10 Costumes You Can Make For Halloween at Customized Girl

Shopping for a Halloween costume at stores can be frustrating! You are limited to what they have in stock and even if you do find one, there is no way to make changes to the costume before you buy it. At Customized Girl, you can create the perfect Halloween costume by using our design center! To help you get started, we have created some popular custom Halloween costumes that you can enjoy as is or customize further by adding any text or art you like!

Are you and a few friends looking for cute group costumes? You can design those too!


Skittles – Group Costume

Taste the rainbow and look sweet in these candy themed tank tops!

Hot Sauce Packets – Group Costume

Maybe you like things a little spicy on Halloween? Add whatever custom text you want to the white rectangle shape!

Playing Cards – Group Costume

Will you be the Ace of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, or Clubs?


Bayside High – Saved By The Bell

If you are a big Saved By The Bell fan, this Bayside High Sweatshirt and The Max Apron will have every other Saved By The Bell enthusiasts jealous!

Bayside Tigers Sweatshirt

The Max – Saved By The Bell

The Max Apron

Rydell High – Grease

Why it’s greased lightning! Flashback to the 50’s and bring the classic movie Grease to life this Halloween!

Rydell High School Shirt

Pink Ladies – Grease

Pink Ladies Cistume

Skeleton Baby

Have a baby on the way and looking to give people a spook on Halloween? This skeleton baby maternity shirt will do just that!

Halloween Maternity Skeleton Baby Shirt


This is my Costume

For those that need a costume, but really don’t want one.

This is my costume shirt


You can’t go wrong with a Halloween classic.

Halloween jack-o-lantern shirt

What will your Halloween costume be this year?

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