Top 10 Cheers We Love to Hear!

Cheer season never ends. There’s always time to test out new cheers, right? But what cheers should they be practicing the most? Here are the top ten cheers that really get the crowd going!

Special thanks to all the cheerleaders who added their own ideas and to all those cheer moms ordering our custom cheer bags, shorts, and more.


10. “Be Aggressive”

Be aggressive

B-E aggressive!


Be aggressive!

9.  “Fight”

We’re gonna spell fight in a way that’s better
So when I say get on up, you just shout the letter,
Get on up, F,
Get on up, I,
Get on up, G,
Get on up, H,
Get on up, T,
What’s that spell?
What do we do?
One more time,

8. “You May Be Good At Football”

You may be good at Football
You may be good at Track
But when it comes to Basketball
You better watch your Back
Cardinals Attack!
(Stomp, Clap, Stomp Stomp, Clap, Stomp Stomp, Clap Clap, Stomp Stomp, Clap)
Repeat Once
Repeat Cheer and Stomp and Clap

7.  “Big G Little O

Big “G” Little “O”



6.  “Red Hot”

Our team is red hot,
Our team is red hot,
Our team is red hot,
Our team is r-e-d h-o-t.
Once we start, we can’t be stopped!
Let’s go, let’s go!

5. “Victory”


That’s the cardinal’s battle cry!

Victory, Victory, Victory!

4. “Super”

The S is for super and
The U is for united
The P is for perfection and you know we are excited
The E is for energetic and
The R is for Rad
so tell the other team
We’re the best and we’re glad!

3.  “Knock ‘em Down”

Knock ’em down
Roll ’em around
Come on defense work, WORK!

2.  “Hot to Go”


Triad Cards (clap)

Are hot to go


Hot to go


1. Any cheers by SNL’s “Spartan Cheerleaders” Spartan Spirit!

R.O.W.D.I.E. That’s the way we spell rowdy, rowdy let’s get rowdy. R.O.W.D.I.E. Spartan spirit! Spartan spirit! Spartan spirit!

So check us out. U.G.L.Y. you ain’t got no alibi. Your ugly, hey hey you’re ugly. K.I.N.G. You can’t take my king from me you’re ugly. Yeah yeah you’re ugly. Not cute. Spartan spirit, Spartan spirit.


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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Cheers We Love to Hear!

  1. Here’s one cheer:
    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire (what!)
    We don’t need no water let the (opposing team) burn!

  2. Here’s my cheer:
    Bulldogs are hot to go
    WHOOP hot to go!
    WHOOP WHOOP hot to go!

  3. Here is my cheer
    J-A-G-U-A-R Jaguar Jaguar YES WE ARE x2
    That Is My Cheer Hope U Liked It

  4. this is the jackets chear

    weve got that beat that jacket beat (pat,pat,clap,clap,snap,snap,clap,pat,clap,snap,pat,clap,bring hands together for a clap infront of ur stomach

  5. We are the best from the east to the west
    We are the team that don’t take no mess
    You like our style and you like the way we rock
    We are the team that can’t be stopped

  6. My cheer is : 1 we are the demons 2 a little bit louder 3 i still cant hear you 4 more more more

  7. 12345 my name’s (your name) and i say hi 678910 back it up and meet my friend. 12345 my name’s (their name) and i say hi 678910 back it up and meet my friend. (next is last person add more if you want) 12345 my names (others name) and i say hi 678910 back it up and thats the end.

  8. This is my cheer wwe got the beat we got that Panther beat it goes stomp stomp clap to beat to beat clap clap chest chest clap to beat to beat clap x2 break it down now (stomp stomp clap 1 2 3 stomp clap 1 2 3 stomp clap back stomp clap WORD!

  9. We are the Panthers and Can’t be beat beat we will never ever have to face defeat it goes go go fight fight win win fight fight go fight win figt go fight win

  10. Hey, hey you know what to do oh gotta rock with gold and jam with the blue! Go………. Wildcats!!!

  11. My favorite cheer is:
    Watch out (pause)
    We’re here (pause)
    And ready to cheer
    The blue, gold an white
    Are here to fight
    So yell with us these little words:
    Yell blue, gold and white
    Fight Spartans Fight
    Yell blue, gold and white
    Fight Spartans Fight!

    You can totally change the colors and mascot!

  12. Another awesome cheer is…
    People in the frount let me hear you grunt(turn towards game) people in the back show them were its at (turn back to stands and point at crowd) right here! People on the stands let me hear you clap your hands!

  13. i got one RED HOT 3 times
    The catz are what, red hot
    The catz are what, red hot
    spell it out now
    R-E-D hey hey hey hey H-O-T
    R-E-D and H-O-T
    RED HOT! 3x

  14. my cheer is:(baseketball)
    dribble it! pass it! we want! a baseket!
    ( when you say dribble it! you pat one thi thnen pat the other thi after that you turn to the right and clap 2 times)(when u say pass kit! you make a foldede *T* with your arms when u say pass only when you say it! you put your arms straight in front of u)(when you say we want! you cross your arms in front of you only when you say we when you say want! you uncross nyour arms and put them beside your chest)( when you say a basket! you put you arms the way your goal is and put your arms like you were going to shoot a baseket ball………..hope you liked kit ^^
    thank you sooooo much hope i when the prize.#late

  15. 1 we are the trojans, 2 a little bit louder, 3 I still can’t here you, we are number 1 ( repeat 4 times )

  16. My cheer is
    Get up get on your feet
    Get on get the Indian beat
    Get down we will defeat
    My team is sms

  17. mine is ….we strive for perfection without a doubt we strive for perfection hey check us out (clap clap)

  18. (2 people say) what do we do!
    ( the rest of the cheer team says) we win!
    Repeat 3 times
    (Than the hole team says) so whach your back!

  19. My cheer is — sit back and relax because the dolphins (team amscot) are here to show you that you aint got nothing on us you move like this you dance like this but in the end you squad anit SSSHHH (finger to the mouth )

  20. My cheer is:

    we’re perfect, we’re worth you suck and you deserve it!
    from the end to the beginning, in the middle we know who’s winning!

    whoop whoop I said slam it in the hoop hoop (x3) ahhhhhhhhh! wooh!

  21. Hey here is my chear . Hey Bulldogs you better walk away because us Devil dogs are here. To stay

  22. We’re the Panthers. A few of those cheers I recognized from some movies so…?. Anyways, I liked the last one.

  23. This is my cheer:

    Orange blue and a little white, M.H.S. is outta sight. GOOOOOOOOO LANCERS

  24. My cheer is hockey and i say,
    My name is … and you now what i got?
    (team) what do you got?
    (person)i’ve got a team that’s hotter than hot, batman and Superman
    (person) so can’t skate like (next person on my team)

    this is repeated about throughout my team or only a few people.

  25. This is another cheer for my team,
    Lets get physical, get down get rough get mean(say what) Lets get physical and roll right over that team. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LANCERS.

  26. You think you can step to us, yeah you know we run the show, so get off the court and take out your bows, now that we’re here you can go, if you don’t understand I can break it down for you, you couldn’t be a patriot if you wanted to

  27. My cheer is:

    (Captain)- Raiders (team mascot) girls are here to stay,
    (Team)- Raiders (team mascot) girls are here to play,
    (Team)- Big strong legs and big strong feet where the team that wont be beat,
    Gooooooooo Raiders (team mascot)

  28. my cheer is…
    Lets go pirates lets go! *clap clap* lets go pirates lets go! *clap clap* (x3)
    cheerleaders: shake your booty! *clap*
    footballers: What?
    cheerleaders: shake your booty! *clap clap*
    Footballers: what?
    cheerleaders: Jump *jump and turn around* shake your booty, jump jump *jump and turn around x2* shake your booty (x5) XD

  29. here is my cheer
    Roll it- And shake it!
    (Clap) Victory let’s take it! (Clap)
    You can change your moves around if you’d like!
    but here are the moves-
    (roll=roll hands
    Shake it= shimme forward
    Victory= make a “v” with your hands going up
    then clap in between for a beat
    Let’s take it!= low “v” with both hands
    And a finishing clap for the end

  30. You may be good at Football
    You may be good at Track
    But when it comes to Basketball
    You better watch your Back
    Cardinals Attack!


  31. My cheer is the Cookie Monster says that the tigers are the great big cookie at the top of the jar. The —————- are the crumbs at the bottom of the jar.

  32. The sky is blue the ocean blue , blue! blue! blue!

    B-L-U-E All the way to victory

    Blue is Our Spirit
    Blue is our spirit, White is our pride
    Put them together, Get blue and white!
    Any other blue chants I need help it color war

  33. Here is my cheer:
    California oranges
    Texas cactus
    We think.. your team .. needs a little practice
    Jump in the bathtub
    Pull out the plug
    There goes your team
    Glug .. glug.. glug..

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