they can find a perfect fitting shirt to match as well!

After you pick your mud run shirt and begin designing, you’ll love how easy our design center is to use. Everyone will enjoy the fact that as a group, you can have the same team look, but yet each person can add in his or her own personality to their own shirt. Experiment by adding in a small custom piece of art or a name and number to the back of your shirt! We’ve got your custom mud run shirt needs covered in just about everyway you can imagine!

Custom Mud Run Shirts

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