#CGNEWYEARS Customized Girl’s New Years Resolution Contest

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to fill everyone in on a little contest that we are having at Customized Girl. Customized Girl has gone Twitter and to really kick things off we are going to have our first contest through Twitter.

Here are the details:

First thing is first, if you aren’t already signed up for twitter you can sign up for twitter here.


If you have already signed up for Twitter then Follow Customized Girl on Twitter.

After you have that out of the way, type in the tag #CGNEWYEARS and then type in your New Years Resolution after the tag. Press enter to send the update and you’re finished.

The Top 10 Best New Years resolutions will be posted about on the Customized Girl Blog just after New Years Day and we will be linking to each of the Top 10 Twitter Users’ profiles so people can check you out. Thanks everyone and have a Happy New Years from CustomizedGirl.com!


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