Custom Tank Tops and Crop Tops For Spring

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with custom tank tops and crop tops!

Customized Girl offers the largest selection of custom tank tops and crop tops online with well-known brands that include Bella, American Apparel, Gildan, and Alternative Apparel. With all of the designs available on Customized Girl, you can find the perfect images to create your one-of-a-kind tank or crop top. Can’t find something you like? You can always upload your own photos, graphics or images! Add your own text to the front or back and customize your top to suit your taste. Our easy to use design center let’s users become their own fashion designer and be the ultimate trendsetter.

If you already have a design in mind or you don’t see anything you like, you can easily start from scratch in our design center. Here’s how:

1. Choose your favorite style of tank top or crop top or if you are starting with a design you can choose the “swap out item” tab in the top right corner of the design center and choose your preferred style. Don’t worry fellas, we even have a great selection of men’s tank tops.

2. Start designing by:

 – adding your own text

– adding art from our massive art library

– uploading your own personal image or photograph to select styles

3. Select a size and add to cart!

Our huge collection of custom tank tops and crops isn’t even the best part! You can order one or hundreds tops just for you or for a whole team. Customized Girl offers a no minimum policy and competitive group discounts as well as free shipping on US orders of $70 or more.  Don’t listen to us, hear it straight from our happy customers!

Share your spring fashion with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @CustomizedGirl!


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Look Book: Chi Town

Chi Town

Dune flat shoes
$100 –

Red purse

Diamond jewelry

Iphone cover case

Chi-Town Chicago Girl

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Design Your Own Shirt with Customized Girl!

Feel like you constantly see the same designs on everyone, in every store, and all across the internet? Stand out from the crowd and create your own fashion at Customized Girl by designing your own shirt!

Design Your Own Shirt

We’ve made it super easy to do, the hardest part is choosing the style of shirt you want! Some of our most popular items are the Bella flowy shirts, burnout shirts and tanks, and any of our custom sweatshirts.

2.  Design!

– add your own text (we’ve even got new fonts to choose from!)
– add art from our massive art library
– for a little extra flare consider adding rhinestones or a distressed effect!

3. Check Out!
Once you’re completely satisfied with your new custom shirt, add it to your cart and head to the check out!

These step-by-step instructions are simple to follow, but if you have any questions feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

Looking for more information on our design center? Check out our tutorial here.

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Custom American Apparel

Custom American Apparel Shirts

For all the reasons you love American Apparel you now have one more reason too, it’s available on Customized Girl! Even though we have carried American Apparel for some time now we keep hearing how much you love it so we’re giving you more options than even before to choose from; leaving you free to personalize American Apparel looks to your heart’s content.

With spring here and summer just around the corner nothing says warm weather and summertime more then the color neon! These bright bold colors just shout summer is here and I love it! Are you ready with your custom American Apparel in Neon? Neon tank tops and crop tanks are perfect for the all those summer get togethers with your friends whether your working out together, hanging out at the local festivals and of course those times when you are just laying out by the pool.

Custom American Apparel

Don’t think we would stop there with the American Apparel because we even have you covered for those dips in the pool.  Now you can customize your own American Apparel bikini top and bottom to make sure no girl has the same swimsuit as you!

If you have your personalized American Apparel look already in mind, great! But if you need a place to start we have many custom American Apparel looks just waiting for you in our gallery.

Custom American Apparel

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Custom Tank Top Idea: Skulls

In the Customized Girl Design Center, you can choose for our enormous library of art. We offer thousands and thousands of pieces for you to use in your design. One of our most popular art concepts is the skull. You can find all of our skulls just by searching “skull” within the add art tab, or by choosing Symbols & Shapes from the category drop down menu, and then choosing Skulls.

Custom Tank Top Skull Art

Many of our customers use our skulls for many different reasons, but the most common reason can probably be summed up as this: skulls are badass. And if you and your group are badass too, then maybe use some skulls on your next custom tank top.

The customers in the photos below have used their skulls for very different events, but to evoke a similar feeling.

The first group of women are partying on a boat on a beautiful day. This is clearly a special vacation with friends, and it seems like things have the potential to get wild. You know what symbolizes a wild, hard-partying attitude? A badass black skull on white tank tops.

Custom Tank Tops Skulls Boat

In the next photo, the women are wearing performance dry-fit tank tops with the words “Pavement Princess” accompanied by a black skull and crossbones. The impressive women are about to run an impressive race, and they’ve got the perfect design to wear while they do it. These custom tank tops are cute, clever, and tough.

Custom Tank Tops Skulls Running

Check out all of our custom skull tank top designs here!


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Custom Tank Top Idea: Camp Veterans

It’s hard to believe, but in less then two months summer will be here; wow time sure is flying by. Summer brings many great things and one of those great things is summer camp!

Do you know someone who is going to summer camp this year? Are they a returning veteran like the girls featured in this photo at their favorite summer camp wearing their camp veterans tank tops? Make it extra special for the returning veterans and their group of returning friends with custom tank tops.

Custom Tank Tops For Camp

The really great summer camps follow this formula: campers attend camp, they love it. They come back the next year. Eventually, they are too old. They go off to college, but because they loved it so much, they come back as camp counselors. Camp counselors need custom tank tops and custom shirts too! Make sure to check out our entire line up of  Camp Shirts for your camp adventures.


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Betty Hoops Gets Her Custom Tank Tops from Customized Girl

Custom Tank Tops Betty Hoops

The hula hoop, it’s probably something that every girl has owned or at least used at some point in their life. One of our long time customers Betty Hoops has carved out her own niche area of fitness using the legendary hoop with her hoop dance fitness.

Along with her Hoop Core Fitness business, Betty Hoops also participates in many events which incorporate the hoop. In fact, it was just about this time last year when she set a new world record in the Hollywood Half Marathon for hoop running shattering the previous record of 10k.

Custom Tank Top betty Hoops

Whenever Betty Hoop needs custom tank tops for her events she chooses Customized Girl.

Click here to see more customer reviews

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Top 5 Custom Tank Tops

At Customized Girl we love giving you the opportunity to create your own looks and providing you with some of the trendiest designs out there. Now that it is finally April and the weather is getting warmer we have made it “Tank Top Week” at Customized Girl! With this warmer weather you’ll be eager, like us, to start wearing tank tops once again so here are the top 5 custom tank tops ideas that are heating up our gallery on Customized Girl.

Team Bride

We love showing our support for the bride as she moves closer to marrying the person of her dreams. These Team Bride custom tank tops can be worn to celebrate an engagement, the bachelorette party or the bridal shower.

team bride tank top


Rhinestone Princess

Every girl is a princess and should be treated like one! Let your inner princess come out with a Rhinestone Princess custom tank top. Why Rhinestones? Because we love the sparkle and you know when it comes to custom rhinestone tank tops and rhinestone shirts, Customized Girl is the expert for your rhinestone creations.

Rhinestone Princess Custom Tank Top

Cool Stunt Bro Hit It Again

Sorry boys! We’re taking hold of your beloved “Bro” phrase and making it more our own by adding a woman’s touch to it. We’ve added the “Bro” phrase to our fabulous Cool Stunt Bro tank tops. Our customers who love cheerleading have been loving this Cool Shunt Bro Hit It Again design. It an awesome tank top to wear for cheer practice or cheer camp.

Cheer Cool Stunt Bro Custom Tank Top

I Heart [Insert Name]

Sometimes there is nothing more fun than expressing what we love and sharing it with the world. Our I Heart [Insert Name] tank top will do just that as it features a big bold heart design. Follow the heart design by adding text of the thing or the person you love. We have many different I Heart Anything shirts for you to choose from.

I Heart Plus Custom Tank Top

Baby By

This is the perfect tank top for the woman who is expecting. Our Baby By tank tops let you add in the name of whom the baby is by. Plus the small footprint art in the middle of the tank adds an un-doubtable cuteness factor that will make everyone melt, even him.

Baby By Mike Custom Tank Top

There are many tank tops out there that many girls will be wearing soon, but we believe everyone should add in their own personality and style into their custom tank tops.

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“We’re All Mad Here” Tank Tops & T-Shirts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Customized Girl is very excited to share our new We’re All Mad Here Tank Tops inspired by none other than Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We have added John Tenniel’s version of the grinning Cheshire Cat to our abundant art collection so designing can be completely up to you! Customized Girl’s easy to use design center allows the user to take any idea and put it on a shirt.

Customized Girl is also designing t-shirts and tank tops with concepts from various classic literature such as Wizard of Oz, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Shakespeare. This is all possible due to the creative materials being available in the public domain meaning it is no longer protected by intellectual property laws. This is great news for inspiring designers and artists! Opening materials to the public domain allows individuals to innovate and spread their interpretations among new generations. Not to mention that it keeps all materials new and relevant even if it was written 100 years ago. Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to allow everything into the public domain after a period of time, now does it?

We owe a lot to the public domain by allowing us to experiment and express our creativity in different forms of interpretation. The public domain is not only beneficial for artists but for writers and teachers alike and chances are you have enjoyed what the public domain has to offer at some point in your life. So why not build upon some of the greatest findings and stories of all time? Start using those creative juices and start designing!


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