Custom Letterman Jackets

Custom letterman jackets have always been a hit among sports as a way to showcase a player’s athletic achievements. In the last few years this trend has taken a whole new meaning with fashionistas. From sports moms to A-list celebrities, custom letterman jackets are at the top of the list when it comes to custom apparel.

Customized Girl offers a variety of custom jackets in Junior Fit, Unisex, and Ladies sizes making sure that you get the correct fit and a rainbow of colors that will surely match anything and everything. We make it a priority to continuously expand our options in outerwear to give our customers as many options as possible. Cheering on your boyfriend at his match? Or are you a fashionista on the rise and would rather create what you want rather than trying to find it? Our one-of-a-kind design center allows trendsetters to voice to their ideals, opinions, jokes, and pretty much anything they want. There are so many opportunities with custom letterman jackets that they are easily the perfect solution for anything and everyone.

All of our printing material is applied to each item at a very high temperature and pressure for a long lasting, vibrant look. Design a letterman jacket for a one time event or to wear season after season. There are no added up-front costs or minimums. Our printing process is the same whether we are printing 1 design or 1,000.


Custom Letterman Jackets


Need help designing? Our amazing customer service team would be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right product all the way to placing your order. Easily contact a customer service representative by chat, phone, or email today!

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