Top 5 T-Shirt Designs For Graduation

Another year, another class of seniors saying ‘So long!’ to school. Graduation is a huge time for celebration, cookouts, and family well-wishing. Make the moment that much better with a customized shirt to celebrate your ascension from freshman to grad. Here are our top 5 t-shirt designs for the graduating senior this year!

1. Funny Face Cut-Out Photo Tee

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this fun custom face photo cut-out tee will only set you back $14.97. If you buy 6 or more then it costs even less! Surprise your new grad with a hilarious shirt featuring their own face at their grad party. Make sure to have your cameras ready for their reaction pictures.

Upload your grads face to this tee then watch their reaction on their big day!

2. Straight Outta Your School

Sometimes it’s the classics that are most needed. This timeless design is perfect for your graduate who is now ‘straight outta’ their school! Make sure to customize this design in our design center to add the name of their alma mater. You can even add some fun additional text to the back for added effect.

This tee is perfect whether you’re graduating from Compton or anywhere else!

3. Kind Of Graduated??

Let’s hope there isn’t another generation of seniors that get to buy this t-shirt! The global pandemic disrupted a lot of things including graduations. Commemorate some of the strangest school days in modern times with this custom design. Make sure to add your school name in our design center.

Does it still count if you graduated over Zoom?

4. Tie-Dye Gradutation T-Shirt

Tye die is back in a big way! Celebrate your graduation with a super trendy custom tie-dye tee. Your photo feed will look great when everyone at the party is wearing these matching tie-dye designs. For an extra groovy experience, customize a bunch of different tie-dye styles!

This graduation tee is like, totally radical bro!

5. 2021% Done With School

Nothing expresses the senior feeling more than this t-shirt. When you finally end that senior year, you’re absolutely 2021% done with school! I imagine next year’s senior class will feel this but even 1% higher! Customize this funny shirt with your graduate’s name and their school. Makes for a great souvenir of the time they spent in school.

That’s 1 more percent than last year’s seniors!

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Make 2014 Unforgettable with Senior Class Shirts

Your senior year has finally arrived and you only have one more year until the real world hits. With all this excitement around the start of senior year, it’s hard to bottle it in and keep the enthusiasm to yourself, but why should you? After all, you worked hard to get to this point and should proudly be displaying the fact that you are a senior!

While you may want senior year to fly by so you can move on to the next chapter in your life, everyone certainly wants the fun memories of senior year to last. Customizing a senior class shirt for all the events you have left to attend with friends like homecoming, powder-puff and, of course, graduation is a great way to ensure a lasting memory of these fun times! Get your friends together and design matching senior shirts that will make your presence felt at these events!

You can keep your custom senior class shirt simple by just adding your school name, mascot and year of graduation. Otherwise, go for the gusto and add a funny saying to your shirt like, ‘Kiss my class!’ In the end, you will have a one-of-a-kind senior class shirt that will be a great way to remember the craziest year ever!

Go seniors!

Kiss my class senior shirts

Property Senior Class Shirts

Senior Class Neon Hoodie

Senior class sweater

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Create Your Own Retro Seniors Shirt for Back to School

Everyone knows that the greatest treasures are buried and in order to find them, you have to sift through years of buildup. Although not the typical scene most envision, digging through a closet with years worth of stuff can feel like a treasure hunt! Imagine coming across all kinds of things from your parents’ childhood, a blast from the past of collectibles and apparel. How cool would it be to come across one of their senior class shirts? Now you can recreate this vintage look just in time for back to school with a customized retro senior class shirt, without spending hours and hours of digging through boxes and closets!

Create your own retro senior class shirt and mimic the fashion of years past. Design a retro look with a simple design and vintage typefaces, which all are available in our design center at Customized Girl. Your retro senior class shirt can date back to whatever decade you want! Go back to the 70’s or 80’s with disco and punk or travel all the way back to the beginning of the century when monocles and penny-farthings were all the rage!

After you have your retro design figured out, finish off the vintage look by choosing a shirt with a thin, soft fabric much like our Bella flowy shirts. Also, don’t forget to add the worn and distressed effect that gives every vintage tee its iconic look and retro vibe!

Retro is awesome and all, but remember to live in the moment and celebrate today too! After creating your retro senior shirt, design another senior shirt for your graduation year! You can wear it individually or suggest it to other seniors in your graduating class. Get a bunch of friends together and create a senior class of 2014 shirt that you all can wear together! Check out our entire collection of apparel for 2014 seniors and choose the one that represents your senior class the best!

Retro Senior Shirts

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