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Top 20 Botched Celebrity Plastic Surgeries – Updated

Hi everyone!

You used to be able to find a fairly lengthy article here about, you guessed it, botched plastic surgeries.

We added it to our site a long time ago. Back then, this kind of blog posting was very much in fashion. Everyone wanted to create easily digestable, clickable content. Some companies still do this. Sometimes the results are great, sometimes they are a little cringe inducing.

Well, we’ve done some growing up. We’re getting older. We launched Customized Girl in 2004. In terms of internet technology companies, we are ancient. In our old age, we’re starting to reconsider some of our old habits.

We’re also starting to think about our legacy and our future. Even though we’re old, we plan on being around for another 200 years.

What do we want to tell the world? What is our core message? What impact can we have?

The truth is this. We want to empower women. We want to create a place where women and girls can feel positive about themselves and the world.

We print custom apparel and accessories. It may seem pretty simple. But when you open our design center, type out a phrase, and a week later you are wearing that phrase across your chest, walking down the street, holding your head high… this can be powerful. Something bigger is at play. Something as simple as a custom sweatshirt or a custom crop top can be extremely empowering.

You know what is not empowering? Sitting in a chair, writing an article about a celebrity’s plastic surgery nightmare. We made a mistake by publishing this post. So we took it down.

We’re all learning and growing, right? Change can be a good thing. Progress can be a great thing.

Thank you for understanding.



24 thoughts to “Top 20 Botched Celebrity Plastic Surgeries – Updated”

  1. Yipes! What ever happened to growing old gracefully! This is disgusting.

  2. What did Mickey O’rourke do to himself? He used to be a very handsome man. He looks like he went through a windshield and has had mediocre reconstructive surgery. My God, He’s ruined himself.

  3. Hi. I came by to thank you for the inclusion, but got so caught up in this…otherworldly series of pictures and descriptions I almost forgot to do the thank you.

    What can I say, a few of those I knew about, but li’l kim? Oh, my God….

  4. I was definitely married to Elvis. Our daughter is Lisa Marie. You must be thinking of her.

  5. Dee, just to let you know Lisa Marie Presley is Elvis’ s daughter, Priscilla Presley is the wife.

  6. Priscilla IS his wife, Lisa Marie is his daughter. Heh…after seeing her on Dancing With The Stars I made a comment to my mom about how it looked like she had a little to much botox…and now this post…quite amusing…

  7. Wow! So much money spent to look so horrendous. Don’t these celebrities have a clue how awful they have made themselves appear? A few wrinkles never hurt a beautiful face…

    Sorry, Dee, but Priscilla was once Mrs. Elvis Presley. Lisa Marie Presley is his daughter.

  8. Is everyone here retarded? I think Dee gets the point by now. Stop repeating the same thing 40 times already!

  9. Nicole Ritchie? what ARE you smoking, Holly? she looks like a cracked twig…still, i suppose beauty, or the evident lack of it, is in the eye of the nutcase..

  10. So why is Nicole in this list called “Top 20 Botched Celebrity Plastic Surgeries”?, save her for the Anorexics edition.

  11. I think the older men get the sexier they look… I don’t mind a man with greying hair and a few wrinkles…

  12. I feel compassion for Jackie Stallone…..You were once an incredibly beautiful woman!And thanks for the lesson on vanity and where it can lead you!I pray you find peace with in yourself and have blessing of grand children who love you in spite of how you look!

  13. Mickey Rourke! Dude! What were you thinking?? I couldnt tell who was in that last photo!! OK, I’m not eager to get old either, but even if I HAD the money to waste, I wouldn’t want to look like some bizarre plastic person. How awful. I wish more people would realize that they’re just fine the way they are! People who don’t accept your normal appearance aren’t worth the effort of knowing. Yikes. Keep yourselves natural, people!!

  14. OMG! remind me never ever to touch my precious skin!! what were these celebrities thinking? gee, if this is their best i’d hate to see them first thing in the morning! UGH! i think us non-popular ppl have it way better than them. like the saying goes “Appreciate what you got and not what you don’t!”

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