Community Outreach: Moms2B

Giving back to our community is an ongoing objective of ours at Customized Girl. When we got word that there was a local organization that helps mothers in need we knew we had to reach out and give back to such a charitable group. Read on to hear more about Moms2B.

On their website, Moms2B describes themselves as “…an innovative, community-based pregnancy program for low-income women established by The Ohio State University in 2010.” Moms2B has a number of objectives they aim to achieve with their efforts including:

  • Improve the health status of at-risk communities
  • Empower pregnant women to deliver full-term, healthy babies
  • Reduce the number of low birthweight infants
  • Reduce infant mortality
  • Eliminate racial and economic disparities

We wanted to learn a little more about this wonderful organization and to help them get their message out there we asked them a few questions. See their responses below.

Question: How was the Moms2B program started?
Answer: Moms2B began in September 2010, Dr. Pat Gabbe and Twinkle French Schottke started the program with just two pregnant Moms in Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Weinland Park with a goal to reduce infant mortality. We realized at that time that Black babies were dying at a rate of 3 to 1 over White babies. We met and still meet pregnant Moms weekly where they were use the term CPR = Consistent, Predictable and Reliable. We are non-judgemental, listen more than talk to develop trust over time. In the past 11 years, we have seen over 3400 births and have experienced life and learned of the struggles of being in high-risk situations. Our Moms teach us each week how to be resilient and survive in difficult situations.

Question: How can expecting mothers apply for help they need either through Moms2B or other assistance organizations?
Answer: They can call our office at 614-292-1506 or message us on Facebook or

Question: What other programs or services does Moms2B recommend for expecting mothers?
Answer: The criteria for being in Moms2B is that Mom is pregnant and lives in Franklin or Montgomery Counties. We partner with many programs in both counties to make sure the family’s needs are met.

Question: What can we as a community do to help achieve the aims and goals of Moms2B?
Answer: We always need more volunteers and advocates to help pregnant Moms, donations of new or gently used items, and monetary donations.

Question: How can people help the Moms2B program other than donating money?
Answer: Donate to the Moms2B Fund or Shop our Amazon Wishlist

Question: What other information would you like people to know about your organization?
Answer: If you are interested in making a difference for pregnant Moms who live in historically disadvantaged areas we would love to work with you, please contact us. 614-292-1506 or message us on Facebook or

In honor of all the work Moms2B has done for the central Ohio area, Customized Girl decided to donate some 200 baby hats, bodysuits, and blankets to the organization which they can pass on to the mothers they help. We’re proud to support the Moms2B organization and look forward to their continued success.

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