15 Old Blog Posts That Were Not Very Cool

At Customized Girl, we are re-thinking the type of message that we want to share with the world.

Actually, we re-thought it many years ago, but it took us a little while to get back to these old blog posts. Some of our early “celebrity” click-baity blog titles were not cool. We regret them, so we’re taking them down.

We’re updating a couple of posts (like this one!) and replacing the text with a mea culpa. Yeah, we feel bad.

This one was about eating disorders. We wanted to acknowledge the pressure and pain that so many people feel in Hollywood, and that’s what we wrote about. But we had a pretty terrible title here and it seemed like we were calling out those struggling celebrities. Yikes.

Anyway, we’re officially changing directions. Customized Girl is about empowering women. We’ll help you makeĀ  your statement through custom apparel. Maybe your statement is serious. Maybe it’s totally goofy. But we just want you to feel good about it.

8 thoughts on “15 Old Blog Posts That Were Not Very Cool

  1. i’m doing a project on bulimia nervosa and i think its retarted how peolpe have to be deathly skinny just to get some kind of attention… peope that have to do that shouldnt have to they should just be happy with them selfs and if peolpe dont lik it then screw them its sad to no peolpe that have died from this and or have had friends like this but all that counts is that they get help and understand that there is peolpe out there that really care and arent lieing about liking what you look like so screw everyone else and just worry about the peolpe that care…………..

  2. Bulimia is actually caused by holding in emotions and when you purge its a release of emotions. Not getting sick can add up multiple cases of trauma and its a very hard disorder to work through. I have been hospitalized and not been sick in weeks. Every day is a challenge and it’s not easy to do this. If you struggle with bulimia you need to realize its all mental. It doesn’t actually make you loose weight. It’s a mind game. The mirror is a mind game as well. I hope this is helpful.

  3. We lost a beautiful sister, daughter, stepdaughter, and friend who emulated and strived to like the stars above to Anorexia in April 2013. She was extremely beautiful and never got her chance. At death she was almost 6′ tall & 97 lbs. Read her obituary:Google @ Audrey Hughes obituary Morning Sun. Look at her picture. It is stunning, but the disease hadn’t grappled her yet. They sought care for her treatment but I was waiting for insurance approval. It did not get approved on time. Her family is speaking out about hasty treatment approval through insurance. Let her save someone’s life through example.

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