New Year, New Cheer Gear

A new school year is about to begin and that can only mean one thing: new year, new cheer gear!

Each and every year, cheerleaders are the looking for the best and fiercest apparel to represent their squad on and off the field. Customized Girl is excited to bring new additions to our already expansive custom cheer apparel and we hope you’re just as excited!

This year we’ve introduced all over print options for more tees, tanks, sports bras, and elbow sleeves. Easily create matching designs for special events and fundraisers or that one unique design that shows off your love for cheer. Our gallery is full of cute, funny, and one-of-a-kind designs that are ready for your to customize with your name, year, and school colors. Have a particular slogan or saying in mind? Start fresh with a blank item and create a design that no one else will have. Customized Girl offers full color printing and no minimums. This means you can create one item or  multiple designs for you and your whole squad! A bulk discount is automatically applied when you order 6 items or more.

New gear doesn’t mean we got rid of the classics! Custom cheer bags are always a huge hit with our customers and we do our best to keep expanding options for you to choose from. Gemline, Nike, and Nfinity are just some of the great brands we carry but there are dozens of styles for you to put your custom design on.


Cheer Gear

What will you design? Share your pictures with us via social on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @customizedgirl!

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Custom Cheer Gear for your Cheerleader

Football season has begun! That means we need to bring the spirit and the cheer to each and every game with custom cheer gear. Customized Girl has some of the best and trendiest cheerleading designs on the market. Every design can be personalized with your cheerleaders name and customized to a custom cheer shirt,  custom cheer sweats, or custom cheer bags. The possibilities are endless!  Make matching friend designs or a simplistic design for the entire team. Customized Girl design center makes it easy to to switch out art, fonts, and colors to make your apparel really stand out against the competition.

We would love to hear what some of your favorite cheer sayings or slogans are! Some of our personal favorites include:

Bows Over Bros

Put a ring on it!


The Bigger the Bow the Better the Stunt

Fear the Bow

I Like Big Bows and I Cannot Lie

Do you think you have some great ideas for custom cheer apparel? Do you need a new and effective way to raise money for your cheer team? Customized Girl storefronts are a great way to fundraise for a trip to Worlds and a creative way to put your favorite sayings on your cheer gear!

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Customize a Toddler Cheer Dress for your Favorite Little Cheerleader!

We’ve recently added a custom toddler Cheerleading Dress to our collection of custom toddler apparel! Gift your little sweetie a custom cheer dress for her birthday or create the CUTEST Halloween costume out there! Customize a toddler cheer dress for her to wear to all of the games and help cheer on the family’s favorite team!

Custom Toddler Cheer Dress

A bulk discount is automatically applied when you order 6 items or more. Customize toddler Cheerleading Dresses for the whole little squad this year! They’re sure to be adorable, b-e adorable on the sidelines!

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Custom Cheer Shirts

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New Custom Gym Bags!

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Custom Cheer Shirts

Every cheerleader has spirit, but do they have the right cheer gear? There is of course the uniform, which every cheerleader could live in, but it’s probably not the best idea and doesn’t really count. So, there needs to be other options available when you are not in uniform and we have those options for you to choose from!

Customized Girl has some of the best cheer designs you will find like, “Bows Before Bros,” “Hit it Again,” and “Fear the Bow!” These designs get you in the right frame of mind before every event and you can customize each one too! Are you the cheer captain or maybe a flyer in the group? If so, add these titles to your custom cheer shirt or customize your own designs with your team colors and mascot! Once the squad sees you wear these cute, yet powerful cheer shirts at practices and competitions, they will probably want one themselves. When that happens, why not create a look for the entire squad to reflect the attitude and spirit you portray at every event?

Since cheerleading is a year round sport, you’ll need custom cheer shirts for all the different seasons! Create cheer sweatshirts and cheer hoodies for the fall and winter months while still having cheer shirts and cheer tank tops for the spring and summer season!

Right around this time last year our Bows Over Bros design started blowing up on Tumblr. The person who originally posted that image on Tumblr didn’t link to that Bows Over Bros Crop Top in our gallery, but luckily for us, there is a big banner in the corner that says “For Sale on Customized Girl”. We hope all who sought it out were able to find it! All you need to do is go to Customized Girl and search “bows over bros

Comment below and let us know what your cheer shirt would say!

Bows over bros cheer shirt

Check out these cheer designs!

Custom Cheerleading Tees

Like a design in the above image? Click the links below to see them on a shirt.

Fear The Bow

Cool Stunt Bro Hit It Again


Harrisburg Cheerleading Amanda

We’ve Got The Drive For It We Live & Die For It

Tallons High Cheer Squad

I Cheer For Wildcat Country

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Customize Your Cheer Music

This blog post is for all of our cheerleaders, cheer moms, and cheer coaches. We know how every detail matters when it comes to competitions and games. If you care about your routine music as much as you care about the bags and shirts that you make on our site, then we’ve got a website for you. Custom Cheer Mix is a service website where you can have custom mixes created for your squad.

The Custom Cheer Mix website provides users with a wide variety of information dealing with music mixes and routines. They supply users with some unique tools to help them to not only choose their music, but to also help in the routine creation. The routine counter supplies music samples of the different beats per minute, as well as, the 8 count for each number of beats per minutes.  Already created the routine? Custom Cheer Mix can create music to match your routine based on the 8 counts you are using.

So whether you are looking for a custom music mix now or for the future, you have got to check this site out.


Update 1/31/12: Here’s a preview of this season’s most popular custom cheer shirt! Join the craze and order your very own Cool Stunt Bro Hit It Again Shirt today!

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