Christmas Sweaters for Ugly Sweater Parties

Bring on the Christmas songs, wish lists, eggnog, and of course, Christmas sweaters for the ugly sweater party you’ll likely be invited to this year. Once you get your hands on one of these custom Christmas sweaters, you will find yourself wearing it multiple times, and not just to the ugly sweater party!

When you get invited, don’t waste time searching through countless thrift shops looking for the perfect sweater. Instead, create the one you want at Customized Girl! The best part about customizing your sweater with us is that you won’t have to settle for a sweater with a big moose or tree on it. Instead, have something on your sweater that you will enjoy like a big mustache or a cat! How cool is that?

Plus, our sweater designs are printed, not stitched, so there’s no itch! That means you’ll be comfortable and looking good during the whole party!

Christmas sweater

Want Christmas Sweaters? We’ve got them!

Now technically, most of these items are marketed by the manufacturers as “sweatshirts”. But these days, it seems like “sweater” is becoming synonymous with “non-hooded sweatshirt”. Maybe it’s a regional thing. We certainly think all of our triblend sweatshirts, sloucky wideneck sweatshirts, and cardigans can be fairly classified as “sweaters”.

Custom Christmas Sweaters

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