CG Group Shots: “We Get Awesome”!

This fun group design was sent in to us by our fan Jen. Jen decided to create these tees for her rather large extended family comprised of three different family names! The Laubensteins, the Whitts and the Hennesseys.  For the week of the 4th of July, the whole clan rented a house in Scituate, Ma where they all attended a huge bonfire and fireworks display.  Pyrotechnics, food, family, and beer; Can you get any more American than that??

The designs say, “We don’t get drunk, we get awesome!”. We absolutely loved these, and think they were perfect for a big family party.  And as Jen said, “It was a great way of creating something we can keep forever!” We agree, and hopefully Jen and her crew had an “Awesome” 4th of July weekend!

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