All About Celebritites Blog Carnival: Volume 5

Hello and welcome to the 5th volume of the all about celebrities blog carnival. Thanks to everyone who submitted we got a lot of great things going for this edition. So without further adieu I give to you the 5th Volume of the All About Celebrities Blog Carnival.

Naomi Stevens presents SEX & THE CITY STARS WOW CROWDS AT WORLD PREMIERE posted at Diary From England.

BB presents Keira Knightley posted at BB Desktops.

Ashley Cain presents Nick and Mariah Cannon posted at London Speaks.

Don presents David Archuleta’s Dad Banned From American Idol Rehearsals posted at David Archuleta.

Talulazoeapple presents D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill posted at TalulaZoeApple.

Jason presents The Right Stuff posted at Zola Jones Designs by Jason Loper.

Howard Ditkoff presents Josiah Leming: Brilliant, Haunting Music & Web 2.0 Drive American Idol Castoff’s Prototypical Success Story posted at Blog.

kevin chan presents Conman Sets Fake Wedding Registry for Ellen Degeneres posted at blurbberry.

Chris presents Chuck Norris Google Facts posted at Martial Development.

Neel presents Top 10 Beautiful Celebrity Couples posted at Nerds Do It Better.

The Daily Minder presents What Britney Spears Can Teach You About Career Moves posted at The Daily Mind – Making the Daily Grind Meaningful.

Sally Thompson presents Top 10 Ugly & Hilarious Celebrity Break-ups of All Time posted at Nerds Do It Better.

Matt DiChiara presents The Hills Sends MyNewPlace Traffic Skyward posted at MyNewPlace Blog.

tony clements presents i just got gooned! posted at tuesdays.

Sagar presents 10 Most Beautiful, Unique and Amazing Celebrity Homes posted at International Real Estate Site.

Michael presents Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against Law Firm Over Legal Fees posted at International Law News

Fiona King presents 10 Surprising Celebrity Romances You Never Heard About posted at Nerds Do It Better.

2 thoughts on “All About Celebritites Blog Carnival: Volume 5

  1. Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing force… people either hate the movie or love it; so far it seems like the “lovers” outnumber the “haters”

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