Custom Water Bottles and Tote Bags for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is recognized on April 22 every year in countries all around the world. Today is the day that we make a little extra effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle and think consciously about our planet and the natural resources we use from it.

We encourage you to use today to make the planet a little greener! Plant a tree. Pick up trash in a nearby park or along your street. Finally get those extra bins and start recycling!

Customized Girl can help you make greener decisions every day with our water bottles and canvas tote bags!

Custom Earth Day Water Bottles and Tees

Customize a water bottle and reduce your use of plastic cups and bottles. Plastic, disposable water bottles are harmful for the environment because of the resources used to make the plastic and the oil burned in the miles and miles of transportation that carry the bottles from production to your hand. These water bottles come close to never decomposing, instead sitting in piles of waste for years. Using a refillable, washable, customized water bottle to cut down on your use of plastic is an easy and responsible way to help keep our Earth clean!

Design a canvas tote bag for your groceries and more! Toting your own reusable grocery bag is another simple way to cut back on your use of plastic. Much like plastic water bottles, plastic grocery bags use a lot of natural resources to produce and transport. Make a difference every time you shop by bringing your own reusable and customized tote bag!

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