Custom Matching Pillowcases

You spend eight or more hours sleeping every night and with that much time devoted to rest, you might as well have pillowcases that are worth waking up to! Instead of settling for the lackluster or plain designs you can find anywhere, add the perfect finishing touch to complete your room! Match your room décor and style with custom pillowcases from Customized Girl!

For newlywed couples, custom matching pillowcases can be the perfect way to make the bedroom a place for both of you, instead of it being his or hers. Plus, once you are sharing a room with your significant other, you will need a way to tell whose pillow is who’s.  Not only will creating matching pillowcases solve this problem and prevent any future tiffs, you can make designing them a fun activity you can do together! Choose from any of the designs we have available in our gallery or start from scratch by using our design center!

Now you can wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with the thought of the person you love on your mind, even when they are away for the weekend! You’ll be surprised at how the little things, even pillowcases, can remind you of that one person and can create a fun living environment!

What custom pillowcases will you create?

Custom Matching Pillowcases

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