Guilty Pleasures Knows Their Undies

At customized girl we love to customize anything we can get our hands on. We especially love to customize underwear with cute and sometimes flirty sayings. While we’ve come to consider ourselves pro’s in the customization world, we are no experts when it comes to actually finding the right fit of underwear, or best underwear for body types.

That’s where the Guilty Pleasures site comes in handy.  These ladies know lingerie.  You can find anything you might ever possibly need to know about intimates there.  They have everything from sizing tips, information on shape wear, to choosing the right bras and panties to fit your body type.  Guess what? It doesn’t stop there.  They cover all the hot trends too!

Then, as if this site couldn’t get any better, it does.  They have contributing writers who are actual lingerie designers! So you know that the information you’re getting here is the best.

Next time your creating some undies and aren’t sure which ones to choose, or what to put on them, check out this sexy lingerie blog.

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