Customized Business T-shirts!

Want to make a last impression on your customers? Customizing t-shirts and apparel for your business is a great way to stand out, and can turn an ordinary event into one they will remember forever.

This is exactly the approach taken by Los Angeles based photographer Jen Parker.  Jen and her staff designed t-shirts for a children’s expo they were participating in. The expo took place in Santa Clarita California, where Jen offered to take free pictures of the children there. The pictures were later posted online where viewers could vote on what child had the  best smile.  Assistant Rachel says “Because we lacked signage, we turned to Customized Girl for some quick t-shirts to help spread the word.”

Jen’s shirt read “Smile for the camera,” while assistants Angie and Rachel both wore     t-shirts that said “Smile for a brownie.” The idea was that the children would have their picture taken in exchange for a brownie.  The shirts were used to give unity to their team, and helped the participants easily identify them.

It looks like the even turned out to be a huge success! You can even check out the winners!

Jen and her team chose to customize Junior Fit Tees, but here at Customized Girl, we have tons of options!  You can even upload your own art! Check us out and start customizing apparel for your business’s next event!

OH! And don’t forget to take a peak at Jen’s beautiful site!


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