Creative Ways To Announce You’re Pregnant with Personalized Maternity Shirts

The moment is here and you have a baby on the way! Now comes the time to share the news with the father of the baby and your friends and family. While giving the news to your loved ones can be nerve racking it should also be fun! To break the ice and bring some fun into the news, soon to be moms are getting creative with the ways they present the news. There are a lot of options, but one of the most popular ways to give the news is with personalized maternity shirts.

Say Hello to Baby

A lot of thought goes into picking the name of your baby, so once you finally have the perfect name for your child let everyone know what name you picked with a Say Hello to Baby shirt that you can quickly customize to the name you picked.

Say Hello To Baby

Bun in the Over

Everyone knows what this classic saying means. When you arrive to your next family get together see how long it takes mom and dad to notice they are going to be grandparents.

Bun In The Oven Maternity Shirt

Adding to the Family Tree

Family trees are a great way to see how a family has grown over the years and branched off. Now people will know you are adding a new branch to the family tree.

Family Tree Maternity Shirt

Baby on Board

Says it all!

Baby On Board Shirt

Special Delivery

The stork story is a well known tale in books and movies and an image that comes to mind for many when a baby is on the way.

Special Delivery Stork Maternity Shirt

Knocked Up

This is a funny way to let him know he is going to be a father. Easily change the name using our design center.

Knocked Up Maternity Tank

What personalized maternity shirts would you pick the make the announcement?

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