CustomizedGirl’s Twitter Update

Hey Customized Girl Fans!Just wanted to update you on a cool new feature that Customized Girl is offering to all of it’s fans and friends. As you all know Customized Girl is on Twitter and our fan base on twitter is growing rapidly. We are currently up to 460 followers and counting!Twitter is a great service for us. It allows us to stay in touch with all of the Customized Girl world, and for you it is also the place where you can find all of our best deals and specials. We also run really fun contests directly through twitter where we give away great prizes.In fact recently Customized Girl was featured on Twitter by TweetContest. We gave away a $100 gift certificate to the winner of the contest that we sponsored. The contest went so much better than expected. We gained a good amount of new followers on Twitter and we got to have some fun with the Twitter world participating in the fastest growing social networking sites online. We don’t have any plans set for now to sponsor another contest through TweetContest but we do plan on creating a lot more of our own Twitter Contests.If you want to see the all of the fun stuff that happened with Customized Girl’s TweetContest click that link.

Here is the video of the TweetContest people reviewing Customized Girl and they are also wearing the shirts that they made on Customized Girl for the video…they look great I might add.

Check out the latest and best CustomizedGirl Specials on our Twitter Account.If you haven’t joined Twitter. It’s Easy and Free and a lot of fun. Join the Conversation.Also. Be on the lookout for a great contest that we are going to be having on twitter. The Details will be arriving on CustomizedGirl’s Twitter Page within the next week. We’re giving away a great prize.

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