Volunteering In Our Community – Giving Back With NNEMAP

As a small business, we understand the importance of connecting with others and making an impact, especially in the local community. With businesses and events starting to open up, we decided to return to our local food pantry, a cherished partner of ours, to help give back.

Recently, our employees spent their time volunteering with NNEMAP Food Pantry. They helped organize and pack nutritious food and other resources to give away for families in need. These items were donated by local churches, civic groups, corporate and foundation sponsors, and more.

Our volunteers shared their experiences:

Alyssa – “My time spent with NNEMAP Food Pantry was incredible. I was truly amazed at how organized and prepared they were. Every volunteer I worked with that morning was so friendly and helpful. I loved spending my Friday morning feeling like I’m making a difference and having fun while doing it! It was such a rewarding experience and I will definitely be returning soon.”   

Cindy – “After I left NNEMAP, I felt energized and wanting to do more. I enjoyed talking to the other volunteers, learning about the pantry, and the community. I’m excited for our next visit.”

Pictured below is a photo of the volunteers wearing shirts from our “Buy A Shirt, Buy A Meal” storefront. This storefront was created to help provide additional meals to families in need in the Columbus, Ohio area. All of the profit that comes from these sales will go directly to the NNEMAP Food Pantry to help keep their shelves stocked. This is such a fun way to give back and we encourage you to design your own tee from this storefront and help out the local community!

Giving back is such a fulfilling feeling and a great way to get to know your community. Whether you also decide to help out at a local food pantry in your area, or another organization that offers assistance to those less fortunate, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and give your time to those in need.

A big THANK YOU to NNEMAP Food Pantry for having us!

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Tie-Dye Shirt Contest! Get Creative & Design Your Own For A Chance To Win!

If you thought the tie-dye trend was over, think again. In a time of uncertainty, now more than ever, we crave a source of comfort. Tie-dye has that nostalgic element and brings us back to our more innocent memories of childhood. Even so, there are new ways to reinvent tie-dye in 2021, like our new Unisex Dream Tie-Dyed Tee! It fits like a dream and feels like one too! Available in 3 different colors, sunset, purple dream, and lemon lime, it’ll be your new favorite to wear all summer long. 

To celebrate this product launch, we are holding a Tie-Dye Tee Contest on our Instagram page! Win a FREE Tie-Dye Dream Tee with your own customized design just in time for #NationalTieDyeDay on April 30th!


  1. CUSTOMIZE Select our Dream Tie-Dyed Tee on CustomizedGirl.com and use our design center to customize any way you’d like. (choose any color)
  2. SHARE Save your design & share it by taking a screenshot and posting to your Instagram story or feed. Make sure you tag us @CustomizedGirl
  3. WIN We will select one winner. If you win, we will print your shirt and ship it to you!

Winner will be announced 4/8/21 @ 12pm on the post and the winner will be contacted via DM.

We hope you have fun designing and getting creative with us! Stay tuned for more product launches and giveaways just in time for summer. ☀️

5 Events That Tie-Dye Shirts Would Be Perfect For:

  1. Sports Teams. Starting a new volleyball league this summer? Customize tie-dye tees with your team’s name & number and have the coolest uniforms in the league!
  1. Family Reunions. Every generation loves tie-dye so why not customize tees to wear for the next family reunion?! These shirts make a great keepsake for years to come!
  1. Charity Events. You’re sure to stand out and bring awareness to your charity with custom tie-dye tees with colors that pop!
  1. Summer Days and Holidays! Fourth of July screams red, white and blue tie-dye. Customize your own patriotic tee to show off your American pride! 
  1. Parties. Get matching tie-dye tees for bachelor/ette parties or for your birthday party event! No matter the occasion, your group will love these bright and festive party shirts!

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Top 10 Fall Sports Designs

2020 has been one heck of a year! We’ve all gone on a roller coaster of disappointments and surprises that will surely sear the memory of 2020 into all of our brains for years to come. One of the biggest disappointments was the cancelation of sports across all kinds of arenas, pun intended.

Even though most of us are learning virtually, we want to keep that school spirit alive. Here’s our top 10 list of fall sports designs that will show we never lose our sporting spirit.

#1 Custom Football Team Letterman

The classic and simple football letterman design

#2 Marching Band Mom Custom Masks

Check out our awesome selection of custom masks with designs for marching band and tons of other school groups.

#3 Cross Country School Fan

Add your school or team name. Perfect for those chilly morning runs!

#4 Custom Soccer Team Name Bag

This bag will even carry your soccer ball with you! Customize with your team name and jersey number.

#5 Your School Volleyball Tights

Customize these tights with your school or team name. Wear them for warmups or during practice!

#6 Personalized Tennis Mom Apparel

Tennis moms are important too! Customize this design for the biggest cheerleader in your family.

#7 Field Hockey Chicks Top

Stay warm while looking cool on the field with this fun field hockey design.

#8 Happy Camper Flannel

We know camping isn’t technically a sport, but it’s definitely best in the cool and crisp fall air.

#9 Football Mom Shirt Heart

Football just wouldn’t be great without the football moms cheering on their players.

#10 Fantasy Football Loser Unicorn

Even if most sports are canceled, our fantasy teams can still lead us to victory….or defeat if you suck at fantasy football like me.

If you are lucky enough to attend sports this year, make sure to do so safely! Personalize one of our custom face masks with your favorite team or player and practice social distancing. We’re all looking forward to getting our fall sports back as soon as possible!

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Storefront Spotlight – Back 2 School with BRAYLON!

We love seeing the creativity that all of our storefront owners use to make their own original designs. Occasionally, we highlight one of these storefronts to show great examples of how our storefronts can be used to raise awareness, share a feeling, spread a vibe, or whatever else you want to communicate with the world.

Today we’re sharing a super creative and thoughtful storefront run by 7-year-old Braylon! Braylon, with the help of his MOM-ager, Felicia, decided he wanted to make designs for his virtual back-to-school experiences this year. Here are just a few of his awesome hand-drawn designs!

1st Day Of School Outfit

Braylon’s got it figured out. With so many schools going virtual this year, why not swap out those fancy dress clothes for these super comfy and fun pajamas on the first day of school? No need to carry your custom backpack either when all your classes are in the same room, so put the backpack on your shirt instead!

School Rocks! Sweatshirt

Half of everything is the mindset. This design guarantees you’re starting off with a positive vibe by declaring ‘Virtual School Rocks’! Braylon’s awesome hand-drawn guitar that he uploaded in our design center matches the custom text on this design perfectly. He’s sure to rock all year long.


You can’t wear the same pair of custom pajamas all week long, so why not make a second pair declaring how much you LOVE virtual school! I know working from home has provided us the same wardrobe options. Braylon shares his excitement for his new school dress code with an adorable eye heart emoji he drew himself!

Roarin’ Tshirt

Braylon keeps the energy high with his designs, which is just what some of us need when things get tough. Keep that dinosaur energy strong with this awesome ‘Roarin’ into Virtual School’ design. Show no fear with that dinosaur spirit we all have buried deep down. Thanks to Braylon, we can harness that monster confidence.

We’re always looking for the next stand-out storefront on Customized Girl. We love seeing everyone’s awesome and creative designs just like Braylons! Whether you’re uploading your own hand-drawn artwork to custom tees and custom hoodies or working solely with the tools we provide in our design center, our custom Storefronts are a great way to make extra cash and share your creativity with the world!

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Custom Shirts For Small Business

When it comes to designing custom apparel for your small business, there’s no shortage of companies that can make that happen. How does any on-demand printing company stand out? At Customized Girl we understand small business because we are one. Despite our size, we guarantee all the functionality and ease of use you would expect from a large corporation, with the personal attention and commitment to quality only a small business can provide.

As a small business owner, you’re busy handling every aspect of your company. Chances are you run the register, manage the books, and innovate all on your own. In a small business, your time is precious. We understand that. That’s why Customized Girl offers a huge selection of templates for you to start your designs with. Save time designing your apparel by customizing our pre-made designs.

Maybe you want to start a design from scratch anyway, or you already have a design you want to use and just upload your logo to a shirt and go. Our design center is arguably the easiest design center on any custom shirt site. With just a few clicks you can upload your company logo or shirt design, add it to your shopping cart, and check out. Starting from scratch is also a breeze. Start with any blank apparel on our site, then add whatever text or art you want. Our huge library of free clipart is sure to have just what you need for your design.

When it comes to small business finances, one word stands out more than anything else, affordability. Customized Girl offers some of the most competitive pricing across all on-demand print sites. As soon as you add 6 or more items to your order our group pricing automatically kicks in. The best part is the more you buy the higher your discount becomes, up to 72% off!

With Customized Girl, you really are getting the best that an on-demand custom apparel printing company can offer. Individualized attention on every order that comes through our system, all-inclusive pricing, no minimums, full-color vibrant printing, and a huge selection of affordable styles.

So what are you waiting for small business owner? We know your time and money are important, save both when you customize your apparel at CustomizedGirl.com

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Top 5 T-Shirt Design Tips

Designing t-shirts, while fun, can sometimes seem daunting. You want your shirts to look good but maybe you’re just not sure where to start. We’ve rounded up these 5 simple tips to help your t-shirt designs reach the pinnacle of quality! Here are our Top 5 T-Shirt Design Tips.

1. Keep It Simple

Good t-shirt design starts with a simple message. Big bold text that’s easy to read from a distance is key when designing shirts. Also, if you’re using art on your shirts make sure the art looks good. Like the text, your artwork should be readable from a distance and not confuse the person who’s looking at it. Finally, don’t use too much text in your design. You’re making a shirt, not writing a novel. Make your statement in as few words as possible.

2. Consider Your Colors

When you’re working on your designs, it’s important to consider the colors that you’re using. Your design should ‘POP’ off the shirt and catch the viewer’s attention. Using garment colors that are similar to the colors in your design (color on color) will lessen the effect of your print or make it impossible to see. Simple color theory, contrasting colors, complementary colors, etc., can make a huge difference in your design. Try experimenting with the colors in your design!

3. Scale & Size

What does scale & size mean? Basically, it means your design should be proportionately sized on the shirt and centered or balanced. Avoid stretching and distorting your image to make it fit. A properly sized, scaled, and centered design is your ticket to awesome tees.

4. Quality Uploads

The best part of on-demand direct to garment (DTG) printing is the ability to easily print beautiful, vibrant, full-color photos on to almost any kind of shirt. That is, as long as you’re using large high-quality images in your designs! Try to avoid low pixel count, blurry, or generally poor quality images when making your shirts. They’ll look equally low quality once they’re printed! We recommend at least a 1000×1000 pixel upload when using your own artwork, logo, or photograph.

5. Fabric Matters

When you’re choosing which shirt to get your print on, take some time to read the product information. 100% cotton produces the best prints, it’s the fabric that most inks are designed for. However, if you want something that’s a little more comfortable and you’re willing to sacrifice a little vibrance with your print, a tri-blend tee may be what you’re looking for. We use filters in our design center to simulate how your image will print, so if it looks faded when you’re designing, expect it to look faded when it arrives!

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Your Words, Your Message

The beauty of on-demand custom printing is the ability to print any message in any quantity for any person or group. You’re not stuck with 600 shirts that all say the same thing. You can make 600 different shirts for 600 of your closest friends and family with unique messages on each one! That’s what truly separates us from other custom apparel printers.

This leads us to a question; what is your message? Is there a political issue on your mind? Are you wanting to stand up for social justice? Maybe you just have a really funny idea for a novelty shirt, or you want to share some inspirational quotes with those around you. Whatever your message may be, we are here to help you spread that message. Put it on a shirt, mug, hat, or bag and show the world your words.

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Amy Poehler Wine Country

Make Custom 50th Birthday Shirts, Like Amy Poehler & Maya Rudolph Wear in Wine Country

Got a big birthday coming up or know someone with a birthday coming up? Celebrate like Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph do in their new Netflix original movie: Wine Country. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ll give you a little rundown. Six ladies come together to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday in Northern California AKA Wine Country. A lot of wine is consumed, and a lot of futures are questioned. Exactly the way a 50th birthday should be done.

As you know, we love custom t-shirts and we couldn’t help but notice that their group of friends wore a pretty awesome set. These shirts were a striking purple color with big, bold, yellow text that read “The big 5-OH!” If attention is what you’re going for, this look is for you. 50 is a big milestone, you should definitely flaunt it. Feeling inspired? We created a few similar to the one Amy Poehler is wearing.

Thinking this shirt would be *perfect* if you could add your own custom element to it? We’ve got you covered. Anything on our site is customizable – just choose a design and then click “Customize This Design”. You’ll be able to add even more text and choose from a huge selection of art. If you’ve got a big group coming out, names and numbers on the backs of the shirts might be a special touch. Add a custom date to the t-shirt and make it one for the books. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re not digging the whole “bold yellow text on deep purple shirts” aesthetic, check out our other 50th Birthday T-Shirt Design Templates here. We have some cleaner styles too, more blacks and greys and metallic golds.

(You can even upload the birthday girl’s face and we’ll cut out the background and print it on a bunch of shirts for you!)

Or if you’d rather just start from scratch, you can see all of our Custom T-Shirt options here.

Remember: anything you see, you can tweak to your liking. See a funny design on a tank top, but really wish it was on a t-shirt? Just use the swap tab in our design center to make it happen. You only turn 50 once, OWN IT!

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Custom All Over Print Apparel

Ever wanted to wear what you love all over your body? Here’s your chance! Customized Girl is excited to announce the addition of our custom all over print apparel.

This new and exciting printing process allows users to print designs from edge-to-edge. You can even upload your own high resolution images straight from your phone. Create a design just on the front of the item or from front to back. Make sure to use both the front tab and back tab in our design center to get that “all over” look!

How is this possible? Your design is printed onto a sheet of special paper and transferred onto your apparel using heat and pressure. The ink then sublimates into the polyester fibers of your item producing beautiful, vibrant, and full color artwork.  With that being said, it is important to note that prints to do tend to shift. This can cause some white creases where the item doesn’t lay perfectly flat. This particular area is generally around edges, seams, and collars. For information and to see all over print in action – check out our video below!

Our current list of all over print apparel doesn’t just include tees, tanks, and crop tops but also aprons, pillowcases,  phone cases and it doesn’t end there. This is just the beginning! Customized Girl is continuously searching and testing the trendiest products to offer to our customers. Take any design from our gallery or start with a blank item. We offer hard to beat no minimums and generous group discounts that allows our customers to create matching shirts for an entire team or that one perfect design.Custom All Over Print ApparelThe possibilities are endless with custom all over print apparel and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!  Show us your all over print designs and how you incorporate them into your everyday life by sharing your pictures with us via social on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! @CustomizedGirl


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Custom Shirts To Wear All Year Round

Attending a special event? Participating in a fundraiser? Or are you a fashionista who simply wants to stand out from the rest? Custom shirts is the ultimate answer to all of these situations and so much more. There are so many reasons to design a one of kind shirt that it is almost more difficult to think of a reason not to. It’s surprising how easy it is to have an idea and put it on to custom apparel. Many may think designing a custom shirt is difficult or time consuming but we are here to assure you that it is not.

Customized Girl uses state-of-the-art digital printers, which means we offer no minimums and full-color printing. We use a variety of decoration methods and none of them require a minimum order. We don’t screen print on shirts and tanks, which means there are no set-up fees and you have no limitations in the amount of ink colors in your design. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t awesome for group orders. As soon as you add more than 5 items in your cart, group discounts automatically kick in. The more you add, the higher the discount. At 48, you will see a 50% discount on our most popular items. Our pricing is more competitive than any other online retailers and you are getting precisely what you designed on the exact item that you wanted.

Our skilled design team adds countless amounts of new art every single day that then are transferred on to the most amazing designs that are readily available for you to customize. While we do our best to stay on top of the trends, the majority of our designs are geared towards sports teams, business, military, and charity events.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in our gallery let us know! Our team will whip up art or a design that will be so incredibly unique that you will not be able to find it anywhere else.

At Customized Girl, we pride ourselves on providing our customers top rate products. This involves our four main areas where we try to exceed your expectations: Art, Print, and Item Quality. We are constantly testing and adjusting everything: ink settings, opacity settings, humidity settings, and more. In the end, this means that our final product is outstanding. With that being said, we completely understand if your overall design did not meet your expectations. If you are not happy with your finished product let us know because Customized Girl wants to make sure you achieve your ideal design.

We aren’t just limited to t-shirts.  Here’s a small list of other products we offer:

Custom Tank Tops

Custom Crop Tops

Custom Underwear

Custom Hoodies and Sweatshirts 

Custom Jackets

Custom Hats

Custom Swimsuits

Custom Socks

Custom Bags

Our design center makes it easy and simple to transfer an existing design from a shirt or tank top onto matching accessories like a sweatshirt, hat, socks, or bag. Lacking creativity or designing just isn’t your thing? Our customer service would be more than happy to assist you because nothing makes us more pleased than satisfied customers.

Haven’t been able to find that hilarious ugly Christmas sweater from last year? Want to show support for your significant other in the military? What are you waiting for?! Custom shirts are the answer to all your problems.  Start designing!

Is designing custom apparel a passion of yours? Then take a look at our custom apparel storefronts and how you can earn money for every design you sell!



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