Strut Your Stuff With Turkey Trot Socks

Every year November creeps up on us out of nowhere. Thanksgiving will soon be here and before you can truly enjoy it, a rapid countdown to Christmas and New Years begins.  Whether it’s eating pumpkin pie, watching football, or seeing family and old friends  – there are so many reasons to look forward to this delightful holiday. Before officially giving thanks on this day, hundreds of thousands of Americans attend a local Turkey Trot race.  This running event gives participants an opportunity to be guilt free after indulging in all the homemade goodness. Although, the best part about a Turkey Trot is that it’s not just for individual running enthusiasts but is a great chance for families to compete together and create new yearly traditions. It has become so popular that attendees gear up in costumes or custom turkey trot apparel to stand out as family unit during the run.

Turkey Trot Socks

Customized Girl loves when families come together and we love nothing more than helping our customers create memories that will last forever. We offer custom Thanksgiving apparel that ranges from shirts, sweaters, and accessories in a variety of styles and colors.  Trotters favorite ways of showing off their Thanksgiving spirit is with Turkey Trot socks.  We’ve  added some funny and trendy designs to our Turkey Trot socks like “all about that base” and “feast mode” but the option to customize and personalize a design is effortless. You can easily take a design and add your favorite saying or remove any piece of art. How cool would it be to represent how hardcore your family is by create matching socks and shirts for everyone?

Turkey Trot Socks

The average American consumes up to 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving day and with that informative factor, a little running doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Gobble til you wobble or strut your stuffin’ this year with custom Turkey Trot apparel!

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