Customized Girl Facebook to 1000 Friends Contest

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, Facebook has created vanity URLs for both user profiles and Fan pages. When we heard we had a chance to get our own Facebook URL, we were more than excited. Facebook is smart! They made stipulations to make it difficult for spammers to gobble up Facebook URLs. This way, the people who actually deserve the URL can get them. Each Fan page must have 1000 friends before they are given their Facebook URL. We are asking everyone to help us out by becoming fans of Customized Girl on Facebook and inviting their friends to do the same. And since you are all helping us out so greatly, we decided to have a BIG BLOWOUT GIVEAWAY to all of our Facebook Fans on the day that we reach 1000.

We will randomly select winners from our Fans to receive the following prizes:

2 people will win a $50 gift card!
3 people will win a $25 Gift Card!
5 people will win a $10 Gift Card!
10 people will win a FREE SHIRT!

And to top it all off, we are going to have a BIG SALE on the day we reach 1000 fans as a special thank you to everyone else who did not win a prize. We appreciate all of you very much, and we appreciate the fact that we have some of the best fans in the world! You put a little bit of yourself on every item you design at and we feel closer to our fans because of that. We are really looking forward to the BLOW OUT GIVEAWAY at the end of this contest! Thanks to everyone who is going to participate.

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