Support Your Favorite Athlete With Girlfriend Shirts

Basketball, baseball, or football – being a high school athlete is hard work and a huge time commitment. The balance of school, practice, and games can be tough and sometimes a little extra encouragement off the field can make all the difference. Que the girlfriend! Sports girlfriends are an athlete’s biggest fan. They are at every game and are always cheering the loudest from the stands.  There is nothing more important than your favorite player doing his best and you are willing to stand in rain and snow to show your dedication. Give your player that extra boost he needs on the field, court, or ice with custom girlfriend shirts!

Girlfriend Shirts

Our gallery is full of the best girlfriend shirts that are ready for you to customize. Personalize each design with names, numbers and even the players position. You also have the ability to swap any design onto any product and color of your choice. We have the biggest and trendiest selection of custom women’s styles on the internet. Plus tons of great accessories like socks, hats, and more. Choose the style that fits you best, select your team’s colors, pick your favorite sports art in our design center, and create a shirt that is totally unique. We know your love for your player sets you apart from most girls and you should have a style that reflects just that.

Girlfriend Shirts

Customized Girl’s talented design team has created girlfriend designs for different sports in the following categories:

Baseball Girlfriend Shirts

Football Girlfriend Shirts

Lacrosse Girlfriend Shirts

Basketball Girlfriend Shirts

Hockey Girlfriend Shirts

Don’t see a sport category that fits your athlete? Easily take your favorite design from any category and swap out the art. Our massive library is full of every sport imaginable but if you still need assistance please do not hesitate to contact our amazing customer service team. They would be more than happy to help you with your design from beginning to end!

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Football Girlfriend Shirts

Has your boyfriend been busy preparing for the upcoming football season? If so, prepare for the season as well! Be there in the stands to cheer him on at his football games with a football girlfriend shirt that is sure to get his attention! Guys love it when their girlfriend takes an interest in the sports they enjoy, and he will love the fact that you took the time to create a special football shirt to cheer him on. While all the other girls have settled for just wearing whatever shirts are available at the stadium store, you will have gone the extra mile to customize a shirt that not only cheers on the team, but also the football player that has your undivided attention!

When creating your football girlfriend shirt, add cute football art to the top; like a helmet with kiss marks or a football with a heart in the middle, which also is a perfect spot to add his football number. With all this cute art available, you’ll have no problem creating as many football girlfriend shirts as you want, maybe even enough to last you the entire season.

Check out the other apparel we have available to customize also, like hoodies and jerseys! Design a hoodie that will be ideal to wear on those colder fall nights, so you can always be in the stands to root him on to victory. We even have football jerseys that are of course made to fit women, so you can create a jersey to match the one he wears on the field, without settling for an unflattering, bulky jersey fit.

WOW! We just gave you a ton of ideas for customizing your football girlfriend shirt, but this was done on purpose! We know how much a girl loves to have options when shopping! With so many different shirts and design combinations to choose from, what will your football girlfriend shirt look like when the season kicks off?

Here are some cute football girlfriend shirts just waiting for you to Customize:

Football Girlfriend Shirt Go Cougars

Football Girlfriend Shirt Love

Football Girlfriend Shirt Warrior

Football Girlfriend Shirt Highland

Football Girlfriend Shirt helmet

Football Girlfriend Shirt Alternative Apparel

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