August 2017 Selfie Instagram Winner!

Hip hip, hooray for our selfie winner for the month of August!

August 2017 Selfie Instagram Winner


Each and every month we are excited to scroll through all of our entries for our monthly selfie contest. The submissions we receive range in a variety of young to old and cute to inspirational. This month our winner is a fitness buff who inspires her followers to get fit and be healthy. For her entry she took a moment to sit back and reflect on a well deserved vacation and designed a custom sweatshirt to express her thoughts.  That’s what we are all about at Customized Girl and we love when customers can see the potential with custom apparel.

Make sure to share all of your custom apparel selfies via FacebookTwitter, or Instagram @customizedgirl! But first, make sure to follow us on Instagram and learn how sharing your selfie can earn you prizes!

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