50 Fabulously Unique Shoes

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has been designing clothing and shoes since he was in high school. As a student at the Parson’s School of Design, he won many awards, including Design Student of the Year. Now, Jacobs has his own line and has been outfitting Hollywood’s elite for over a decade. Here are some of his one-of-a-kind shoe designs.

  1. Mouse Flats: These shoes are simply adorable. The spotted material is eye-catching and versatile, and the leather accents make a cute little mouse face.
  2. Hot Ankle Boots: These dual-toned boots are extremely stylish. While it would be tough to describe them as timeless, they’re definitely trend setters. Pair them with shorts or a miniskirt to cash in on the full leg-lengthening effects.
  3. Scrunch Ruffle Boots: These creative leather boots resemble a small pouch or paper bag.
  4. Backward Heel Shoes: Much spirited debate has been sparked by these new shoes from Jacobs’ 2008 Spring collection. They’re definitely strange.
  5. Red Boots : Check out these fun boots loved by British model Kate Moss.


Fashion bloggers and style reporters have been all over the 2008 Spring shoe collection from Rodarte. Harsh, beautiful, and interesting, these shoes definitely have a style of their own.

  1. Studded Spiky Heels: This pair doubles up on two trends echoed throughout Rodarte’s 2008 Spring collection – studs and spikes.
  2. Blue Spiky Heels : Colorful heels that have been splashed across many a shoe blog.
  3. Zipper Heels : Clever and strappy, these shoes are made entirely from zippers!
  4. Studded Heels: These shiny studded heels are multitalented – they’re neutral enough to go with every outfit and bold enough to command attention.


LAMB is the signature fashion line designed by singer Gwen Stephani who is known in Hollywood for her extreme styles and risk-taking outfits.

  1. Oxford Pumps : Androgynous and tomboyish, these shoes are sexy pumps meet formal shoe.
  2. Zeyn : Slouchy boots that are casual and fun.
  3. Kraemer : Give your feet a present with this wrapped-bow design.
  4. Euclid: These platform, suede shoes will give you height.
  5. Crowther: Check out this pair of sophisticated lace-up boots for your dressy or formal outfits.

Chie Mihara

A Brazilian-born designer, Mihara began designing shoes when she was a teenager. When she hit 18, she moved to Japan for school and then to New York City to pursue school at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2001, she launched her own line and her style is both understated and funky.

  1. Novella Brown Multi Leather: These simple shoes utilize three different shades of leather for subtle accents.
  2. Ofelia – Viena Gray : Resembling an ankle boot, these grey numbers have very interesting lines and can be worn to both casual and dress up events.
  3. Sopa B: Mihara has taken a variation on the standard pump by adding a belt.
  4. Oda: You’ve got to love the bright blue heel and trim on these clunky, rounded-toe shoes.
  5. Olot : The bright red color of these pumps only enhances the design, bringing attention to the simple and elegant lines.
  6. Giacomo: Adventurous patent leather boots that utilize lots of color and textures.
  7. Jacob B : These amazing sandals are total throwbacks to the ancient days of Rome.

Manolo Blahnik

Any viewer of “Sex and the City” has certainly heard of Manolo Blahnik. Perhaps one of the most well-known names in the shoe design business, Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish designer who got his start with a small boutique headquartered in London. Since then, he has become one of the world’s premier designers, continuing his legacy of unique and groundbreaking shoe design.

  1. Feather Trim D’Orsay: A frilly shoe, light on material and strong on accents, the bright feather placed across the foot brings life to what might otherwise be a pretty basic shoe.
  2. Bandir : The Bandir is a sort of covered peep toe that almost resembles an ankle boot.
  3. Spring 2008 Collection: These are just a few designs from Blahnik’s Spring 2008 collection, which he has dubbed his “brutal shoes” for their harsh lines, stiletto heels, and sharp angles. The collection also features wild patterns and fabrics.
  4. Satin Buckle Sandal: This frisky, key lime sandal features a wide, funky buckle across the ankle.
  5. Scalloped Patent Sandal : An open toe sandal with a nude leather, this shoe wraps the foot creatively and lends height.
  6. Cutout Pump : One of his most versatile shoes, the cutout pump would be great paired with jeans, a sundress, or a suit.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman is a classy designer that specializes in adding flare to more traditional looks.

  1. Lingerie : The Lingerie Shoe is aptly named. A lacy, see-through shoe, Lingerie would do the trick in softening up the little black dress.
  2. Poof : Aspen ski bunnies (the anti-PETA kind) will want to snag a pair of these brown leather boots trimmed in rabbit fur.

Fun and Playful

Here’s some shoes by different designers that define spunk and spirit.

  1. Cherry Leopard Rain Boot: Rain galoshes from Chooka Boots that make a strong statement with the funky pattern.
  2. Sidewinder Black Love Kill: These slip-on sneakers from Ed Hardy are both cute and tough – perfect for an evening of live music.
  3. Black Velvet: Edoche Boots has come out with a high boot that would have definitely won points from Frida Kahlo.
  4. Houndstooth Yellow : Oh Deer! has made the quintessential shoe for the trends this season – a houndstooth body is accented by a bright yellow patent leather toe.

The Little Black Shoe

You have to have a little black dress, right? So it makes sense you’d have a little black shoe. Check out these versatile, yet interesting styles.

  1. Mabel : These ankle boots from Jeffrey Campell have an adorable collar and rounded toe.
  2. Jessie : Pedro Garcia brings us these calf-reach boots with folded and rumpled leather.
  3. Georgia: These flats are a campy and cute take on the classic Mary Jane.
  4. Grado : Baggy nylon booties that resemble a sophisticated winter jacket.

Concept Shoes

Some of the world’s most inventive minds have come up with these crazy shoes that are both impeccably crafted and functional.

  1. Keyboard Shoes: These funky sneakers from the Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition resemble a computer keyboard.
  2. MP3 Shoes: Take your music on the go – these concept shoes have speakers built in!
  3. Aphrodite Shoes: Designed for prostitutes who fear for their safety, these shoes feature a built-in cell phone with 911 on speed dial.
  4. Vacuum Shoe: While they have a pretty unattractive design, there is a vacuum cleaner built into the sole of these shoes.
  5. Carvahlo Shoes: Architect Gil Carvahlo released these futuristic-looking metal shoes in 2006 as a study on form and function.

Miscellaneous Must-Haves

Here’s a hodge-podge collection of shoes and shoe websites that are quirky and different.

  1. Punk Your Chucks : This artist-run site offers custom-painted Converse sneakers. Choose from one of the many existing designs or create your own. Definitely a little pricier than what you would expect to pay for a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, but still affordable.
  2. Your Kicks.net : Order a pair of slip-on hand painted sneaks on this site and guarantee that your pair will be one of a kind.
  3. Hand-tooled Slingback Wedge : These shoes are a definite throwback to the 1940’s, but updated and brand new.
  4. Nina Nude Python: These circa-1970s, snakeskin shoes have many features in style today, like their shimmering material and peep-toe.
  5. Garolini Slingbacks: Swirling slingbacks from the 70s that are fun, neutral and work-appropriate.
  6. Multi-Colored Flower Flats : These Prada sandals are comfy and sophisticated and would be great paired with jeans or linens.
  7. Red Fan Slingbacks : Christian Dior must have made these strappy heels with salsa dancing in mind.
  8. Black Camper Boots : These cute leather boots have an interesting flat sole and handles for easy transport.