17 January 2012

Promo Codes for the Week of 1/16/12

Here’s a sale your Valentine will LOVE! Use code CG117 to save 14% on all of our intimates! Hurry this offer ends 1/23/12, 11:59 EST.  Shop all of our custom intimates today!

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13 January 2012

New Custom Cheer Shirts!

Check out our new custom cheer gear! This apparel is perfect for teams to wear during practice or cheer camp! Customize this Cool Stunt Bro tank, Eat Sleep Cheer tee, 360 Ball Up Tick-Tock tank, or Cheer zip up!

Browse all of our custom cheer apparel today!

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11 January 2012

New Mascot Art!

Show your team some love with our new mascot art! Check out all of our customizable mascot designs that are great for custom team apparel or as a gift!

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10 January 2012

Promo Codes for the Week of 1/9/12

Pick your favorite discount is back! Choose from $5 off your order of $25 or more with code CG110A or use code CG110B to receive 15% off of your order! Shop our custom Valentine’s Day apparel now! Offers end 1/16/12, 11:59pm.

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9 January 2012

Free Vector Art: Classic T-Shirt Art From Cowbells to Sunsets (Plus Actual Vector T-Shirts!)(And T-Shirt Icons!)


License: You are free to use these files in any way you wish, but please link back to CustomizedGirl.com.

Download Link: Classic T-Shirt Art


Today’s free vector pack is organized by theme: the classic pieces of art we constantly see printed on t-shirts, and the t-shirts themselves!  The t-shirts, by the way, come in two versions:  (a) realistic vectors with each shadow as a distinct, hand drawn vector shape and (b) simple icons that could be helpful in graphically distinguishing different t-shirt categories.

In fact, we developed those t-shirt icons to be used on our custom t-shirt landing page. We use those icons to link to the following t-shirt subcategories: Mens, Ladies & Girly, Youth, Infant, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Plus Size, Performance, Raglans, and Polos.

We are particularly pleased to share our art used for many of the best and funniest t-shirts printed over the last thirty years.  This art includes:

  • one red stapler
  • two versions of the Top Gun icon, each one allows for custom text
  • that’s how I roll: bowling ball
  • that’s how I roll: rolling pin
  • More Cowbell in a western font (with cowbell)
  • The Max logo from Saved By The Bell
  • two skulls
  • 70s style sunset with a yellow-to-brown gradation
  • art nouveau swirls
  • Callahan Auto Part logo from Tommy Boy
  • jagged stripes, similar to what Charlie Brown might wear
  • Thank You art, as seen on numerous plastic take out bags


This is an image of the entire vector pack:


Here is a close up of the t-shirt art section:


Here is a close up of the t-shirts themselves in vector form:


The art files are available in AI (Adobe Illustrator) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) formats. Please download them using the link below.


License: You are free to use these files in any way you wish, but please link back to CustomizedGirl.com.

Download Link: Classic T-Shirt Art




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6 January 2012

Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Show off your fashion savvy pet on January 14th to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Make your four legged friend the most stylish pet on the block with the help of Customized Girl’s adorable custom pet accessories! Check out our bandannas, puppy tees, doggie hoodies, and tons of collar bling!

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4 January 2012

Get This Look With Our Custom Zodiac Tank!


Show your sign with our custom zodiac tank! Customize this Junior Fit Racerback Tank to read any sign! Shop this entire look, and check out all of our custom  zodiac shirts!





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3 January 2012

Promo Codes for the Week of 1/2/12

Start your New Year’s resolution off right with custom active wear from Customized Girl! Use code CG13 and receive 15% off all active wear! Hurry this deal ends 1/9/12, 11:59 EST.  Shop all of our active wear designs today!

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