Get Free Gift Cards With Your Purchase!

Hey Everyone! We’ve got some really exciting news for you. Starting December 8, 2009 and ending December 27, 2009 we’re going to be giving away Free Gift Cards with your purchase!


It’s really simple all you have to do is shop and use the coupon code GIFTC at checkout and you’ll receive your FREE Gift Card.

Spend $40 get a Free $10 Gift Card

Spend $60 get a Free $20 Gift Card

Spend $80+ get a Free $30 Gift Card

You will be emailed the gift card after your purchase has been made.

Thanks everyone! Now get out there and start customizing!

*Not applicable for Google Checkout users.
Not valid for purchases made with a gift card.
Order total thresholds based on merchandise subtotal before tax and shipping.

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Cyber Monday Free Order Giveaway Winners!

Hey Everyone! Thanks to everyone who participated in the Cyber Monday Free Order Giveaway Sweepstakes! We had a great response and had so much fun picking the winners! I hope that all of you enjoyed it as much as we did. Here are the winners!

8:00 Hour – Barbara B. of Glenview, IL
9:00 Hour – Eileen Q. of Windham, ME
10:00 Hour – Kristie F. of East Northport, NY
11:00 Hour – Lacey B. of Milton, PA
12:00 Hour – Michelle N. of Oceanside, CA
1:00 Hour – Catherine B. of Sacramento, CA
2:00 Hour – Katie G. of Lakeland, FL
3:00 Hour – Colleen C. of Edinboro, PA
4:00 Hour – Margaret P. of Wallingford, CT
5:00 Hour – Shelia G. of Mayfield, KY
6:00 Hour – Kirsten M. of Cedar Rapids, IA
7:00 Hour – Danielle G. of Austin, TX
8:00 Hour – Marion S. of Madison Heights, MI
9:00 Hour – Jessica C. of Los Angeles, CA
10:00 Hour – Oshrat Benson of Hollywood, FL
11:00 Hour – Carrie M. of Potsdam, NY

Congratulations to all of our winners! Stay tuned for our next big contest giveaway!

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On November 30, 2009 from 8am-Midnight EST is going to be giving away one free order per hour! That’s right, on Monday you could be getting your order for FREE! We will randomly select an order number from each hour to get their order amount fully refunded! There is no limit to the order size we’ll give away so you can order as much as you want!

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Crazy For Koozies: 1001 Koozie Giveaway

Hey Customized Girls, we have another fun contest for you!
In honor of the end of summer, we are giving away 1001 FREE Koozies in the “CRAZIE 4 KOOZIE GIVE-AWAY”. The give-away starts Wednesday, September 9, 2009 and will continue until we’ve given away every last Koozie. So, we need your help designing the winning Koozie.

Here’s How it works

Step One: Design a Koozie on and save it under the tag “Crazy4Koozie”. When you save it, make sure you choose the “share” option. Only the Koozies under this tag will be considered for the final prize. Start designing August 13, 2009.
Step Two: The Customized Girl staff will pick 7 designs from the tag “Crazy4Koozie” at Noon EST on Tuesday August 18, 2009, and post them on Facebook. Become a Fan of Customized Girl on Facebook and click the “like” button under the design you like best. If you are one of the Lucky 7 people to have your design on the Customized Girl Facebook page, make sure to tell your friends and family to support you with a vote. Voting will end on Friday August 21 at 12:00 Noon EST.

Grand Prize

The creator of the design that receives the most “likes” on Facebook will get 10 free Koozies featuring their design. Also, we will be giving your Koozie away with every order during this promo. On top of that, YOU’LL BE FAMOUS! We’ll celebrate your greatness by posting your design and name on Facebook and the Customized Girl Blog for everyone to see!

Good luck to everyone! Now what are you waiting for? Get on and start designing!

Rules and Regulations You must be at least 13 years old to enter this contest. You must be a fan of Customized Girl on Facebook in order to receive the grand prize. You may enter as many designs as you like. Please keep designs free of profane language, but have fun and be creative! reserves the right to use any designs, photos, or other materials from this contest for any promotional communications.

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Show Us Your CG Contest Winners Weeks: 1-3

Congratulations to the following people for being our first 3 winners of the Show Us Your CG Contest. Each winner simply posted a picture of themselves in their Customized Girl gear to the Customized Girl Facebook Page and told the story behind the clothes. Whoever gets the most “likes” under their photo that they posted wins a $25 gift card to Customized Girl. Each winner also is entered for a chance at the grand prize at the end of each month. This month’s Grand Prize will be announced after we have our 4th winner this week.


Angela Owston


Jessica Long


Evelyn Santiago


Congratulations to all of you! For More information on entering the Show Us Your CG Contest click here

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Show Us Your CG Contest

We have some exciting news for all of our Facebook Fans! We are going to start running a weekly contest for CG Girl of the Week. All you have to do to enter is Become a Fan of CG on Facebook then post a picture or video of yourself in your Customized Girl gear and tell us what your favorite part of your design is. It’s that simple.


  • Each week we will pick the person who has the most “likes” and they will receive a $25 gift card to In the event of a tie we will send our CG team to our Facebook page and we will each cast one vote for our favorite story to break the tie.
  • At the end of the month, we will pick one winner out of the previous 4 to win an extra grand prize to add to there $10 Gift Card they won earlier.
  • We will also be announcing each weeks CG Girl of the Week on the Customized Girl Blog

Posting a Picture or Video

To post a video or a picture on the Customized Girl Facebook Page just click on the “post photo” or “post video” icon.


If you are posting a picture make sure to type your story in the text box before you click on the “share” button. If you are posting a video, no need to worry about it just make sure you cover your story in the video that you shoot.

How to Vote

To vote for someone’s story just simply click on the “like” button under their posting.

Good luck to everyone! Now get out there and Show Us Your CG!

Rules and Regulations

Please refrain from posting any questionable or profane pictures. Each entry is up for review by the staff and any entry that we deem to be questionable or profane will be taken down and the eligible entry will not be considered for either the weekly prize or the grand prize.

Must be at least 18 years of age to enter the Show Us Your CG Contest. By posting an image you are in agreement with these terms.

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Customized Girl Facebook Contest Free T-Shirt Winners

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Customized Girl Race to 1000 Fans Facebook Contest. For those of you who didn’t win remember to check the Customized Girl Facebook Page and click on the Coupons tab to get 25% off. The sale absolutely ENDS TODAY. Congratulations to all of our winners.

Here are the winners of the 10 Free T-Shirts:

Kathleen Primiani
Shannon Hayes
Monica Hadad-Ruz
Melissa Ann McNeely
Kristi Freeston Sposkoski
Alicia Patterson
Emily Graham
Krista Lou Pich
Devon Sisernos
Janelle Wittinger


All of the winners will be contacted on Facebook about the prize details. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Customized Girl Facebook to 1000 Friends Contest

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, Facebook has created vanity URLs for both user profiles and Fan pages. When we heard we had a chance to get our own Facebook URL, we were more than excited. Facebook is smart! They made stipulations to make it difficult for spammers to gobble up Facebook URLs. This way, the people who actually deserve the URL can get them. Each Fan page must have 1000 friends before they are given their Facebook URL. We are asking everyone to help us out by becoming fans of Customized Girl on Facebook and inviting their friends to do the same. And since you are all helping us out so greatly, we decided to have a BIG BLOWOUT GIVEAWAY to all of our Facebook Fans on the day that we reach 1000.

We will randomly select winners from our Fans to receive the following prizes:

2 people will win a $50 gift card!
3 people will win a $25 Gift Card!
5 people will win a $10 Gift Card!
10 people will win a FREE SHIRT!

And to top it all off, we are going to have a BIG SALE on the day we reach 1000 fans as a special thank you to everyone else who did not win a prize. We appreciate all of you very much, and we appreciate the fact that we have some of the best fans in the world! You put a little bit of yourself on every item you design at and we feel closer to our fans because of that. We are really looking forward to the BLOW OUT GIVEAWAY at the end of this contest! Thanks to everyone who is going to participate.

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Customized Girl Facebook Design Contest Results

The Customized Girl Facebook Design contest officially ended today at 12:00 PM EST and it was certainly a fun one. There were a lot of really great designs posted and we really appreciate the efforts that everyone put in to participate in the contest. We would like to extend congratulations out to Marna Campbell Costin for her winning designs. She will be receiving her t-shirt designs for free and her designs will be posted on our CG Girls on the Customized Girl Facebook Page. Congratulations!

Here are the two winning designs:



Again thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. Check out our Facebook Page to see some more of the designs entered. Also we are giving everyone a chance to buy the designs from the contest at a 15% discount this weekend. So enter the coupon code “DESIGN” at checkout and you will receive 15% off of your order THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Thanks again and be on the lookout for our next Facebook Contest coming up very soon.

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Enter Customized Girl’s Facebook Design Contest

We are giving our Facebook Fans the chance to dress our CG Girls on our Facebook Page. The two winning designs will be featured right here on the Customized Girl Blog, and on the Customized Girl Facebook Page. The winners will also receive the T-Shirt they designed for FREE! Simply make a shirt on Customized Girl and share the link with us on our Facebook Page (see below).


The winning designs will be determined by how many “likes” (click the like button) the design gets on Facebook. There is no limit to the amount of designs you can enter and the Facebook Design Contest ends on Friday June 19th at 12:00 PM EST.


Here is how to Enter:

1) Become a fan of Customized Girl on Facebook
2) Design a t-shirt on Customized Girl and save it to the Community Gallery.
3) Share the link with us on our Facebook Page by simply copying and pasting the link to your design.
Pretty easy right?

Once again the contest ends on Friday June 19th at 12:00 PM EST and you can enter as many times as you would like. Have fun and good luck to everyone!

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