Volunteering In Our Community – Giving Back With NNEMAP

As a small business, we understand the importance of connecting with others and making an impact, especially in the local community. With businesses and events starting to open up, we decided to return to our local food pantry, a cherished partner of ours, to help give back.

Recently, our employees spent their time volunteering with NNEMAP Food Pantry. They helped organize and pack nutritious food and other resources to give away for families in need. These items were donated by local churches, civic groups, corporate and foundation sponsors, and more.

Our volunteers shared their experiences:

Alyssa – “My time spent with NNEMAP Food Pantry was incredible. I was truly amazed at how organized and prepared they were. Every volunteer I worked with that morning was so friendly and helpful. I loved spending my Friday morning feeling like I’m making a difference and having fun while doing it! It was such a rewarding experience and I will definitely be returning soon.”   

Cindy – “After I left NNEMAP, I felt energized and wanting to do more. I enjoyed talking to the other volunteers, learning about the pantry, and the community. I’m excited for our next visit.”

Pictured below is a photo of the volunteers wearing shirts from our “Buy A Shirt, Buy A Meal” storefront. This storefront was created to help provide additional meals to families in need in the Columbus, Ohio area. All of the profit that comes from these sales will go directly to the NNEMAP Food Pantry to help keep their shelves stocked. This is such a fun way to give back and we encourage you to design your own tee from this storefront and help out the local community!

Giving back is such a fulfilling feeling and a great way to get to know your community. Whether you also decide to help out at a local food pantry in your area, or another organization that offers assistance to those less fortunate, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and give your time to those in need.

A big THANK YOU to NNEMAP Food Pantry for having us!

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