The Best St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and you don’t want to be caught without your green apparel! Finding the perfect St. Patrick’s Day shirt can be tricky and you want to make sure it sends the right message. Bar crawling or simply watching the fantastic parades, whatever your objective may be this year, Customized Girl has the perfect St. Patrick’s Day shirt for you. We’ve put together our favorite designs to help you find the ideal and most unique St. Patty’s shirt!

What is St. Patrick’s Day without a little hair holding?

Classic but to the point.

Join the green side.

Be green and trendy.

Be a mean, green, emoji machine!

Lassies, laddies, and shamrocks, clovers, and green beer!

Just kiss me!

Really dazzle in this metallic gold tank top.

Be extra super with this trendy billboard jersey.

Let everyone know that you are each other’s lucky charms!

Customized Girl proudly offers the trendiest green apparel online and the most talented designers that are constantly adding new art to our gallery to help you create the perfect St. Patrick’s Day shirt no matter what reason you may be celebrating this year. Our St. Patty’s art can be used for St. Patrick’s Day running shirts or even rhinestone art for  St. Patrick’s Day rhinestone shirts for the ladies who really want to bling out. Even if you have to work this holiday, we have great St. Patrick’s day business shirts that we guarantee you will not find anywhere else!

Looking for a St. Patrick’s Day shirt but lack the creativity to come up with a unique design? Don’t worry! We know every guy and gal has their own style so we make sure to keep a wide selection of shirts that any design can be added to. Take any design from our gallery and easily swap out the product to whatever style you like best. It’s as simple as that! You can even easily create matching accessories by taking your favorite design and adding it to socks, scarves, hats, and bags.

Need something extra unique or a large order for your group this year? Let us know and we’d be more than happy to help you achieve the design you are looking for!


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New Art for Custom St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

Parades, marathons, or drinking green beer – St. Patrick’s Day has many reasons to celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day is associated with everything Irish: shamrocks, luck, and anything green and gold. With that being said, March 17th is the one day to wear all things green. What you wear on St. Patrick’s Day can say a lot about you as a person and your personality. Finding the perfect St. Day Patrick’s gear can be time consuming and a piece by piece process. Stop your searching because Customized Girl has all your St. Patrick’s Day needs from your head to your toes.

Customized Girl offers the trendiest in not only the product styles but also with art. We have added new art to our gallery this year to create the perfect St. Patrick’s Day shirt no matter what reason you may be celebrating this year! Beer, bows, and clover text art are just a few new additions. We have a large gallery of art that would work for St. Patrick’s Day running shirts or even St. Patrick’s Day rhinestone shirts for the ladies who really want to bling out. Make your statement this year by customizing your very own design!

Do you love St. Patrick’s Day as much as we do? Send us your amazing pictures with your custom St. Patrick’s Day shirts!

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St. Patrick’s Day Shirts for Women

St. Patrick’s Day will be here before you know it so now is the time to start creating the perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit! Don’t wait until the last minute and risk being the one person who has no green to wear; instead be the girl who stands out for having the best green attire! Your St. Patrick’s Day outfit will probably have lots of pieces to it, but the heart and soul of the outfit is the shirt. Treat your shirt as the canvas it is by creating your perfect Irish saying, whether it’s the classic, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” saying or something that is 100% original! Just look at what some of our classy lassies have created in the past using the fonts and Irish art we have available in our design center!

St Patrick's Day Shirts for Women Classy Lassie

St Patricks Day Shirts for Women Green Shirts

St Patricks Day Shirts for Women Lucky Charm Tanks

St Patricks Day Shirts for Women Magically Delish Tanks

St Patricks Day Magically Tanks

St Patricks Day Race Shirts

St Patricks Day Shirts for Women Raglan Shirts

St Patricks Day Team Numbers Shirts

Looking for a St. Patrick’s Day shirt, but not up for the customizing task? Don’t worry! We have filled our gallery with Irish designs that are guaranteed to be the best St. Patrick’s Day shirts for women! We know every girl has their own style so we make sure to keep a wide selection of shirts that any design can be added to like out popular custom burnout tees that are super trendy and stylish! Check out some of the shirt styles and designs we have ready for you to purchase for St. Patrick’s Day!

New St. Patrick’s Day Shirts for Women

See more St. Patrick’s Day shirts!

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Classy Lassie Polyvore Contest

  1. If you don’t already have one, register for an account on Polyvore.
  2. Create a set using one or more designs from Customized Girl in your set. Check out this example set created by Polyvore user mychanel.
    You have two options for this step: 

    • Recommended option: use a design from our public gallery. Navigate this gallery via the search field in the upper right corner of, or via the Start With a Design menu on the left side of the site.
    • Or you can create your own design and save it. This option is a bit trickier. If you choose this route, please see the notes below.**
  3. Add that set to our group.
The contest will run from Monday, February 25, 2013 until Monday, March 18, 2013.


Check out our St. Patrick’s Day Apparel for inspiration!


The winner will be determined by the number of likes. Likes are obtained when another Polyvore user clicks on the little heart icon next to your set.

  • First place wins a $100 gift card to Customized Girl.
We will need your email address to send you the electronic gift card. (It is a special code that you can enter into the payment method section of the checkout process.)


Only new sets created between February 25 and March 18 of 2013 are qualified for entry. This is because we are judging based on number of likes, and it wouldn’t be fair to everyone if older sets with many likes could be submitted.

There is no limit to the number of entries per user, but we will only award one gift card per Polyvore user.

All featured items should be tagged and linked in the sets comments.

By submitting a set with a design from Customized Girl, entrant grants Customized Girl the right to publish submitted sets, designs, and captions on our website, social media or any other marketing materials. Slight set alterations may be made by our staff in order to fit properly on our website or marketing materials.

Designs deemed to be inappropriate or offensive by Customized Girl will not be eligible for voting.

Designs that contain material copyrighted or trademarked by a third party (such as a brand, tv show, etc) will not be eligible for voting.

eRetailing Associates, LLC employees and their immediate families are not eligible to win.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Polyvore. By participating in this promotion you agree to a complete release of Polyvore from any claims. We promise never to sell your information or use it in a harmful way.

**If you want to to save your own design and use it in your Polyvore set, please do. However, your design will not show up in the public gallery on Customized Girl. If you save a really cool design, you deserve to be recognized and have it displayed in the gallery, right? The only way to make it public would be for our admin Customized Girl account to re-save your design in our own account, and we reserve the right to do this. But if this happens, we will give you credit and link to your account on Polyvore in the Design Details. Again, if you create your own design, please avoid potential copyright infringement. (For example, no One Direction designs. Sorry.)

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