Congratulations to the Winner of Contest 6!

Congrats to allsmiles0960 for winning Customized Girl’s Sixth Design Contest! She wins a $250 Customized Girl Gift Certificate and her design will be featured in the August 1st issue of US Weekly.


We love t-shirts that support events like high school sports.  The extra clever part was that this particular shirt was supporting a team called the “Northwoord Bears”, which made the wearer a “Mama Bear”.  Combined with a cute piece of clipart, we had to call it the winner.  Excellent work allsmiles0960!

There were so many awesome designs that is was once again difficult to choose.  The Olympics designs were especially cool.  If you’re looking to support Team USA with you apparel, look no further than the designs tagged olympics.

Thanks so much to all who entered. And with that, Contest 7 is officially launched!

Edited to Add: We have not had a chance to publicize Contest 7 much, so we’re going to let it run for another month.  A winner will be announced later in September.  Thanks to everyone who has particapted so far!

One thought on “Congratulations to the Winner of Contest 6!

  1. I LOVE this design, I think it’s absolutely Adorable – Congrats to the winner. Job Well Done. Maybe I’ll enter contest 7 – Wish me Luck ALL… and Good Luck to anyone else who’s thinking of entering!

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