All About Celebrities Blog Carnival Volume 1

Hello All and welcome to the first editon of the All About Celebrities Blog Carnival. I think we’ve got some good things lined up that everyone can enjoy. Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Blog Carnival. We received so much good content that could only post the best of the best. Those whose didn’t make the cut don’t be alarmed you might just make it into a later issue of the All about Celebrities Blog Carnival. Enjoy!

Damon presents The Unsexiest Woman Alive Award Goes To ? posted at The Deathbox.

Scott Schwertly presents The Genius of Seth McFarlane posted at StoryBored.

Dave Rosenthal presents Chris Rock says “I probably came on her ass.” posted at Welcome Back Rosenthal.

Chris presents Pee-Wee Herman’s New Adventure.. Unscrew America: Deadly Serious posted at DropKick MonKey | Commercials | Viral Videos | Games.

Naomi Stevens presents SIMON COWELL – GUARDIAN ANGEL posted at Diary From England.

Raymond Le Blanc presents Melodic (hard) rock from the lowlands posted at Ampiphy.

Thanks to everyone again who submitted.  Keep submitting and we’ll keep publishing. Hope everyone enjoyed the First Edition of the All About Celebrities Blog Carnival. Look for the next edition in 2 weeks.

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