Get An A With Custom Back To School Apparel

Get ready for the best year yet with custom back to school apparel!


There are so many reasons why you should customize tees, jackets, bags and so much more for the upcoming school year. First off, it’s always easier when designing custom apparel from Customized Girl. You can customize our designs any way you’d like and create a design that’s totally unique to you.  This is the best way to guarantee you won’t be wearing the same outfit as anyone else at school.


Easily create a unified look for student activities, fundraisers, and sporting events. Personalize one of our existing designs to match your school name and colors or you can start with a blank design by adding your own idea, graphic or logo for a truly unique shirt. Our gallery is full of all your custom back to school apparel needs. Backpacks, letterman jackets, and hats – you name it and we’ve got it. Customized Girl even has apparel for your whole family to cheer you on from the stands!


No minimums and group discounts. Our “no minimum” policy is something we are quite proud of because very few custom apparel websites match us in this offer. Almost all of them have a minimum quantity of at least six on most of their items. This is because those sites will only offer screen printing as an option for those items. As soon as you add 6 items to your cart, group discounts automatically kick in.Unlike screen printers, they don’t have to be identical. Discounts are applied to any 6 items or designs. With every new item you add to your cart, the discount will get bigger, and the price will drop. Amazing, right?

Best, Year, EVER! Start the year off in style with custom back to school outfits & accessories sure to make varsity!

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Get Ready For A New Year With Custom Back To School Gear

The summer days’s are getting shorter and soon will be coming to an end. For most, this means that another school year is about to start. Whether this is your son or daughters very first year of school or it’s their senior year, Customized Girl has the perfect back to school gear to make this school year extra special and memorable.

Customized Girl offers a variety of products with designs ranging in sports, school clubs, and class 0f 2016 seniors. Create matching senior shirts for your daughter and her best friends or personalize a football  jersey to cheer on your son at those friday night games. We provide the majority of the design concepts in our gallery but the ability to customize any product is up to you. Add school colors, names, year, or whatever you want – the options are endless. First year at prom? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. After prom shirts, hats, sashes – you name it we’ve got it. Make sure to check out our custom prom bears. They are a big hit in the promposal departments.

Maybe it’s not a gift for your son or daughter. Get this school year started off right by getting your new teacher a personalized gift. We offer custom bags, mugs, and aprons that your teacher will surely appreciate.

Need help raising funds for a teams booster club? Learn how custom apparel storefronts for youth booster clubs and teams can help you this year. Or you simply don’t see a design concept in our gallery? Let us know or create your own custom apparel storefront and earn money for every design you sell!

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Back To School with Custom Backpacks

Summer’s almost over and the 2015 school year is about to start and what better way to make this year extra special than to have a Custom Backpack! Our Liberty Bags Backpack comes in 7 different colors including: black, red, hot pink, purple, navy, royal blue, and kelly green. They can easily fit all your back to school needs and more. Create your perfect pack by personalizing it to include dates, names, favorite animals, and anything else you can think of.

Custom bookbags make great gifts as well for teams, clubs, and organizations. Surprise your daughter and her best friend with matching best friend designs or help your son’s basketball team really stand out at the championship game. It’s all up to you! Custom bookbags are a unique and special way to make any event or year memorable.

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10 Statements From Saved By The Bell That Will Help You Get Through the School Year

“What I look like is not as important as who I am, Bubba.” – Jessie Spano

We all love fall fashion, the scarves, the boots and the cozy sweaters. And, of course, we especially love sloth shirts.  However, fashion isn’t all there is to you. Knowing and staying true to who you are will serve you well all year long, regardless of fashion trends.

The Sundaes

“Slater: You are a very strange person.

Screech: [flattered] Well, thanks for noticing.”

Screech is weird, but he’s right! It’s important to embrace your individuality. We each have something unique whether it’s a passion for stamp collecting, a strange talent for remembering dates or ability to tell a knock-knock joke at the drop of a hat. Join a new club or step up to lead one you were a part of last year to cultivate and grow those skills.

“Zack’s idea of a good education is sitting between a pretty girl and a smart nerd.” –Jessie Spano

Zack might be a funny loving goof ball but where would we be without Jessie’s insights? She’s right – Zack never saw school as more than a way to fill time between weekends. But at least he know what his priorities are, right? Take the time to write down your three or four top priorities for this school year, or for this business quarter.

“Slater: Hey, mama, wanna have a burger with a real man?

Jessie: Sure, I’ll go find one.”

Don’t settle – not for friends who treat you badly and not for boys who seem to think that a burger at the Max is a good as it gets.

I have a map of every mall from here to Tijuana.” – Lisa Turtle

Like Lisa, it pays to be prepared. It might be just thinking about what you want from the mall or -gasp- actually studying for that exam but a little foresight never hurt anybody.


Go to class, learn something.” – Mr. Belding

You gotta show up – to class, to the awkward dorm mixer, to the football game. Making friends in a new environment isn’t easy but you have to put yourself out there. Introduce yourself to a new person a week. And it does get easier with practice.

So many boys, so little time.” – Kelly Kapowski

Just like Kelly, we all need a little spunk for life. Whether it’s taking on a new project at work, or jumping into an accelerated class, or joining a new club, there is always a new opportunity to put yourself out there and grow.  Try taking on a new experience this month.  Sign up for a class you’ve been putting off, or talk to someone you’ve been putting off for a while.

“Zack, I am not a matador so take the bull outside.” – Mr. Belding

Mr. Belding always had a quick comeback to the stunts the gang was always trying to pull. Being quick on your feet will help you handle life’s little hiccups with easy and a sense of humor.

Yeah, ‘I have all these problems and there’s no-one ever there for me. I talk and talk and talk but no-one ever listens.” – Lisa Turtle

Lisa certainly isn’t ever short on words. Despite that, we all have time when we don’t feel heard. It doesn’t hurt to be like Lisa, not afraid to talk about what’s going on with your gang of good friends.

“You know, I’ve finally found out the best thing about high school, once you graduate you don’t have to come back.” – Zack Morris

Enjoy yourself while you can – life doesn’t slow down!  Don’t get too focused on what’s next in your life; take time to enjoy where you are now, and make memories that you’ll always look back on.

10 Statements from Save By The Bell

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Custom Apparel for Back to School

Whether you’re getting ready to head back to school or your kids are, there is excitement in the air about the upcoming first day of school. Well. Excitement might be a stretch because going back to school also marks the end of summer. However, with the school year ahead, there is still one thing that many look forward to! Back to school shopping!

It’s out with the old and in with the new! Make sure you don’t wind up with the same outfit as someone else on the first day by creating custom apparel for back to school. Customizing your clothes and other apparel gives you all the power to wear the designs you think are cool and set trends for others to follow. When people ask where you got that cute top, you can say with confidence you customized it yourself.

When personalizing your clothes with Customized Girl, you don’t have to settle for t-shirts and outdated looks because we carry the trendiest fashion tops! Put your designs on your favorite kind of apparel such as tri-blend tees, Alternative Apparel tops, flowy tops or dolman shirts that we have available for you to choose from.

While every girl needs a cute top for school, you don’t have to stop there! If you love being your own designer, keep customizing other back to school gear like shorts, pants, bags, phone cases and pretty much anything else you can think of! Now you can create your perfect outfits for class, sporting events, and even after school looks when you are just hanging out with friends! What item will you customize first?

Custom Senior Shirts
Custom Senior Shirts

Custom Kids Shirts
Custom Kids Shirts

Custom Football Girlfriend Apparel
Custom Football Girlfriend Apparel

Custom Trendy Apparel
Custom Trendy Apparel

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Make Custom Back-to School Apparel at Customized Girl!

Back-to-school is right around the corner, which means that it’s time to do some back-to-school shopping! Make it easy on yourself this year by getting custom apparel at Customized Girl! You can customize our designs any way you’d like, creating a design that’s totally unique to you. Plus, you can get 15% off your back-to-school order by using code BTS12 at checkout!

We built a special page on our website just to help out folks looking for a Back-to-School Sale. Check it out and you’ll find Lookbooks for all kinds of  shoppers. The Lookbooks include:

  • trendy styles to wear to class
  • cool clothes for little kids
  • custom apparel for fans of cheerleading, football, and dance
  • designs for Seniors (2013!) and freshmen

We’d like to take a moment to give a special shout out to deviant artist Lady-Himiko. She provided the notepaper background element we used on our Back-to-School page. Paired up with our blackboard background, we thought it looked pretty cute. Thanks so much, Lady-Himiko, for providing cool graphics for all to use!

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