Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts

The most common cancer among American women is breast cancer.  The official month for Breast Cancer awareness is October and while most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps or to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages. By dedicating an entire month to increase awareness with fundraising, promotions and educational services – millions of women are surviving the disease.  One of the most popular and easiest ways to bring attention to this disease is to wear breast cancer awareness shirts.

Wearing pink brings awareness to breast cancer so show support and strength this month for breast cancer survivors, patients and their family and friends with custom apparel. October is an important month at Customized Girl. We do our best to add new art and hundreds of designs every year to help the cause against breast cancer. At the offices of Customized Girl, we celebrate “Pink Wednesdays” by wearing an exclusive On Wednesdays We Wear Pink designs. It’s our way of  to join the fight against breast cancer and to help others spread the word.

We do more than just repping our best pink apparel, we also fundraise throughout the entire month of October. Again we are thrilled to work with Miss Pink Pageant, a community to support breast cancer survivors and their families. During the month of October all earnings from this breast cancer storefront will go the Miss Pink Pageant.

Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts

While a 31 consecutive day campaign for support and more research is significant, the fight against breast cancer remains. Continue to support the fight and raise awareness by purchasing designs from Miss Pink Pageants storefront and learning more about charities in your area.

Think pink and choose hope this October with custom breast cancer awareness shirts!

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