Custom Teddy Bears For National Teddy Bear Day

Growing up every child has that one stuffed animal that meant the world to them. The most iconic and favorite childhood toy is, of course, the teddy bear. Out to eat, on vacations, and most importantly your ideal night time companion – your teddy bear was your first best friend.  If anyone deserves an annual holiday it’s certainly the Teddy Bear.  Celebrate National Teddy Bear day with a custom teddy bear!

Many do not know that this American toy was named Teddy in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, who had refused to shoot a baby bear on a hunting trip. Now there are so many iconic bears in history and pop culture that have stolen our hearts.  Although, teddy bear’s aren’t just for babies and children. There is a fondness and love that is associated with a teddy bear and that is why it is considered the perfect gift to show affection and appreciation.

You cannot go wrong gifting a teddy bear to anyone for any occasion. So why not put a new spin on a traditional gift? Customize a teddy bear by adding your own art, text, or even a personal photo. Adding a special nickname or significant date can really make the difference. But the best part about our custom teddy bears is our no minimums policy and group discounts. We can you help customize as many as you need or we can deliver that one special teddy bear.  With a gallery full of designs and five adorable bears to choose from you just might want to make a bear for yourself!

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