Custom Shirts To Wear All Year Round

Attending a special event? Participating in a fundraiser? Or are you a fashionista who simply wants to stand out from the rest? Custom shirts is the ultimate answer to all of these situations and so much more. There are so many reasons to design a one of kind shirt that it is almost more difficult to think of a reason not to. It’s surprising how easy it is to have an idea and put it on to custom apparel. Many may think designing a custom shirt is difficult or time consuming but we are here to assure you that it is not.

Customized Girl uses state-of-the-art digital printers, which means we offer no minimums and full-color printing. We use a variety of decoration methods and none of them require a minimum order. We don’t screen print on shirts and tanks, which means there are no set-up fees and you have no limitations in the amount of ink colors in your design. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t awesome for group orders. As soon as you add more than 5 items in your cart, group discounts automatically kick in. The more you add, the higher the discount. At 48, you will see a 50% discount on our most popular items. Our pricing is more competitive than any other online retailers and you are getting precisely what you designed on the exact item that you wanted.

Our skilled design team adds countless amounts of new art every single day that then are transferred on to the most amazing designs that are readily available for you to customize. While we do our best to stay on top of the trends, the majority of our designs are geared towards sports teams, business, military, and charity events.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in our gallery let us know! Our team will whip up art or a design that will be so incredibly unique that you will not be able to find it anywhere else.

At Customized Girl, we pride ourselves on providing our customers top rate products. This involves our four main areas where we try to exceed your expectations: Art, Print, and Item Quality. We are constantly testing and adjusting everything: ink settings, opacity settings, humidity settings, and more. In the end, this means that our final product is outstanding. With that being said, we completely understand if your overall design did not meet your expectations. If you are not happy with your finished product let us know because Customized Girl wants to make sure you achieve your ideal design.

We aren’t just limited to t-shirts.  Here’s a small list of other products we offer:

Custom Tank Tops

Custom Crop Tops

Custom Underwear

Custom Hoodies and Sweatshirts 

Custom Jackets

Custom Hats

Custom Swimsuits

Custom Socks

Custom Bags

Our design center makes it easy and simple to transfer an existing design from a shirt or tank top onto matching accessories like a sweatshirt, hat, socks, or bag. Lacking creativity or designing just isn’t your thing? Our customer service would be more than happy to assist you because nothing makes us more pleased than satisfied customers.

Haven’t been able to find that hilarious ugly Christmas sweater from last year? Want to show support for your significant other in the military? What are you waiting for?! Custom shirts are the answer to all your problems.  Start designing!

Is designing custom apparel a passion of yours? Then take a look at our custom apparel storefronts and how you can earn money for every design you sell!



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YOLO Shirts, YOLO Hats and Other Custom Apparel

YOLO shirts

Sure, a lot of people think YOLO is an absolutely ridiculous trend, but a lot of people also genuinely love it. And if their love is genuine, then there’s no reason to stomp all over it. At Customized Girl, we celebrate all genuine love and all genuine fandom.

If you dig the phrase “you only live once” then you should consider fully embracing YOLO apparel too. While others will just settle for saying YOLO back and fourth with their friends you could be taking this craze to it’s fullest potential with YOLO custom apparel including: YOLO shirtsYOLO hats, and anything else you want to customize.

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Excuse My Tan Shirt

Excuse My Tan Shirt

Spring is officially here, which means it’s tanning season! Surely those of you who are going on spring break have already started tanning for your spring break trip somewhere warm, but for the rest of us we will be working on that tan for the summer months to come. This way we are ready to wear those summer outfits just in time for time by the pool, grilling out with friends and family or enjoying those summer sports that we have missed for the past 6 months.

Whether you’re getting that tan ready for this summer or for spring break, no wardrobe will be complete in these soon to come warm days without the Excuse My Tan shirt. Make this shirt your own by customizing it any way you want; pick your favorite spring/summer color and add any other text, art or images that you would like.


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Honor Our Military!

This week is a special one for those that are serving in or have a loved one serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Today, May 11, 2012, is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. It has been observed since May 23, 1984, when President Ronald Reagan acknowledged the importanance of spouse commitment to the readiness and well-being of military members. The U.S. Secretary of Defense standardized the date by officially declaring the Friday before Mother’s Day as Military Spouse Day.

Armed Forces Week begins the second Saturday in May and ends on the third Sunday. In 2012 it will run May 12–20. This week is a time to recognize those serving in the the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Armed Forces Day is celebrated the third Saturday in May, this year being May 19th. The day was created in 1949 by then Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson as a way to honor those serving in the U.S. military. It was intended to represent the unification of the armed forces under one department – the Department of Defense.

To all of the military spouses:  Thank you. The strength you have while your husbands or wives are on a tour of duty is undeniable. Thank you for giving up the most important person in your life so he or she can fight for our country.

To the men and women in our armed forces:  Thank you is not enough for what you do. Your bravery and commitment to the U.S. military is a true testament to your character. We truly appreciate all that you do.


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Custom Event Shirts at COSMO CON 2011!

Customized Girl was thrilled to be a part of the first annual “Cosmo Con” event, this past weekend in New York City.  This event was a way for fans to support their favorite personalities from Cosmo Radio.  It began on Thursday, September 16th, and continued throughout the weekend, resulting in a three day extravaganza.  Below is the  press release revealing all of the details surrounding the event!


The streets of New York City were alive and jumping when a sea of young women, all fans of Cosmo Radio SiriusXM Channel 109, took a bite out the Big Apple as they participated in the 1stAnnual “Cosmo Con” – a fan-driven get together to salute their favorite Cosmo Radio personalities.  Based at the Millennium Hilton Hotel, the 50+ women came to the city from 17 states and Canada wearing their pastel pink, “Cosmo Con” tee-shirtswith their distinctive initials FFF: Fun, Fearless, Female.




The informal gathering of Cosmo Radio listeners began with a few dedicated fans of the station, who decided they had to meet in person, in New York City. From there, “Cosmo Con”evolved into a large scale event, with several of the most dedicated fans taking the lead in putting exciting plans in place that epitomized the ultimate “girl’s weekend.”

“Cosmo Con” kicked off with a Thursday, September 16th welcome reception at View of the World at the Club Quarters Hotel, overlooking the newly-opened 9/11 Memorial.  The next morning, the devoted listeners of “Wake Up with Taylor” crowded into the SiriusXM Radio Studios to enjoy “Fat Kid Friday,” a regular feature where hosts Taylor Strecker and Kenny Zimlinghaus enjoy guiltladen, but tasty treats!” The fans enjoyed delicious Dinosaur Bar-B-Que cooked in studio. “Today was basically the best day ever for us on ‘Wake Up with Taylor.’ What an honor it was for all of you to come here. Thank you, thank you, thank you” said Taylor Strecker.


The three days were filled with numerous get-togethers, some formal, some not, with food experiences such as Ed‟s Lobster Bar and S‟Mac taking a top place, followed by shopping, sightseeing and exploring the night life of New York City. A standout event was the Happy Hour for the fans in town for “Cosmo Con,” hosted by their favorite Cosmo Radio personalities from “Wakeup with Taylor” and “Cocktails with Patrick” held at the W Hotel in Union Square.

Cosmo Con 2011 turned out to be a huge success! Let Customized Girl help you make your event one to remember. Our Junior Fit Sheer Longer Deep V-necks, and Junior Fit Sheer Longer Crew Neck Tees are perfect for group events, so visit our Customized Girl and design your own custom shirts today!

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Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts in the CG Fan Spotlight

Hi CG fans! This week we wanted to give a special shout-out to our wonderful fans, the Duckart family! The Duckart family used our site to order customized tees for their family reunion.  Since they offered us so many great pictures, we asked them to tell us a little more about their family, and their event that Customized Girl was lucky enough to be a part of. Patricia, a member of the Duckart family, supplied us with a lot of great feedback, full of family history and details about their reunion. Below, is the info Patricia sent us!

The Duckart Family consisted of my grandparents Joseph and Anna Duckart that had five children and lived in Modesto California dating back to the early 1900’s. My dad Alfred Duckart was born in Modesto in November, 1910; he had one brother and three sisters. They all had children who had children; the majority live in California; some live in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

For many many years the Duckart Family got together on every major holiday; each of them chose a holiday and would host the event; sometimes there were over 50 – 60 family members. Of course over time, the generations has gotten away from that family holiday gathering tradition. It’s so sad as we saw kids grow up to become adults and have families of their own. A few of us cousins still get together for Thanksgiving. Now, sometimes the only time we see some of these other family members is at a wedding or a funeral.

My dad and mom (Alfred and Doris) married in February 1940 and had four children. My brother Mike (1941), my sister Karlene (1944) and my twin sister Pam and myself (1948).

My brother Mike (Sandy his wife) has a daughter Christine who is married to Roger and has two daughters – Megan and Katy. My sister Karlene has no children, she was a K-6 teacher for close to 40 years and has a ton of children through education. My twin sister Pam (Glynn her husband) has a son Jess and a daughter Julee. Myself, I am married to Jim. He has two children from a previous marriage (Brett and Jamie) who were unable to attend and I have a daughter Kellie who is married to Joe and has two daughters – Sydney and Jordan and another little girl due in December.

The four of us Duckarts grew up in a good time (the 1950’s and 60’s) and miss the large family gatherings. Last year we helped host a reunion on our mother’s side that we held at a cousin’s home. We didn’t even think of t-shirts at the time.

This year we decided it was time to get a reunion together on our father’s side (The Duckarts) so we hosted it at a community park in Escalon, California on Saturday, September 11, 2010 with a picnic theme; there was approximately 70 – 80 attending this reunion. Us girls decided to do the picnic theme that’s why the word “Reunion” is in a picnic tablecloth color. My daughter and niece (Kellie and Christine) knew of your web site.  Kellie picked the design and we all approved. We sent an information bulletin out to everyone with an order form for t-shirts; we were surprised actually at the number ordered, as we thought we would be the only ones wearing them.


There were a lot of compliments on the t-shirts. We were totally happy with the quality and price and delivery of the t-shirts.

We are so happy we could be a part of the Duckart family reunion. Visit our site today, to make lasting memories for you and your family!

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