Fundraising With Custom Breast Cancer Shirts

For the last several years, Customized Girl has partnered with a charity during the month of October that gives back to the breast cancer community. This year we were thrilled to work again with Miss Pink Pageant, a community to support breast cancer survivors and their families. All October long, earnings from this breast cancer storefront were donated to Miss Pink Pageant and we are happy to announce that we raised $910.09!


There are a number of ways to support those affected by breast cancer. One of those ways is to wear pink apparel to raise awareness for breast cancer patients and survivors. We do our best to add new art and hundreds of designs every year to help the cause against breast cancer. At the offices of Customized Girl, we celebrate “Pink Wednesdays” by wearing an exclusive On Wednesdays We Wear Pink designs. It’s one of the ways we join the fight against breast cancer and to help others spread the word. Whether you’re attending an event or representing for someone who is battling this disease, each purchase helps educate the community and contributes to the fight to end breast cancer.

Custom Breast Cancer Shirts


We would like to thank all of our customers for making this possible. Many of those orders were for breast cancer shirts that were personalized with a charitable walk or in memory of a loved one. Customized Girl strives to bring the best in custom breast cancer apparel and every year we want to provide our customers exactly what they are looking for. Please let us know about your Pink Wednesday experiences and photos so we can raise more awareness for breast cancer!

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