Congratulations to our Sweepstakes Winner!

Congratulations to our latest sweepstakes winner, Lisa Fitzgerald-Green. She won an Intimates set through our recent sweepstakes with

Here is the Design that she won the contest with:


Congratulations Lisa. Stay Tuned everyone else for more contests from Customized Girl. Also make sure you’re following us on Twitter @CustomizedGirl so you can keep up with all of the latest news, contests, and deals that we have to offer.

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Fired Up Sweepstakes with CustomizedGirl


Sean, Nick and 300 girls are really Fired Up! about cheer camp. Do you need something to get Fired Up about?

Enter for a chance win these spirited prizes:

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:

* A $250 gift certificate from Customized Girl
* A personally skinned laptop computer from Unique Skins
* A $100 gift certificate to Dorm Buys
* A $100 gift certificate and a 1 year membership to Smugmug

ARV of Grand Prize: $1189.95

Five First Prize winners will receive:

* A $25 gift certificate to Customized Girl

ARV of each First Prize: $25.00

ARV of all prizes: $1314.95

Good Luck!


Update: this contest ended in 2009. It’s August 2015 now, so… that was well over 6 years ago. Did you guys like this movie? You don’t hear much about it these days.

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Customized Girl is Featured on Tweetcontest

Hey Everyone! Great News for You today. We are running a contest through @Tweetcontest that is giving away a $100 Gift Card to Customized Girl.To Follow the contest today simply go to Tweetcontest’s Twitter Page and follow along. We will also be running a special discount promo for those who are not able to win the prize. Stay Tuned to @Tweetcontest for more information.Also you can Follow Customized Girl on Twitter by clicking that link.So follow our Tweetcontest and have some fun. Good Luck!

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CustomizedGirl Twitter Valentines Design Contest

Hello CustomizedGirl World!

Since the last Twitter contest went over so well for us we’ve decided to have another Twitter Contest through Customized Girl. Here are the contest details:

Contest Prize: A Free Customized T-Shirt

Contest Winners: 10

First off, If you aren’t following CustomizedGirl on Twitter do so by clicking that link.

If you aren’t signed up for Twitter yet sign up here. It’s Free.

Okay, Here is the contest.

Go to and design a t-shirt that has both your Twitter Username (in the Form @Username). After you have done that the next thing you need to do is type in any saying that relates to love, relationships, or Valentine’s day. Get creative, the more creative your design the better chance you have of winning. Please remember to keep the sayings appropriate. Any inappropriate use of language, or inappropriate sexual references will be ignored for the contest prize.

Please Use this T-Shirt to design on: Use This Tee.

You can use any color of T-Shirt that you would like. Here is an example of what we are looking for:


After you have created your Design save it to the gallery under the Tag “twittervday”. Also, make sure you set your Sharing Option to Share as shown in this image.


After you’ve saved your design Post this Tweet on Twitter:

“Just Entered the #CGVday contest here is my entry (link to entry) @CustomizedGirl”

And you’re done.


The Top 10 Designs will be chosen and each of those 10 designers will win their own Customized Twitter Shirt that they made during the contest. We also will be posting about your design on the blog and be sending a twitter shout out to all of the winners.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter

Good luck to everyone and have fun Designing!

No age requirement. Contest Ends 1-31-09. Results will be posted in the following days and you will be contacted via twitter.


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Thanks to everyone who participated in the New Years Resolution Contest on Twitter. We had a lot of fun reviewing the results and thanks to everyone who decided to follow CustomizedGirl on Twitter as well. Happy New Year everyone!

To see the results of the #CGNEWYEARS click Here

As promised here are the links to our Top 10 Winners Twitter Profiles.

  1. @extractors
  2. @pricousins
  3. @funsavingmoney
  4. @BittenbyBooks
  5. @Bella_Casa
  6. @hardertobreathe
  7. @valerie2350
  8. @MierGen
  9. @TheComputerLady
  10. @venessasue
  11. Again Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and Happy New Year from all of us @CustomizedGirl.


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#CGNEWYEARS Customized Girl’s New Years Resolution Contest

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to fill everyone in on a little contest that we are having at Customized Girl. Customized Girl has gone Twitter and to really kick things off we are going to have our first contest through Twitter.

Here are the details:

First thing is first, if you aren’t already signed up for twitter you can sign up for twitter here.


If you have already signed up for Twitter then Follow Customized Girl on Twitter.

After you have that out of the way, type in the tag #CGNEWYEARS and then type in your New Years Resolution after the tag. Press enter to send the update and you’re finished.

The Top 10 Best New Years resolutions will be posted about on the Customized Girl Blog just after New Years Day and we will be linking to each of the Top 10 Twitter Users’ profiles so people can check you out. Thanks everyone and have a Happy New Years from!


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Congratulations to the Winner of Contest 7

Congrats to mandygrl987 for winning Customized Girl’s Seventh Design Contest! She wins a $250 Customized Girl Gift Certificate and her design will be featured in the October 31st issue of US Weekly.


Her original design was very cute on the Sheer Longer V-Neck, but we thought it would do very well on this longer length apron.  Her design is simple and sweet and just in time for the holidays.

Thanks once again to everyone who entered.  We really love the effort and talent that was on display during Contest 7.

Unfortunately our contests are going to take a bit of break for the near future.   We’re thinking of launching the next contest around a specific theme, and see what you guys create.  When we’re ready, we’ll announce the next contest launch on this blog, so stay tuned.

Thanks again, and congrats to the winner.


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Contest 7 Launches: Win a $250 Gift Card!

Contest 7 is officially underway.  Thanks again to all of our past contest entrants.  The turnout and quality of work has been terrific.

To enter the contest, simply create a design, save it, and tag it “Contest 7”.  It’s completely free and quite simple.

The winning design will be featured in US Weekly Magazine and we’ll send the winning designer a $250 Customized Girl Gift Card.

This contest will last through the month of September.


If you’ve never saved a design before, here’s a quick lesson:

Choose any piece of apparel from one of our many categories (we recommend Her Tops and Undies). In the Design Center you can add text, clipart, and your own images. Everything is adjustable, so feel free to experiment with the text styles, colors, sizes, etc.

Most importantly, be sure to save your design once you’re finished. Just click the save button in the Design Center, which looks like this:


(If you’re not already logged in, you’ll have to log in or create an account at this point. Don’t worry it’s super easy and takes 5 seconds.)

On the next page name your design, choose the first tag from the drop down menu, and add “Contest 7” as an additional tag.


Be sure to leave your Share Option as “share”. Then click “Save” and you’re done!

*See the Design Contest Policies here.

* This contest lasts through the month of September.  We’ve been holding regular contests for a while now, but our contest calendar is about to change.  Once this one is finished, we’ll launch contests on a seasonal or special event basis.

Past contest winners:


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Design Contest Policies

  • Must be at least 18 years of age to claim the prize
  • Enter as many times as you want
  • There is no purchase necessary to enter the contest
  • We reserve the right to slightly alter the winning design for publication in the magazine (for example, we might need to make the text size bigger to increase readability).
  • All designs saved to the gallery are in the public domain.  Customized Girl and all Customized Girl users may use community gallery designs in any way they would like.

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Congratulations to the Winner of Contest 6!

Congrats to allsmiles0960 for winning Customized Girl’s Sixth Design Contest! She wins a $250 Customized Girl Gift Certificate and her design will be featured in the August 1st issue of US Weekly.


We love t-shirts that support events like high school sports.  The extra clever part was that this particular shirt was supporting a team called the “Northwoord Bears”, which made the wearer a “Mama Bear”.  Combined with a cute piece of clipart, we had to call it the winner.  Excellent work allsmiles0960!

There were so many awesome designs that is was once again difficult to choose.  The Olympics designs were especially cool.  If you’re looking to support Team USA with you apparel, look no further than the designs tagged olympics.

Thanks so much to all who entered. And with that, Contest 7 is officially launched!

Edited to Add: We have not had a chance to publicize Contest 7 much, so we’re going to let it run for another month.  A winner will be announced later in September.  Thanks to everyone who has particapted so far!

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