Funny Workout Shirts and Gear

It’s time to face the real world because the holidays are over. There are no more excuses as to why you deserve that cookie and you can have one more drink. 2017 is the start of the new and healthier you. The only problem is, you know, that thing called motivation. You never realized tearing yourself away from that Netflix marathon and making your way to the closet gym would be so darn hard. The struggle is real. We know working out sucks and we really can’t help you there but we can at least give you and your fellow gym-goers a little giggle with some funny workout shirts.

Funny Workout Shirts

Buying and wearing workout gear has been proven to improve your overall attitude towards exercise and our collection of funny fitness shirts will do just that. They are a great source to inspire you every step of the way. Whether you are just beginning, working out your entire life, or training for a marathon. – Customized Girl wants to spark your inner Queen. Like we stated, it doesn’t matter what your level or preference may be, we have the perfect workout design for you. If you’re not into our laugh out loud designs, that’s okay too. With the Customized Girl design center you have the ability to add your own art and text. Don’t like style or color of the product you can simply switch it out onto another performance shirt.

You need all the motivation you can get, right? Customize a funny workout shirt today and get your heart pumping ASAP!


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