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Love is in the air! And so are discounts at

You’ll swoon over our great selection of Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras themed designs this month.

After you pick your favorite designs to customize, make sure to use code LUVINU to get 10% your total order. You can use this code all month long, as much as you want until February 29th. (Happy Leap Year!)

Why not use your coupon code on our new all-over women’s undies?

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Custom Mud Run Shirts

Running events are great, but nothing really beats a mud run! Why? Because it is all about getting dirty and having a good time, plus, it’s the only race where it doesn’t matter if you are first or last!

Mud races do have one unwritten requirement though, the custom mud run shirts! Besides actually participating in the race, this is the other half of the fun. For your next mud run event, get your team together to come up with a name and design for your mud run shirts. We make it easy and fun to create with our design center available right on our website!

Before you can create the design, you’ll need to pick out the shirt you are going to want to wear for the race. Here at Customized Girl, we want you to have a custom mud run shirt that is, well, made for a girl. Don’t settle for oversized, unflattering shirts elsewhere when we have customizable shirts that are going to be the right fit for you! The guys in your group will also be relieved to know they can find a perfect fitting shirt to match as well!

After you pick your mud run shirt and begin designing, you’ll love how easy our design center is to use. Everyone will enjoy the fact that as a group, you can have the same team look, but yet each person can add in his or her own personality to their own shirt. Experiment by adding in a small custom piece of art or a name and number to the back of your shirt! We’ve got your custom mud run shirt needs covered in just about everyway you can imagine!

Custom Mud Run Shirts

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YOLO Shirts, YOLO Hats and Other Custom Apparel

YOLO shirts

Sure, a lot of people think YOLO is an absolutely ridiculous trend, but a lot of people also genuinely love it. And if their love is genuine, then there’s no reason to stomp all over it. At Customized Girl, we celebrate all genuine love and all genuine fandom.

If you dig the phrase “you only live once” then you should consider fully embracing YOLO apparel too. While others will just settle for saying YOLO back and fourth with their friends you could be taking this craze to it’s fullest potential with YOLO custom apparel including: YOLO shirtsYOLO hats, and anything else you want to customize.

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Happy National Girlfriends Day!

No matter how old we get, we’ll always need our friends to laugh and share memories with. What better time to celebrate our girlfriends than National Girlfriends Day? Take some time out of your day today to just hang out with the girls. Have dinner, catch a baseball game, head to a movie or just lounge around the house. Whatever you do will be fun because you’re with your girlfriends!

Many of our customers here at Customized Girl get custom apparel to celebrate special events with their girlfriends. Check out the possibilities!:

These ladies got matching shirts to celebrate their friend Jill’s 30th birthday in Hawaii.

The Sex and the City movie premiere was the perfect occasion for these friends to get customized shirts!

The Sprinkle Girls sported shirts to support breast cancer awareness.

These friends wore custom t-shirts on their 8th grade trip to New York City!

This bride got her friends matching bridesmaid sweatpants and herself bride sweatpants to get ready in the day of her wedding.

So, what’s your favorite way to spend time with your girlfriends? Have you made custom apparel for the event? If so, we’d love to see it!

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Make Custom Back-to School Apparel at Customized Girl!

Back-to-school is right around the corner, which means that it’s time to do some back-to-school shopping! Make it easy on yourself this year by getting custom apparel at Customized Girl! You can customize our designs any way you’d like, creating a design that’s totally unique to you. Plus, you can get 15% off your back-to-school order by using code BTS12 at checkout!

We built a special page on our website just to help out folks looking for a Back-to-School Sale. Check it out and you’ll find Lookbooks for all kinds of  shoppers. The Lookbooks include:

  • trendy styles to wear to class
  • cool clothes for little kids
  • custom apparel for fans of cheerleading, football, and dance
  • designs for Seniors (2013!) and freshmen

We’d like to take a moment to give a special shout out to deviant artist Lady-Himiko. She provided the notepaper background element we used on our Back-to-School page. Paired up with our blackboard background, we thought it looked pretty cute. Thanks so much, Lady-Himiko, for providing cool graphics for all to use!

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Further Customize Your Shirts!

At Customized Girl, we allow you to customize your shirts just about any way you’d like. However, sometimes you want to give your shirts an extra personal touch, which is a great way to make your items that much more unique. Here are some customers who added their own handiwork to our shirts:

Jenn ordered our Unisex Basic Gildan Ultra Cotton Crew Neck Tee for her entire family. The girls further customized their shirts by cutting out the neck for a cute off-the-shoulder look.

We decided to create this design because we are a rather large family and rented a house in Scituate, Ma. for the week of the 4th of July. Every year there is a huge bon fire and fireworks and we all wanted something to unify us as a family. It was a great way of creating something that we can keep forever! –Jenn

This roller derby team bought Misses Relaxed Fit Basic Gildan Ultra Cotton Tees and each customized in their own way, either by cutting them apart or adding ribbon.

Elsa purchased our Junior Fit Bella Sheer Longer Length Rib Tank Top featuring her band’s logo and then added her own lace and rivets for a really cool look.

Thank you so much for the fantastic print job on my band’s shirt!!! Will order more, for sure! I customized it even further with red lace & rivets! Y’all rock!!! –Elsa

These ladies ordered a variety of Junior Fit Basic Bella Favorite Tees and Junior Fit Basic Bella 2×1 Rib Tank Tops. A couple of them decided to do some extra customizing by creating off-the-shoulder tees.

Jennifer bought Youth Basic Gildan Ultra Cotton Crew Neck Tees for her twin daughters’ birthday party and then tie dyed them. How fun!

It was my twin daughters, Megan & Brenna’s 8th birthday party. Instead of giving away gift bags, we decided to make up a tshirt. Fortunately your prices really made it easy to do. By the time I would have but a gift bag together it would have cost the same or more than the t-shirt! We designed the shirts, then to add some color, we tie dyed them all different colors. To add to the party atmosphere we hung all the shirts around our pool as decorations. Here are some photos of the shirts, and the kids! Everyone LOVED the idea of the t-shirt instead of the goodie bag, and I think all the kids loved their new shirts. –Jennifer

Have you done anything to further customize your Customized Girl apparel? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments or post a picture on our Facebook page.

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