Congratulations to the Winner of Contest 5!

Congrats to jennachloe for winning Customized Girl’s Fifth Design Contest! She wins $200 and her design will be featured in the July 3rd issue of US Weekly.

Personalized Perfect 10 Tank Top

She designed a very cool tank top. We particularly love the use of the dice as a symbol for the number “10”. We didn’t even notice that ten was showing on the dice until jennachloe created this design. Very clever.

In addition to this awesome tank top, we have to give respect to jennachloe for the seemingly infinite number of clever, interesting, funny, and cute designs she has submitted to each contest over the last few months.  All of them have been excellent, and there were definitely more than one that could have been the winner.

And thanks once again to the other entries as well.  There was an incredible amount of talent on display for Contest 5, and we hope to see the same for Contest 6.

Speaking of Contest 6, it is officially launched!

PLEASE NOTE: We’re upping the dollar value to $250, but instead of cash, the winner will be earning a $250 gift card to  Now you can purchase all of your favorite designs from the contests and keep them for yourself or use them as excellent gifts.

Hurry, contest 6 ends on June 16th!

The contests are now on a monthly schedule. A new winner is announced in the middle of every month. As soon as a winner is announced, the next contest begins.

The winner should appear in US Weekly two Fridays after the announcement.

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