Charity Run Shirts

Increased awareness for any disease helps with early diagnosis. Early detection then leads to the appropriate treatment and services.  Raising funds go hand in hand when it comes to increasing awareness. That is why charity runs are such a huge success. People gather together to represent hope and support for all those affected by a disease either first hand or through someone they know. A great deal of planning is put into charity events and organizers have to consider every detail from the logo to the style and color of promotional materials. At Customized Girl, we understand the pressure to make a difference and have an impact on a cause that affects so many individuals. We want to help make your job easier with our custom charity run shirts!

We offer a variety of styles in apparel and accessories that include sizes for women, men, and children.  All our users have to do is simply upload an image or logo of the name of the event, cause, or charity and add it to any product. Customized Girl already has a gallery full of custom charity run shirts that can be a starting point for any cause or illness. After you pick your favorite charity run shirt, click the “start customizing this design now” pink button. From there you can customize the art, font, and text and even have the option to swap out the product color and style. Create a special, one of a kind design in remembrance for a loved one or customize designs for an entire group. With our no minimums and amazing group discounts, you can print as little or as many products that you want!

Like we mentioned before, with any life-changing disease there is an extensive amount of research that goes into treatments. Unfortunately research and clinical trials also require a great deal of funds to achieve results.  Marathons, auctions, and even small events like bake sales are only the tipping point to help fundraise for a cause. Customized Girl Storefronts are an easy way to raise funds for any non-profit organization. There are absolutely no start-up costs to open a storefront, nor will you ever pay a fee to maintain your storefront. Simply design the tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and accessories you’d like to sell for your organization, promote your storefront to volunteers and supporters, and collect the royalty earnings to use for upcoming events or general fundraising needs.

Interested in starting a storefront to spread awareness and raise funds for your cause? For more detailed information check out our storefront FAQ. Customized Girl would be more than happy to help assist your efforts by offering our marketing strategies and art assistance to achieve the ideal storefront.


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