Free Vector Art: Classic T-Shirt Art From Cowbells to Sunsets (Plus Actual Vector T-Shirts!)(And T-Shirt Icons!)

License: You are free to use these files in any way you wish, but please link back to

Download Link: Classic T-Shirt Art

Today’s free vector pack is organized by theme: the classic pieces of art we constantly see printed on t-shirts, and the t-shirts themselves!  The t-shirts, by the way, come in two versions:  (a) realistic vectors with each shadow as a distinct, hand drawn vector shape and (b) simple icons that could be helpful in graphically distinguishing different t-shirt categories.

In fact, we developed those t-shirt icons to be used on our custom t-shirt landing page. We use those icons to link to the following t-shirt subcategories: Mens, Ladies & Girly, Youth, Infant, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Plus Size, Performance, Raglans, and Polos.

We are particularly pleased to share our art used for many of the best and funniest t-shirts printed over the last thirty years.  This art includes:

  • one red stapler
  • two versions of the Top Gun icon, each one allows for custom text
  • that’s how I roll: bowling ball
  • that’s how I roll: rolling pin
  • More Cowbell in a western font (with cowbell)
  • The Max logo from Saved By The Bell
  • two skulls
  • 70s style sunset with a yellow-to-brown gradation
  • art nouveau swirls
  • Callahan Auto Part logo from Tommy Boy
  • jagged stripes, similar to what Charlie Brown might wear
  • Thank You art, as seen on numerous plastic take out bags


This is an image of the entire vector pack:


Here is a close up of the t-shirt art section:


Here is a close up of the t-shirts themselves in vector form:


The art files are available in AI (Adobe Illustrator) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) formats. Please download them using the link below.

License: You are free to use these files in any way you wish, but please link back to

Download Link: Classic T-Shirt Art


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